50k a month

>50k a month
>$600 to build

Why haven't you built your own Skycoin© Sktminer™

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How did you build it for $600 I thought these cost one Bitcoin

They haven't released how the distribution algorithm works plus any PC can mine it

Canuck here, the best upload I can get is probably 100 mbps. Won't I just get completely cucked with my shitty DIY miner?

Just a tip because I love you guys, buy up 8700k’s. Run them in a rack setup with a modest overclock. Prices will start raising like GPU’s soon.

But I am building one, soon. When will we be able to start mining?

naw Id rather buy intel and amd stock kek these seems like a sure moon shot

WOA WOA WOA WOA you mean to tell me you found a way to make 50k a month from 600 bucks and you are telling /biz unreal man look I been doing this thing called BITCONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNECCCCCCCCCCCCCTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT you gotta check it out. I've made 100k in just 4 months

A Verizon unlimited plan cost $80~$120 month USD. With a signal booster you can get up to 8MBPS, which will be more than sufficient. You can add additional users for $40 for extra rigs.

Decentralized internet is a meme, it never worked and never will.

Tell me more op

There's no Verizon in Canada, a least not in my province. So I don't need to move to Olds to get gigabit internet?
Context: community-broadband.ca/olds

How is this decentralized internet if you still need an ISP or ISP infrastructure? How will a user connect to the next node?

it's a homebrew vpn. it's bullshit. the users are too dumb to realize that theres no demand for this and it's just another pie in the sky idea that'll never get off the ground.

go in the telegram/reddit and tell me those arent the stupidest motherfucker investors youve ever seen.

who believes this shit? the coin has been around since 2012 and has accomplished zero.

It's supposedly going to start as a VPN. Second gen miners will use their custom router. Then they'll attach antennas and look for storage providers

First 10000 users will be rich. There are only 2000 users so far.

Meshnet. You'll soon be able to host Skycoin on your smartphone.

Normies will connect to your network and you'll get paid for it.

How is a smartphone meshnet? It still relies on an external infrastructure/provider...


I have 10 SKY that someone generously sent me today. How do I acquire more?

*Note: I'm poor as shit



A Meshnet is not an exclusively an intranet.


How original. A hyped up box full of raspi's. What the fuck is so special about it that I can't roll my own? I have 15 raspberry pi's in my house.

>Why haven't you built your own Skycoin© Sktminer™
I don't know OP, why haven't you?

ive got tons of them laying around, someone leak the software

I would if you fucking faggots would stop buying all of the orange pis

>A rack full of single board computers
You can't possibly be serious

Leave them in your wallet to accrue coin hours, you'll be able to swap them for skycoins soon.

k a month
Where the fuck are you getting this number from?

Future price projections cuck, when all of your worthless tokens collapse. The king will rise

The whole point is to have a low enough barrier to entry that an actual network can eventually be created. You can get whitelisted on basically anything, but they plan on rewarding the official miners with more rewards since there contributions helped further development.

Are people actually buying 1btc worth of hardware and shitcoins based on bullshit projections?

It's how sophisticated traders make money, instead of buying at the peak like the rest of you brainlets on Veeky Forums

f u c k t h e i n t e r n e t

A low barrier to entry is one SBC. For the cost of 8 you could get an actual server, which would be ten times as capable. Unless their software is so shit they can only run it on one specific hardware, which would be just as laughable.

how large is the blockchain for skycoin?

when it syncs, how large we talkin? more than 1gb?

It will sync in a few minutes, zero bloat like the rest of the shitcoins.

Yeah but whats the actual size
I'm on mobile broadband

First of all "traders" do not invest in hardware. If they did they would be called investers.
Second of all "sophisticated" investers go with conservative calculations and an ROI of 100.000% is not a conservative calculation, you dipshit

You're a peanut, fuck off.


But how do I build my own Skycoin© Sktminer™ user?

I mean they also provide you a rebate of .948BTC into skycoin. You could just dump and take the risk of .052BTC
Yeah fair point, I'm still fairly skeptical. But its not like I'm going to buy parts so won't hurt me to see how things play out

The correct word is "investors" you fucking brainlet. Don't go correcting other people when you yourself is a brainlet.

sounds like a scam for them to accumulate BTC without completely dumping their skycoin and crashing the market.

not an argument

>Are people actually buying 1btc worth of hardware and SHITCOINS
Sure it's not that much money but they're being fed bullshit when the calculations are based on future price (((predictions))).

Contrary to popular belief, having English as a second language does not qualify one to be a brainlet. Furthermore there are a huge difference between making a typo and using a wrong word.
How 9gag-tier of you to correct typos btw.



>I-It's just a typo!
>Y-You 9GAGer!
Nice deflection, brainlet.

thx mined 100k

>everythngs a scam

Op please respond to this, I want to know too

LOL if people get baited in by pajeet tier marketing and fail to do proper risk assessments, that's their own fault. What kind of fucking argument is this?

Oh. If that's the case, give it a week.

>triggered stormfag
How does it feel knowing you'll never have as much money as him?

I've been on the internet since 1994 and this of one of the goddamn stupidest things I've ever seen.


spotted the kike