Making some crypto t-shirts....came out pretty good

Making some crypto t-shirts....came out pretty good

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I hope its on the back user

Thanks, just bought one

I'm perfectly sure the hardcore nerds in the discord group would buy them!

discord gg/b9uVZBm

My ethereum shirts are selling great

One of my favourites

That's the version core was reading

>virgin, the shirt

Basic but it's pops off well on the white tee

Oops forgot pic why are they rotated though

Make one for Bitconnect.

Dang maybe next run, here's our logo

Dope logo keep posting designs plz I’m looking for shirts to copy.

shits raw, would cop

We own a screen printing shop. You'll never beat us.

Fuck yeah was looking for Veeky Forums seal of approval thanks bruh

Another one

I prolly already do more a month than you desu and I don’t have any overhead/inventory and it’s automated. Feels good man. God speed nigga.

Good luck user

How do I buy this?

See you dumb faggot

We're just finishing up the backend for the store now should be up in the next three days. I'll shill again when it's ready just wanted to see people's reaction

Another one, for all the ripple haters

That’s cringe as fuck.

>inb4 HURR durrr cripple

Calvin pissing on any logo in any incarnation is normie white trash garbage.

Why would anyone wear a crypto shirt


not the biggest fan of black flag rip offs i m o

Here's my shirt design just 4u, Veeky Forums

Pic related