Is it dead?


stuttering potheads

probably :(

>Over 6 Ark for 1 Lisk
Considering Lisk just steal all their code from Ark, I would say this is a buy.


Ark has sunk, this coin is beyond salvaging. Price manipulation did it in

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Ark v2 is gonna drop and the price will go up 20% in 5 minutes before the whales put up their walls and force the price back down to stagnate for another 6 months

Bbut they Said 150$ end of 2018

why do people post this

ARK is a fork from LISK. LISK releases a new explorer, ARK does the same following. Do not be confused.

Lisk won, if it wasn’t for the 2 bizraelis ark wouldn’t even be worth a dollar

Bioly sent out payouts (throttled at 6 transactions a block) and it knocked out 6 delegates. This shit is completely broken.

everything is dead

The problem for Ark is they're focused on too many different fucking things right now. Why the hell are they spending time on SmartCards and shit instead of focusing all of their energy on V2? Oh yeah, and a completely redundant new block explorer. Didn't they just create a new one a few months ago?

Jack of all trades, master of none. Google has search, Ethereum has smart contracts, Nano has free and instant instant transactions, what the fuck does Ark have?

delusional arkies

Price manipulation will moon it too

Push button blockchain. New explorer to match new V2, read. Smartcards are one guys fantasies, 4 devs & an external dev team are building the core.

Four days.

I own 2k of these things and dont know what v2 does. Can someone tell me?

Good joke. It'll moon for a few minutes before the whales put their walls back up.

I noticed you didn't list SmartBridge. Wasn't that THE feature Ark was promoting 6 months ago? The devs dont even know what they want to do anymore with the coin

wouldn’t trade it for anything tbqh

Yeah, who wants 2,5,10x returns when you can settle for a measly 20% gain in 3 months

remember that girl who came around here in december flaunting her ark? where are you now sweetie? I have some eth for you in exchange for that wetpus

The whole network broken, so unless they totally redo everything it won't matter. The ARK founders are ICO scammers and just milking LISK code for all that it's worth: see KAPU, Blockport, etc.

Read the transcript from Grexx's first interview about Ark
28000% since ICO. 13000% at current price
That's exactly whats happening.

t. pajeet

except both Lisk and Ark are a fork of another coin that I can't remember the name of. And the devs of that coin are working on Ark.

Yes fucking shitcoin I could moon so hard if i diden't hold this bags back in the days.
Sold em all and Im glade i did it.