Vechain Rebrand Plans

Do you plan on selling off a portion of your Vechain once the rebrand happens?

What level node will you have?

Was wondering this myself actually given that VEN consistently has the history of dumping after announcements. Would it be smart to sell just befor the 26th and increase position?

after it changes name why would you want to sell? wouldn't everyone want to accumulate free thor. what is the incentive for selling?

Im selling now, this shit is going to $1USD dollar

VeChain doesn’t give Thor staking until June... up until then it’s accumulation phase

thor doesnt start until at least june when their mainnet is out.

always sell the news, always

nah nigga they gonna announce like 25 NDAs and pop bottles

Doesn’t matter, by that time there’ll be other coins that have better staking features. Why hold on to a vaporware token

So how is this going to work? I have vechain on binance is this suddenly going to swap into Thor one its released?

ven/vet is different to thor. seperate coins

People like you don't deserve this coin. Please sell.

Selling half after rebrand to buy back mid summer.

i understand, thanks

why because I didn't knew X shit? fuck off your neet autist

Because investing in a coin before you know anything about it, even the basics, is how you get burnt.

Get fucked, you'll lose everything anyway.

what are you talking about you fucking retard i know shit about this coin just fuck off, back to jack off with your 2d girls

You're fucked if you hold this vaporware long term.

Dude.. if you don't even know that VEN is becoming VET and that VET will produce THOR you don't know shit about the coin.

I told you to DYOR before investing in a coin, you refute my point with a hypocritical point that you yourself disproved (that you know shit about this coin) and a random insult about 2d girls. Not gonna win at this rate boyo.


You didn’t know that VeChain will generate Thor, something they announced in November. That’s irresponsible.

every time i see a coin rebrand, summit, roadmap, mainnet live, the price pumps for a bit then dips back to where it was.

never seems to hold

What about Antshares -> NEO

If the rebrand gets pushed back from Feb 26th to some date in the future, expect the same behavior for the new whitepaper, mainnet launch, etc.

>why hold on to some vaporware token
IDK why would you buy some master node vapor ware token that does nothing buy vechain a coin that Fortune 500 companies are using that you can stake instead.

Very poor coin sirs plz be buying walton for smart investing

what this sir says is good
sir ven rebrand already delay once will delay again only dumb investor buy ven sir

is it good or bad that they wait with good news and even delay stuff when the market is in bad shape?
I think it is good, they release big stuff in bull markets to milk out more gains.

I can understand why they’d like to time the rebrand with a strong market, could send the price parabolic. That’s good for everyone that holds VEN. It’d be a good reason to buy this dip. But if they do push back the rebranding, it will crush the price in the short term.

Perception wise, you’re setting a bad precedent if you push back something as trivial as a rebrand. Your joe public investor will be more skeptical of VeChain. If they can’t deliver their marketing objectives on time, who’s to say they won’t push back the mainnet launch? June’s a long ways away. And you need a bunch of new joe public investors to buy in to drive the price up.

that's the thing it is a balance, and I hope they get it right.
I have seen it way too often how a bearish trend kills all momentum from even the best news.
They sure are taking their time at the moment, 2 weeks till rebranding and not even a tweet about it yet.

But I am comfy, I don't even care about short term problems, I am holding 12 months minimum.

Will I still have time to buy in like 4 months? Or do you expect the price to go up before that?