What are you going to do if you don't make it?

What are you going to do if you don't make it?

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i have a wagecuck job which I will do until i kms


what i do everyday


find sergey and force feed him big macs until he explodes

Probably continue to enjoy life with an above-average, but not life changing, amount of money.

I have like $150k. I want 300k, then I fucking pull out like 240k and throw it into some kind of passive income shit while the last 60k stays in until I make a million.

go to africa for a couple weeks
then you'll know you akready made it

what is that?



unironically this

I posted my portfolio worth $100k yesterday and just got shit on lmao. These faggots dont deserve a cent. Hope you and i make millions

That's not an option.

die trying


well what was your portfolio?


what i'm doing now

Be an IT wage cuck, save money to travel, maybe start a family to have some fulfillment. Will look at LINK memes once in a while to remember the days.

Btc, eth, qtum, trx, icx, ven, fun

Endure. I'm not a weak-willed faggot.

Shoot up people


BTC, ETH, ICX, and QTUM are a good portfolio in my opinion. I don't know about FUN or TRX personally but good luck to you anyway.

Do you mean fire guns at people?
All implications attached?

Or become certified in the health field to administer safe injection for rich people with their choice of drug for money?

In curious


TRX is the reason I have 100k. I diversified awhile ago


I mean shoot my load at people (girls) although they aren’t human

just kill yourself instead faggot we don't need more reasons to take away guns


Comparing FUN and TRX is actually retarded. FUN is a good long term hold (but would sell once it reaches 20 cents) but TRX will unironically be 3 cents eoy

unless I make it before April it's all over anyway

i always considered military as my back up option if all others fail, but i'm reaching an age now that soon i will need a waiver to join if they even take me at all.

Well main net will be released in March for Tron. After that people can stop with the no product bullshit. But I say 25 cents would be eoy. All alts are bound to go up. This is my opinion. I know alot people hate Tron which I think is retarded. But it's whatever idc. It made me money and couldn't thank Justin enough

unironically kill myself. crypto is literally all I have.

Adjust the timeframe of my goal.

try to take over the world


if you haven't already made it, you're not going to make it


Wagecuck....until I kill myself....


Went from 250K overall usd to just 2k in VEN is all i have now, gambled everything on bitmex on the hopes of recovering with the crash. VEN is all i have left now

Your betting everything on VEN?
Prepare to be BTFO.

How is everyone holding up

lmao at least I'll be going out with the worst bastards this side of the forum forrest

I respect that. Maybe it didnt pay off this time, but one day your bold behavior will be rewarded.

Continue being a doctor.

The same thing I'm doing now.. sign away half my life for 400 dollars a day and keep trying to make it

poorfag neetlife and eventually kms