Gen X here. Get rekt Millennial Faggots

My feeling when I know most of you little queers lost money gambling on crypto and didn't even learn or follow the most basic fundamentals of trading.

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tfw a gen x born at the wrong time

Nigger shut the fuck up. Your generation got in at the tail end of when things were good. At least you guys make enough to pay rent and shit. Be glad no one gives a fuck about you.

lol i'm 4000% up faggot.

Why don't you just pay rent with Bitcoin???


fair call, fagget. no go kill yourself

REAL Gen X here.....we love our young bizfriends

call us when you want learn to drive stick

Gen Y here. yes we can drive stick. Now what did you want to talk about again?

Fuck you you little faggot. We made it through 2 recessions and the outsourcing of the entire job market. We had to invent entire new industries and technology to survive. All you millennial shits do is complain and live comfortable lives.

I doubt there's many millennials here. We're mostly gen Y 90s fags. The oldest millennial are 18.

>All you millennial shits do is complain and live comfortable lives.

Millennials are Generation Y you absolute retard.

Guys guys, we can fight about this all day!

But I think we can all agree that who we REALLY hate are those slimy fuck boomers who put all of us in this position in the first place!

Uhh no, stop reading blogs. Gen Y are 90s kids, 90s culture, 90s music/tv/tech. Millennials are 00 kids, etc. Gen Z will be trannies and shitskin mongrels but they really haven't defined themselves yet, we're only seeing the beginning molds.

Generations are defined by their culture, there is a distinct culture for both 90s and 00s kids. About as different as 70s and 80s cultures.

>fucking boomers

oi faggot how's it gonna feel when you walk in on me hosing your wife down with my young cock after you slouch through the front door from your 50 hour a week wagecuck job

Lol okay, have fun explaining that in the future, its a good way to let everyone know you're a conceited douche.

The concept of generations is ruined because different people wrote blogs and articles about what they felt this or that generation was despite not understanding what a generation divide is actually for and when it occurs. It's now a dead meaningless concept because some idiots had to pick a random topic to write about for clicks.

A generation was two groups divided by the culture of their time. Now it's every 10 years except for the 90s which is a deleted generation thrown in with the 00s.

Fellow gen-x here. Born in '77, 80s childhood but really cut my teeth in 90s (pussy, musical taste, etc). Fuck these snowflake millennial pukes. That said, crypto is the 80s all over again. It's the gen-xers chance that were born a little too late but too earlier to cash in on the 90s tech boom. This is our time man. Embrace it.

Enjoy your aging body and ever dimming mind, you old worthless piece of dogshit

Gen Y Millennial here. You seem very angry. Did you loose a lot of money with trading, instead hodling?

It sucks. It really sucks and it happens so fast. At least I have some millennial poon to keep me company.


Recessions caused by your generation.

Gen Y are millennials son
Google it

Haha. Get rekt faggot. I started fucking with crypto on a lark late last year and my "dimming mind" out trades 99.999% of the entire space. I could be 100 years old and still think rings around you.

Somebody's mad


millennial here

Wtf trades did you make ? How much you start with? God damn senpai

You have no idea how not mad I am right now.
Which ICO? Don't pretend you were trading the whole time cuz millenials are too stupid to 3x in 3 months. If you do decide to trade, I hope we're on the same exchanges cuz I can't wait to take 90% of that away from you.

These faggot boomers don't understand that we all want to get rich quick because they have built a miserable world for us that revolves 100% around money = happiness.

Which is why Elon Musk is our fucking savior. Let robots do the shit jobs so we can actually enjoy life instead of being slaves to the fucking banks and corporations for the entire time.

What kind of a shit world is this that we have inherited? How is it people have done this trash for so long? I'm expected to wake up every day and dedicate most of my life to something that is not only relatively valueless (as most companies/jobs are) but also makes me suicidal? Thanks mom and dad.

>blocked! you're getting blocked! fuggin blocked!
Is there any social media platform gayer than Twitter? What happened to calling someone a fucking retard and getting on with your day?

You need to chill butt-hurt baby bust. You're just as much to blame for the shitty world you're leaving behind- you and the boomers. How mad are you?

Leaving the world "behind"? Wow, I didn't realize I was about to shuffle off this mortal coil literally tomorrow. Actually, guess what punk, you will be dealing with me for a long fucking time. At least 50 years. And when I'm 90 (in 50 years) I'll still be kicking your ass in this NEET bux game and every one that comes after it. That is if you're still around. As far as being the blame for anything, son I couldn't even vote before 1995. The shitshow ball was rolling loooooooooooong before that. Of course your generation responded by making it cool to suck cock. Enjoy your safe space, faggot. You're gonna need it.

raging beta cuck dropout detected.

holy shit I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. so much butthurt happening in your insignificant life to rage on Veeky Forums. No need to be such a wage cuck, neck bearded, basement dwelling foreveralone homosexual, sport.

You must be hopped up on a lot of Ritalin or whatever they're doping you kids with these days for your "ADD" to be projecting this hard.

u mad?

u mad?

you seem pretty upset actually, are you tired?

Don't worry, I took my geritol today. I'm good until you toddlers go nappy.

baby boomer here actually. I think you need a nap. You're carrying on like a millennial

Stay out of this old man. If it weren't for you jerkoffs, we wouldn't be having this conversation. The national debt would be zero, and we'd all be living on the Moon in cybernetic hyperspace. You fucks ruined this earth and I hope you all pay.

Itt: upset x'er thinks his generation has no flaws and rages on Veeky Forums to mask his insecurities

take a break and watch some more of your cuck porn, faggot.