You can't compete

>be me
>walking down the street
>reach my car
>stay there for a while checking the phone
>notice two hot 16years old or something walking on the street
>A wild Chad appears! passing by
>bitches stop right in front of me like I don't exist, talking to themself
>"have you seen how hot he was?"
>"holy fucking shit"
>try to give me a tone
>clear my throat
>open my Porsche
>bitches completely ignore me, still talking to themlsef and getting wet about that Chad
>warm up the engine
>they finally notice me
>look at me like the weirdo that interrupted their wet dreams
>go away

What's the point?

>16years old

Normally they change by their early 20's when they have to go out and work shit jobs in the world.


They will still cheat on me with that Chad.

Have you tried actually approaching a girl with some confidence?

im sorry that youre ugly op

>early 20s

They will ride the cock carousal til their late 20s


>Letting stupid shit like this affect your state of being and dwelling on it for hours afterwards.

I'm not even that bad after all, a little bit above average (decently rated on /soc/, not proud of that, I know), not a manlet, blue eyes and shit.

Guess I should work more on the confidence as


The point is you can work on some of this shit if you really want to. Pic related was a weak ENTITLED Pussy.

If you want something you have to at least put a little work in. Being entitled and throwing a fit because things aren’t handed to you is pathetic and childish.

If you want women, be a man.

>I’m aware this is b8 for the fags that keep posting “you think you can buy a wife you’ll be 4everalone you fucking neet”

But also I think that any people who idolize this Pussy are fucking misguided.

OP it's not you. I've seen guys with lambos ignored and chastised for offering rides to womyn.

Men created a society where they don't need us as providers anymore, thus, your wealth and Porsches don't stack up against Chad genetics.

Level the playing field OP. Leverage gains in eastern Europe

why do porn companies shoot video with the lowest dynamic range possible? what a muddy mess. either light the scene, or buy a better camera, jesus christ

attaching a random webm from my titty folder. no thumbnail, so I have no idea what it is

>posting on /soc/ ever

new money always such a lark. women have NO IDEA what cars are expensive, they always depend on context. if you're just doing a regular street approach, they literally can't tell the difference between a $5K craigslist special that's been washed recently, or a $150K supercar

yeah haha elliot was a pussy haha its not like his whole class ganged up on him and bullied him and even taped his head to his desk and laughed at him nope that never happened

Somebody's butthurt...

I'm telling you, women willingly take the Chad over the millionaires now. I've noticed this trend since the 90s. Women prior to the 90s would pair up with the rich guy without regard to height or genetics. Now that women don't depend on men for their job and they have the backup of the state funded welfare their preferences have progressively moved towards phenotype and personality, in that order.

Op may I ask, who gives a shit about those roastie for fuck sakes? As soon as the are out of school or what ever they will just be pregnant to the first loser Chad, and they be dreaming the rest of their lives about if they ended up with someone like you who has money. Don't sweat it dude. These young bitches have no idea. Women become alot easier as you get older, trust me. Fuck by the time you are in or 40's to get a roastie is have a dick that works, a job and not beat bitches, simple. Also work on trying to talk to women, I don't get all you fucking neet cunts on here, on here you fuckers are funny as fuck, so quick witted and the best come backs, why not act like this in RL? I just don't get it at all?

Wrong, your fucking stupid is what you are. A women could give a fuck how ugly you are if you are a millionair, women do not really go for looks as much as you think, women want a man who will look after them, it's bred into them, it's instinct. Us Man go for looks, that's our instinct

calm down, lady

If the situation had been two normie teen males ogling a Stacy, would it have affected or surprised you at all?
Why do you think women are any better? Get it off the pedestal, if anything they're actually worse.

What do you think most men would prioritise in relationships with women, assuming they were to bother at all, in a world where the state subsidised three appointments a week with a pornstar level 10 who would fulfil their every fantasy and who was picked precisely to appeal to their personal tastes?
Maybe they'd give less of a fuck and tolerate less when it came to finding a partner just because they're what the state is already subsidising?
That's pretty much where women are in socialist western countries if they want to be. They have zero actual need for a provider, sure some of them will still want to chase rich men because status and even more obscene overconsumption than their base welfare subsidy allows, but plenty will just go on that welfare and fuck whatever Chad will oblige them, until they hit the wall and nobody wants to fuck them anymore, then they either settle down with some sap or moan piteously about how society failed them or where have all the good men gone.
Most humans are just shit tier, doesn't really matter their gender. If they can find a way to fuck things up and do stupid shit, that's what they'll do.