We're so fucked

we're so fucked.

hhhhh picturs look same

similar doesn't = same.

6k bottomer spotted.

That actually looks pretty accurate. Too bad we won't go up like at the end of the chart, though.

>implying we won't hit 4k by Monday.

Delete this

This is Lain. I come bearing charts. Please enjoy

Chart one: A tale of three dip bottoms

panicked bottom seller detected

Chart two: the most similar dip so far

Chart three: the resistance BTC must pass to continue upwards

God damn. I tell people to overlap it on Dow to show we are tied to the market but late but this is a million more times spooky.

Your NASDAQ composite Elliot wave count is incorrect. That being said, I think your bitcoin Elliot wave count is correct.

Wrong chart

Chart four: The bigger picture

We’re tethered and we’re gonna scoop up those delicous coins.

I follow you on Twitter.
If it doesn't break that downtrend (already stopped exactly there last night) it will crash, I'm with the bigger picture.

Its actually quite impressive how they look...the same? One would thought bubble popping and human psychology would look similar on the chart. But then I remembered that biz told me BTC is not a bubble.

I've been thinking it was going to drop since 8200 but kept rising you guys actually think Bitcoin is going to hit 4K/5K?

Crypto is a scam
Another week passes by
Veeky Forums is wrong again

That chart is pretty god damn spooky. The first dump after looks like 4k. The 2nd looks like 3k.

It actually could hit 4k and it would still be widely overrated. It was 2.5k in August.

The power of dumb money and fomo is the only thing in my mind keeping it a float my TA for days have been point for a fall but I just don't when/if it will come anymore.

You realize if we don't differentiate ourselves we are going to be in a 10 year long bear market, right?

Friendly reminder that exactly 1 year ago BTC was at $985

time is compressed in crypto, make that 1.5 years.

do this for djia ~2006 - 2009 and djia 2014 - present or some shit like that

For any non ta fags let me just make it simple
>everyone currently waiting for confirmation
>currently at critical apex poiint
>its literally battle between bears and bulls
>time will tell (next hour)

All of the big volume has been sell. Low volume is up. That is usually a good recovery sign. But if chinks wanna sell because of their stock tumble its time for wojaks.

Neets vs 1337s

Can you please leave

faggot, low volume is fake because its bots who wash trade to lure idiots in

What a coincidence. In 1 year it's going to be back at $985

he has been right so far, you shitters dont even know WHY recent spike was caused. I will tell you. Fucking 1000 BTC short was liquidated from 6k.

Yeahhh.. bots *love* transaction fees

Sell short, femtodick

>6k bottomer spotted.
says 19k buyer

Everytime i see this thread not one faggot mentions mining upkeep cost
Btc literally cant go below 6k without mining for a loss

I bought at your average :)

He is never right. slith wrist

It can in China. The only retards still mining.

well user the chinese dont actually care about the future theyre in it for the now. and theyre fucking everything up

btc is profitable for 4k$ per btc in china

retard it costs like $2000 to mine a full bitcoin in the usa

>muh 6K

less than $200

so we are in limbo right now. because thats how I've been feeling with the current situation

wall street nigger here.

Sell now and re-buy at 5k.

Great vaporwave art, 9/10

$3,000 wait for it.

>mining upkeep cost
and how's that going to keep price above this cost?
it's not a fucking charity, but a free market
if you can't deliver best value you go under and something else replaces you
if all it takes to kill bitcoin is for price to go lower than mining cost, well too bad
doesn't look like a solid investment or storage of value for me

>two more legs down to short btc and buy alt's cheap
complain more nigger

>meanwhile it cant break 8k

>lets just dump to 8k and get this over with

Damn look at those imaginary lines that btc needs to break through

All I want to know is, where do I set my buy limit for ETH?

you shall be banished by furious digits, faggot

>we're so fucked

Only if you didn't Tether up

Damn everyone here are such impressive macro analysts, I wish I knew where to stick my lines on a chart and what time buy buy high and sell low.

I'm already out of the market I just need to know how low it will go so I can buy back in then.


We need to hit the despair phase. $5k isn't despair. I need 2-3k.

^ he's got a point you know

I have my sights set around $2.5k for absolute bottom, might get in at $3k to be safe though


superimpose it with prices. I need to see where the bottom is going to be.

Just tethered my BTC @ 9k, waiting for buy this beautiful dip.

Based retards thinking it will go to 2k

At least it's below where I sold again haha