Why hasn't anyone put anime waifus on the blockchain yet?

why hasn't anyone put anime waifus on the blockchain yet?

But what would we do with them? I do not want to trade mine like some object they're too precious.

thats the point u can buy ur waifu and have her, no one else will. she's yours alone!

this is a really good question. this could take off.

imagine the fucking prices

You are wrong, I know at least one user who already did this.

Good idea.

Copyright maybe.

well of course to own a top class waifu like rei it will be very expensive, but worth the cost.

I bet asuka would be much more expensive.

I'm the Chief Waifuologist at the Ethereum Foundation. We are still at least a year from having the technology to safely store cute girls on the blockchain without them getting corrupted.

ive considered doing this but theyd probably have to be no-name waifus made by artists on fiverr

Didn't someone from /g/ put CP on the blockchain?

I think the same but at the same time the decentralized nature of this space makes it hard to take down.

Your front-end is still going to have to be registered and hosted somewhere, so they'll track you down if you're monetizing reis and asukas

Are you retarded animeposterkun?

d-don't mock me mona chan!

I want digital waifus on the blockchain stored

You have .eth domains I dont know how those work but maybe you can have a website on the blockchain, then you are set.

i-is this asanagi?

Oh my god where the fuck is etherwaifu

I think the most real use case would be a creating a blockchain version of an anime image website like Danbooru, Gelbooru, or Konachan

>tfw some Jew literally buys your waifu

Waifus aren't worthless

Misato will be the most expensive.

Everytime I see asanagi's art my pants come off instantly

guys I could 100% code this and make it good, the problem is that I'm not a complete weabo cuck and don't actually have a waifu. I need someone who is really into it for guidance.


could I work with you user? Worked with Solidity quite a bit, experience in HTML and PHP but know little about Node. Definitely open to learning though

i'm also learning ERC721 stuff if you guys want to collaborate

ill be anyones anime waifu for 1 ltc


I thought about this back when cryptokitties started. I think it's a cool idea.