Which is it? If I don't get good reasons not to I'm going to be 30K

Which is it? If I don't get good reasons not to I'm going to be 30K.

Buy 30K I mean.

Dont buy it user very sketchy coin

No reason not to op, I would go all in if I wasn't a pussy but I have a stack and planning to get some in a few hours during this dip. Anyone with after a brain can see this is a decent investment, the fud I keep seeing is unless and also very low tier fud at best

it's a good coin but it'll crash when it gets listed on kucoin like they always do and it looks the market is crashing now nayway

Don't buy it then

Fucking jibrelnies

Yes pls sirs buy this coin, very nice bags

When is it getting listed on KuCoin? Part of the reason I haven't bought some yet is because I don't trust Bibox.

>spoon feed me on an easy read up
dont buy it and miss the binance party

When it is being listed on Binance?


Can I at least get a link to where I can find more information? Their fucking reddit is a desert.

nobody knows when

How do you know it's being listed then?

this should be a clear enough sign, just gotta be patient

comfy with my small stack bought at 30 cents

JNT partnered with Hammas and ISIS.

Nah seriously though, this project has massive potential. Every asset that is listed, including all tokenized fiat, expands the marketcap of JNT.

This shit will be gold if it takes off.

How'd you pick it up at 30? Lowest I saw was 34

I own a huge stack user and it will never be touched for at least 1 year.

wait can someone explain to me wtf this coin is. I tried watching a video but made no sense. If someone can explain I'll go on bibox and buy 1 btc worth right now

Jibrel Network aims to be a marketplace where traditional assets can be tokenized offchain, and represented on chain through tokens tethered to the asset.

Every asset tethered will be backed by JNT, therefore the JNT marketcap will expand when additional assets are represented on the network. This can be particularly valuable since JNT would effectively be uncoupled from BTC and coupled to offchain assets.

Done explaining, DYOR if this doesn't make sense.



IT IS also a bank the unbanked initiative, youll be able to send jCash through SMS.

Its a very robust financial ecosystem.

I would also like to say that this is one of the first crypto-currencies that I can actually see receiving some sort of real life adoption. Not something totally barred of from the current system, but something that will seemlessly integrate into it. I think a lot of the issues with crypto-currencies so far is that they have been almost strictly been developed by techies. Jibrel is a little different. Their technical lead seems to be a pretty smart and capable dude, but Yazan and Talal are both very clearly grounded in financial backgrounds which is allowing them to bring realistic solutions to the table. Maybe they aren't visionaries in the same way Satoshi Nakamoto is, but they're clearly pretty fucking intelligent. (Yazan worked at Oliver Wyman and Deloitte, which is not necessarily easy to land a job at either and Talal was managing a $2b fund for the UAE). They've clearly taken a long hard look at the current crypto market, identified it's issues and directly addressed them to make a compromise between crypto and traditional markets. This project excites me quite a bit as the implications so far seem to be pretty big(partnering with UAE to pilot jCash is pretty fucking big man), and we're only on the ground floor. I can say that I truly think this is an investment opportunity of a lifetime.

I could also be totally wrong and the project flops. I suppose everyone thinks they found the gem.

I'm automatically suspicious about any project that goes on and on about how "you can't lose! Guaranteed gains!"

how many you buy @ 30?

cuck this is koreanjew or someone posting this info not the company

Read the whitepaper you absolute mongoloid

get the white paper you dumb faggot

well you can sort of lose with that

if you can't pump or dump JNT then you can't swing trade it like you can with BTC or other crypto, a lot of people make money that way so JNT will be useless for them

It's not really even saying you can't lose. It seems to be more that you aren't going to take massive losses for no real reason if you enter this wildly irrational market. The coin can't be manipulated by pump and dumps which fends off people who just want to use it as a vehicle for quick gainz.