Hi friends :)

Hi friends :)

Just letting you know to do buying of Bitcoin Cash soon. It is literally the real bitcoin. Very good coin that is ready to MOON !

Kindly be sure not to fall for the corecuck scams. They are lying , Bitcoin cash is the REAL bitcoin and will make many moons soon !


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Only people who fell for the bitconnect scam would buy bcash. Get outta here pajeet

Only people who fell for the bitcoin core scam would buy bitconnect. get outta here fascist

Only people who fell for the bitconnect scam would buy bcash. Get outta here Roger

Yes Rasheed, it is known. Bitcoin Cash is the only contender for being Bitcoin.

I'm unironically all in on BCH. When Bitcoin split on August it wasn't BCH that was the only fork. BTC in its current form is also a fork. Just because it is a 'soft' fork doesn't mean it isn't a fork.

Unfortunately most Core supporters and developers really have no understanding about how bitcoin even works. At its heart Bitcoin isn't primarily a "cryptocurrency" -- it's an economic competitive game. The security is economic in nature. That is why Core has made such tremendous mistakes with it -- they may be good at certain things, they may be good cryptographers or whatever, but they don't understand economics or the structure that makes Bitcoin work. It's why they keep saying stuff like bigger blocks will centralize the network because not everybody will be able to run a node. If they knew how the network model worked they would know that is a totally false statement. Nobody's home node is EVER going to put a transaction into a block. Non mining nodes add nothing to the system. Bitcoin is not a mesh network with a bunch of little node hops. It is a tightly connected network of MINING nodes (emphasis) and it is the MINERS that decide what goes into a block. Miners vote with their CPU power. People don't understand and thinks running their home node adds some kind of decentralization or benefit to the system -- it does not. In fact, leaving the block capped at 1MB has done tremendous harm to the security of bitcoin, as evidenced by its total loss of market dominance and the fracturing of the cryptocurrency economy into all these little altcoins and different blockchains. 99% of altcoins could have been done on the Bitcoin network if it had been allowed to grow freely.

Fortunately we still have the original roadmap of Bitcoin in the form of BCH. It will take it a while to become apparent, but soon enough it will be obvious which system works, and which one does not.

no trump!
no hate!
no kkk!
no bcore USA!

I'm also all in on BCH and shitting my pants hoping my gut feeling is right.

It simultaneously makes complete sense, yet seems like idiocy to buy BCH.

good coin ! good man makign big decision !

bcc bring you many moon and lambo

Thats the feeling you get when making a big bet on a high risk high reward investment user.
If there wasn't that feeling, you wouldn't be smart money.

Remember this time when it eventually kills BTC entirely. Human opinions and feelings don't matter, the math does, and the math says a SHA256 coin with BTC's difficulty adjustment algorithm will die if the hash power has a better bid from another chain.
BTC is a dead man walking, despite coretards trying to ironically shill for BCH itt as pajeets because they noticed how effective people trolling as deluded coretards have been the past few weeks with posts ironically made with a total content of "bcash lol"

This is going to be one hell of a year



I once heard the argument that "Bitcoin Cash is like someone making a fake burger stand in front of the Burger King shop and claiming to be Burger King."

THE REALITY is this:

Bitcoin Core / Blockstream is the one who got into Burger King as new management, and faced with the ever growing demand for burgers; they decided to NOT increase the number of burgers being made, due to having only 1 kitchen, and they tell customers ordering burgers to get a salad instead, because its better for them... but they will have to wait for it...

Bitcoin Cash is the new restaurant across the road with all the workers from Burger King who left BK so they can continue making the same classic burgers people want, AND they increase the number of kitchens so they can make more burgers faster to keep up with the demand. Customers get the same classic full-sized burgers and quickly.

Meanwhile, the legacy "Burger King" shop with the new management, there people stand waiting in long lines to get their burgers AND as they finally get them, a janitor eats a huge chunk of the burger before the customer gets to hold it in his hands. People will eventually get tired of all that crap and switch to the other shop across the street.

Channel recommendation:

One of the very few non-retarded crypto youtubers

Thanks Rajeet


That's a good channel.


holy shit I used to unironically look up to Cobra back in the day.


He's coming a long these days or at least it would appear.

Did you really buy right after it 30%’ed? Enjoy your bags.

They've been saying that since we were at .06. They'll be saying it until we are at 2.0




Im sold! glad theres still people on this board willing to step up and let everyone know where the smart money is. corefags get REKT xD


CoinBase new Ecommerce Platform for Merchants

thats shopped you faggot, ethereum is on the top of the list


Who cares lel. One thing is for sure, users will use BCH, ETH or LTC when using that checkout

It's actually huge for new users using the platform dumbass, or you wouldn't have attempted at a psyop trying to show bcash as #1

>corecucks are now at the level of sperging about how coinbase does its CSS
Coinbase is data-driven so the sorting will probably be based on usage soon. I wonder who wjill be on top.

>posts photoshop then refutes its importance when called out on bullshit

why are bcash shills such niggers?

wheeeeww laddie I didn't even post that pic.
But since you're such a cuck I checked and its not shopped:

I also went to their shop and turns out if you do a checkout the list reorders depending on what you click.

its not even a shopped image. the twitter shop owner is probably a based BCH chad that tested BCH prior to making the screenshot.

Can all you Fucking pajeets please stop filling up threads with your useless one way talk you're not fooling anybody and nobody cares


-you account has been credited with 10 shill coins

our real coin..

Fuck off Roger

>do buying
I believe in BCH but I'm expecting a dump soon.

It jumped from 0.10 to 0.15 on strong volume days ago now and basically no response from the other side.
At some point the other side must run out of money to manipulate the price downwards, and the longer they do it, the harder the upward spike will be when they stop, and the faster and harder that spike is, the worse it will hurt BTC in terms of losing SHA256 hashing power permanently. Maybe the core side have figured this out and are just hoping they can control the narrative enough to naturally suppress the price of BCH and pump the price of BTC, and to the extent they can't they've realised a slow flip is a lot less dangerous to them than a fast one.

Chart holding strong so far

Only people who fell for the bitconnect scam would buy bcash. Get outta here Roger

This shit is going to crash to ZERO. Everyone knows this is a scam.

Only people who fell for the bitcoin core scam would buy bitconnect. get outta here fascist

You've posted that same image and comment before. At least get creative.

>This shit is going to crash to ZERO. Everyone knows this is a scam.
Just like everyone knew the original Bitcoin was a scam and would fall to zero. What a coincidence that Bitcoin Cash is the continuation of the original Bitcoin and no one believes in it. Really makes you think doesn't it.

Literally nothing you said is true, Bcash shill.

get the fuck out of here ranjeet

Imagine being a deluded bcashie in 2018.

Litecoin is the real Bitcoin tbqh

Send Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin address from 2012.

Refuses to call Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash, asserts that other people are shills

ROFLMAO kill yourself pajeet

>Literally nothing you said is true, Bcash shill.
Keep telling yourself that. I don't want you to lose too much sleep over this.

Litecoin was considered a scam by every btc holder in the early years, until Blockstream changed its narrative policy and made it kosher for the goyim when it absorbed the project. And even more hilarious to anyone who was around since the beginning: Blockstream will make btc price drop like crazy with the lightning network because it will join btc in the pool of ALL LN settlement tokens: from 21 million you'll get 24 BILLION coins, all indistinguishable as 'LN store of value tokens'. Even Richard Heart the Bitcoin maximalist renounced his faith in Core and dumped his btc because of it.

Blockstream doesn't give half a flying fuck about btc and its holders, it wants to sell proprietary solutions for fiat: blockstream.com/liquid/

To elaborate on this point in case the coretards have not yet grasped it properly; If there's a 10/90 value split, the way the interaction of the difficulty adjustment algorithms in BCH and BTC work is that BCH will bid on the hashing power to achieve 10% of the hash rate and hold that, adjusting every block to maintain it.
If that split instantly jumps to 90/10, BCH will then pull power away from BTC until it hits 90% of the total hashing power, cutting BTC's hashing power by 89% until the next difficulty adjustment, which will be up to 2016 blocks away, and with that amount of the remaining hash power may take up to 140 days to run a difficulty adjustment to fix the situation, a period which may well be completely fatal.
On the other hand, if the 10/90 split very gradually shifts into the opposite 90/10 split over many weeks, each 2016 block difficulty adjustment of BTC will have it adjusting its own difficulty downward to counteract the effect, and it won't necessarily be fatal, BTC may just end up comfortably hashing 10 minute blocks with 10% of the present total hashing power depending on how slowly that is drawn out.
In summary, it's not even in the interests of BTC maximalists to manipulate the BCH price down, because it endangers their own chain when the actual value asserts itself after that manipulation loses steam.

bch will win as Jihan is a very intelligent man

That's a great explanation but I don't think the miners will let the btc chain die so easily, they'll mine at a loss just to keep it alive.

That's not what we saw happen on November 12th 2017, everyone except Slush pool abandoned the BTC chain to mine BCH more profitably, that was about 10-20% of the hash power at the time, which is why I use it as my benchmark, since we have an empirical example of the situation in the short term to reference.
If that went on for many months, they may well simply not be able to actually keep mining it.