Investing in fine wine

Any anons that have invested in fine wine? What's your outlook on the market? Any picks? It's supposed to not be correlated to traditional markets so thinking about taking profits into wine (also thinking because i can buy them cash and skip taxes)

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Thanks just bought 100k hipsters and yuppies

this is one of my favorite reds


desu this, coins, art/cars (depending on how well you look after it) are sure ways to make money if you do the research and keep in storage for for 15+ years. Even some tech is going up in value, check out the old school key board re-conditioning hustle

Lay off the drugs.

t. French

Lot of wine hate going on in this thread. Had some good whisky talks in the old days here.
Buy some good ass wine and store it properly. In 20 years some may be worth a lot. If not, and you stored properly, you can get get drunk and have a laugh.

yeah took my first few sells to fix up my old man's motorcycle. 1972 bmw r60, was in shed for 18 years and took 4k to restore, now worth at least 10k

Make sure that the wine is legit and exactly what it says it is on the label with the power of VeChain Thor.

get the best examples of:

2015 Rhône
2010 Barolo, Babaresco
2008 Champagne
any/all Sine Qua Non

Burgundy is where it's at if you want a good return on investment. Huge prices on recent vintages because muh en vogue and the best crus will only increase in value

is it working? never bothered to look at VEN
Sine Qua Non as in Bordeaux and Burgundy?

>18 years
>profit 6k (after 4k renovation expense)


also the best 2011 vintage port
these are all 15+ year holds

Sine Qua Non, as in California

ven doesnt have mainet moron. It is for normie redditors thinking chinks will monitor their shit tier quality products with qr codes.

It's a good move go to a good stockist with good cellar

I have ports and armagnac too

I thought about whisky.. haven't done anything with that yet

yes i've read especially china was driving prices up at auctions
i've got my crypto stack for gains, looking for something slow and steady for profits that won't go to shit in a stock bubble. if you can find and buy a lot of these classic models and have them restored there are gains to be made with the cafe racer fad/craze
kek thought so

do you store them yourself or in a bonded warehouse?

The only people able to appreciate good wine are sleeping. Non-europeans have shit taste


I have a bottle of 2007 Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape that I’m hodling.

what is your ROI to date?

like $8 lol. I bought it in 2008 for just a few bucks less. I guess I don’t care about the monetary value. It’s getting opened, but only when I deem necessary.

Only sells to members via mailing list. To get on mailing list you wait for 3 years, and then to buy you must first be allocated wines. Their wines usually sell from $30-$60 but on the open market it tends to 2-3x in a year.

>Domaine De la Romanee-Conti
Pretty self explanatory. Wines reach up to 15k cause of the short release

>Stag’s Leap

show me the whitepaper

just loooked at wine stocks. looks like these perform extremely well

i actually thought about doing a wine token ICO. buy a ton of wine with the btc/eth raised, leave it in a bonded warehouse for 10 years, sell and reinvest/pay out token holders. take at least 10% of supply for myself of course

Basically any high priced French wines from 2003 or 2010 are good collectors items. I'd be too tempted to drink them though so still waiting for lambo status before I buy the good stuff.

picked myself up some AVG on the ASX a month ago. they're 1/3rd of my portfolio and by far the best performer since

i read historically wine has performed extremely well since the days of rome but i dont particularly know why.

pic related is when I was organizing my collection last year. you have to get rare wines. make sure you research the best years for the grape harvest in the location the wine is made.

nice, jelly. so what i'm looking for is basically rarity and ratings. does the price usually jump once a wine has received good review from parker etc? if yes, wouldn't it be better to diversify in the top 10 or 15 chateaux at discount prices?

to be honest, I’m not sure. I get all of my wines from the winerys when I visit Italy Nappa or France. these are wines you can’t get online or in stores, and of which there is a limited quantity of them. Their ready to drink dates are often 20 years into the future. don’t sell until the ready to drink date comes. or of course, you could just drink it instead. but if you plan on investing seriously it may be worth the money it costs to travel directly to a winery

Arent sulfites shit tier? Or do all wines have them?

The Man Who Duped Millionaires Into Paying Big Bucks For Fake Wine

did you forget inflation?

>Not Banana Red Wine
$100 EOY

why would you risk it especially if you produce wines that are intended to be stored for 20 goddamned years

sulfites preserve the wine and the taste/smell it leaves fades with time afaik

that's what i meant.

What are you? Fucking homeless? Mad Dog isn't even real wine.

This was ironic bait, but yes I am

I thought that was ketchup and started laughing before enlarging.

Ketchup is better

It's hot sauce

Just wanted to say these are the threads that keep me coming back to Veeky Forums, especially in these bear market times. I’ve screencapped so many tips on unconventional investments for me to educate myself on that I would have no idea about otherwise. I plan to dump all my screencaps in the hopes of paying it forward one day.

Nope. Buy guns if you can. If you can't buy knives. Won't tell you which ones because that would be cheating, but for guns, things with historical provenance rice in value quickly. With knives, the general rule is, buy something expensive that'll be discontinued quickly, or find a popular custom maker and buy one from him if you can. You could go all the way and start buying fucking Nazi daggers, but as someone who doesn't collect them and knows little about the market off hand, I know the buy in price is typically high.


Back in 2012-14 I made some real good profits on flipping custom knives. I had a source in the US who could get me stuff from Tuffthumbz and the shit Jim Skelton was shilling. I bought at makers price and sold with as much as 100% profit.

I actually collect butterfly knives and recently bought a couple Jerry Hom Balisongs. Mostly because I love the knives and appreciate them for their inherent qualities but also as a asset I can liquidate for a profit if I need to. Starting to realize that well maintained guns and knives hold their value incredibly well for some reason, especially if they have novelty value.

In 3-4 years remember to stack a lot of top producers in the Barolo and Barbaresco area (Gaja, Conterno for eg.), 2017 has been one of a hell age weather wise for Nebbiolo in the last 50y.

While balis are cool and everything, you have a limited audience because of legalities. Just go for the flavor of he month makers like RAD knives. Can't believe his shit goes for 5k+. Some people who buy those will carry heavy bags soon.

Bump for a great thread.

How did you all "learn" about wine, both from a drinking and investment standpoint? Currently, I'm just randomly getting stuff that's on offer between 5 and 50€ and maybe look for pairings that are suggested for the food I am cooking and I'd like to get a bit more into it. Is it worth to do some evening course on it, or are there any good books?

Whats the Austrian stuff?

>I’ve screencapped so many tips on unconventional investments for me to educate myself on that I would have no idea about otherwise. I plan to dump all my screencaps in the hopes of paying it forward one day.
Please do so! I'm also always looking into ways to diversify. Unless you go total retard and put too much money into something you don't understand or even take out a loan for it, having some fun and unconventional things seems like a nice idea.

Great alcohol investments
>opus one
>lafite rothchild
>richard hennessy

>not investing in lambics

wine is a bubble dude

would you care to do so today based user?