How can i make some good money

Hello Veeky Forums i'm desperate right now i need a way to make some money i invested on some eth and bought some 20 REQ but that ain't going anywhere anysoon, anyone has a way to get some money? I cant work on this country because salary is too shitty and im tired of doing clicks on jew pages, please tell me where can i make some decent money i dont wanna eat more bread ;_;

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user, go grab a sharpie and let me know when you have done this, chop chop.

where do you live

sharpie? user I dont have sharpies since 1 year ago, i barely have a pencil ;_;

have you tried getting a job

heh, nothin personnel, kiddo.

Sharpie in pooper and I'll send you 0.5 ETH

sorry but im not homo

have you tried not being a total fucking failure?

Made me lol

i tried but salary is barely less than 5$ and all i do is clicking websites for cents

pic of pencil in pooper with timestamp and ill give you 1btc

There's shit you can grind in runescape, a lot of Venezuelans are doing that

i am, im fucking homo for pay, are you for real, i need money pretty badly but im not going to beg

wake up early and get a shitjob work your way up, go back to school, the goldrush in crypto is over.
Invest when you can maybe in years itll be worth something

as good as it sounds you and me know that you're lying bro, i would do it if you send half first

go to bitmex. learn to margin trade on leverage, win thpousands

you didnt read? less than 5$ monthly

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I'll send you 1 whole BTC if you put a pencil in your ass and then make your mum lick it.

user i don't have enough to invest

are you from venezuela op?

kill urself then
youre worthless

I don't have a mother she left when i was young

your dad then, or your sister, I dont care

stop fucking begging you faggot. if you actually starved that much youd go and suck some dicks for scraps. how did you think i got here?

i live with my grandmother, i cannot do that to her, i could just do the pencil on ass but im probably going to get scammed, if you send half first ill do it 31wVBLu75hReqEeaZbYoEahWqY5Twhbh9v

btw, this guy posts with the same handwriting for the past two days. Don't give him shit and sage all of his threads

what are you talking about

OP, can you post more photos of how you're living?

Why? there are literally 0 post of advices or anything just pencil shit larp


I think it's hard for everyone to visualize/understand how you're living at the moment.

Of course people are going to talk shit but what do you have to lose.

welp this is my fridge of course i would like to take more pics but my grandmother and a cousin are walking around the house and it would be too strange to keep taking more shots

Also saw this one from earlier.

Have you tried Fiverr/Upwork/Mturk?

god damn you newfags are fucking brutal. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST.

rejected from mturk

tried upwork but lets be honest nobody is going to hire me

and what can i do on fiverr literally everything is taken ;_; do you have a nice idea for fiverr? my cam isnt good

Well what are you good at?
(Other than shitposting on Veeky Forums)

You're in Venezuela, are you by any natural resources or something specific to your country?
Something that you can get maybe super cheap/free.

You mentioned that you are living off around $5 a month. Im broke af but can only imagine what thats like.

Although not ideal, have you blogged about any of this?

i've tried some logos and designs but to be honest is hard as fuck to be selected on freelancer sites

yes mostly i eat fruits from trees

and no i havent blogged anything

Maybe it's time to look into blogging?

You've already got a compelling narrative, being broke in Venezuelan while trying to invest in crypto.

After blogging and consistently creating content, setup a simple fiverr store where you might sell some thing you can easily get made/basic.

If you're authentic and genuine, these people coming to your blog might be compelled to support your fiverr.

Also if you can be consistent with blogging/content, it might be worth looking into patreon as well.

I want to come marry a beautiful poor venzulan women who will appreciate me? Good idea or bad idea?

Do you think that could actually work? I never thought blogs were so visited on 2018, I might even try it no joke, but there is also the fiverr thing, what can I give to people? sure i can make a good designs if i take my time but what would be the appeal of my shop

why a venezuelan? where do you live

Depends. I'm an Ecuadorian fag and there are lots of Venezuelan people migrating here LOTS! I met a few chicks from there and they were great human beings but the need has turns many people into nothing to lose whores or criminals. I feel bad for my "neighbors" desu

I would hope that you'd now know how it feels to be invaded by immigrants (I'm euro Spanish and we've got lots of equadorians) but you probably won't cause you're the same race and all.

Don't think blog in the written sense (although you can), create content with videos.

Sup y'all I'm user.
I'm from X.
Here's how I'm living (be optimistic of course),
And most importantly 'talk about the crypto markets.'
(desu user you'll really have to shine here, and if I was you and only eating bread, I would talk that shit oh so well.)

Use Youtube and just start doing daily videos.
Practice, cause you'll be shitty at first.

Come up with a brand that ties crypto and Venezuela together, and just start doing it.

Hardest step is always the first one user.

No one cares about your designs, its your story and perspective is much more of value.

When visiting other countries, there's often overpriced souvenirs that are sold to the tourists.
Find someone who makes them or has them at super low costs and find/sell those on fiverr.

Youtube... dude...nobody is going to watch me

You won't know unless you try. People are scouring YT for crypto shit all the time

Send me some cocain, i sell it here we split.
Rince and repeat.

I'm sorry you have to live what you do OP. As some other posters said, you're lucky in that with internet you can work for people anywhere in the world, even if the employment and economic situation are currently not so good in your country. If you have design skills, you might be able to market that. If you think people won't hire you, you can always practice more and get better. It's a competition between everyone after all. If you have other skills, you can try to work with that too, and if you don't, you can always try to acquire new skills (programming, translating, etc.). Don't pay attention to the assholes. I don't know enough about the situation in Venezuela, but I'm sure you can find something better than clicking on links all day. Good luck.

Make Bountys for ICOs, most easiest money I have ever made.

thanks user

how much have you made on 1 week


i just signed on fiverr and added an translation shop I hope i can get some money from it

If you're serious about translation, you might also want to look into creating a profile here: People use it to post translating jobs, etc. It can be pretty competitive, and be careful not to fall for scams, but you might find something there.

Since we're on Veeky Forums, a lot of new cryptocurrency projects also offer free coins in exchange of translation/localization tasks. If you look in the threads on Bitcointalk or offer your services there, you might find something as well: There's always a chance that the projects don't pan out and that the coins end up being worthless, but you might find something you want to do there too.

Translating is a difficult job to do well, but if you get good at it there can be some good money in it.

Holy, thank you very much user, i really appreciate it, i will look into it, seriously thanks

what ur address i will mail you a care package

user normally the people here stole those packages when they arrive to the country, mostly because our goverment blocked any kind of help for us :_;

but thanks anyways i appreciate you wanted to help me out

damn im sorry bro what can i do for you... do they open all the packages coming into country or what

Show me around Venezuela and find me a beautiful poor women to marry and ill give you $400 USD for your work. If I get mugged though you get nothing.

yes, normally thats what they do the people that check the packages

Do you speak spanish? why do you want a poor girl here to marry with, i mean you can pay hookers for literally nothing

un poco spanish

I can't pay a bitch to be by my side 24/7, I need somebody to cook/clean/bang.

what the hell is that, a sandwich?
looks like shit

he's right you know

lol then is fine, if you ever want to contact me just mail me to [email protected]

its just bread only

so when's the us invasion of SA going to take place?

I can only dream about that ;_;

if your country is interesting, proxy shipping is a huge thing on fiverr.
Something I found is that there's few people willing to do things like arts and crafts, and those who do charge more than the low ends are worth (it was difficult to get pic related made on there)
drawing, translating, writing. Think about it like this, even if you are not the best at what you do, sometime, someone is going to click on your listing

OP, leave the Req alone. Don’t panic sell.

Download Crypto Pro app for your smart phone, and set up an alarm for when Req goes to $2 dollars (or whatever value you want to sell at) and just wait. When it hits your desired value, sell.
Then maybe buy another stack of something decent that has potential. and rinse and repeat the above.
It takes time but that’s how you’re going to make good money in the long run.

Good luck user, believe in yourself and you will make a better life.

>[email protected]
Btw, you still have the Payfair that user sent you in the last thread in case you thought you couldn't access them.