ICO with terminal on its site

Saw this over on /g/

Basically a site for a new coin is up and someone found a terminal on its website. Seems like something you guys would know about.

Other urls found in this thread:


and we should care because?


lol scam ICO

even if you hack in, you could only steal 5$ worth of ETH

unencrypted website with cookies. the fuck could this be?

cant crack the password

I used to love web puzzles like this. Shame it's promotion for a probable shitcoin

swcvp not working

I think I got something. dhcmrlchtdj is from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges called The Library of Babel.

yeah i found that too



there is one comment...

nice trippz, not getting anywhere..

ooh shit


not worrking

It works, the link above is where I get sent to.

Seem to be Bible passages

you already know all the answers, why troll on?

how can you profit off me?
you have my IP address, OH NOZES...

? I only figured out the library thing