ZRX coinbase confirmed


U what ?

source or gtfo

Aka buy my bags. This shit fell so hard during BTC dip, I'm sure there are a lot of bagholders who just want to get rid of it now.

Coinbase rumor was supposed to happen on 31st January due to that """leaker""" from Reddit. Nothing fucking happened.

If you want DEX shit, go for KNC anyway, they have pilot mainnet launch in few hours from now.

>buy the rumor
>sell the news


big if true

Can't believe it's still only about 5c higher from the ico

yes very nice confirmation sir thank your sir

Eh, sold @ 19000 bought back in at 11000, would have to go to 5k for me to lose. Can hold this shit forever

>Believes "insider" info on plebbit
>Buys his bags
>Thinks a token for trading worthless coins is worth something
>Worse than LINKies

Nicely done, unfortunately I couldn't wait to fully sell the news so I got out at 17k


Why do people believe this crypto would be on Coinbase/used by Coinbase?

If, for some reason, it does turn out to be true, what are people's "realistic" price predictions for EOY 2018 for 0x?

It’s a protocol token. Never going to happen. I’m still loosing sleep selling 39,411 @ ~$0.23 after the ICO.
I could have bought a f’n house.

Weak handed faggot btfo

Fat crypto youtuber said it. You ate it up. Now it's here on /biz. Is this what we've become? Sad.

>fell so hard during BTC dip
lol no it didn't.

This is still a blue chip even if it doesn't end up on cuckbase and will be easily $10+ eoy

Got over 1k of these fucking things and I don't even know what it does?

It creates something called the BAG protocol

Can't exchange 0x on my Exodus wallet, wat do?


I 5x’d faggot. The only thing you’ve 5x’d is your debt to income ratio