Genie comes to you and tells you he will take you into the future for 1 hour to look at as many charts as you want (or...

>genie comes to you and tells you he will take you into the future for 1 hour to look at as many charts as you want (or do anything else) but first you must kill ten people. Do you do it?

no because money is the root of all evil, only faggits care about prices

Oh yes

i ask him to define the terms kill, you, must, and people.

can i choose really evil people to kill? do i face consequences for it?

Wait, he'll take you one hour into the future or he'll take you into the future at some point for an hour? Do you get to decide how far into the future?

Either way, killing ten people and getting away with it is beyond most people's abilities. Even killing one would be. You might be able to swing it with a fire at a senior living facility though if you want to maximize kills and minimize guilt (they were on their way out anyway)

Naw, a fire wouldn't do it. Too much fire suppression. Just dress up as an orderly and walk around with a few bottles of medical helium attached to a good breather mask. One bottle should easily kill a few old people. "Easy grandma, this'll help."

buy high
classic biz

I'll tell you what the future charts will look like. BTC at $500,000. Dow at 200,000. Most of your favorite alts are dead. Happy?

i feel like you'd get caught pretty quickly

I know you think the fire wouldn't do it, but it's pretty easy to look up which senior facilities in your area have low ratings, complaints, or violations while paying attention to the negatives that relate to how they skimp out on everything or how the staff doesn't give a shit.

The fire itself isn't what's going to kill them either, it's going to be heart attacks from the panic and the smoke that chokes out the old people that are already having breathing problems. And as a bonus if the staff is negligent they aren't going to risk their ass to save anyone. Rig it up to look like an electrical fire since the people running the place do it on a shoestring budget.

Your idea's alright and the "angel of death" method's proven to get very high numbers, but it also takes a longer time to get in there and get trusted enough to even take more than one or two of them out.

>go to ghetto city with high murder rate
>black hoodie
>late night
>kill and then runaway

Basically how most murder goes down in my city

Forgot to add, with the old people trying to leave on their own and in a rush/being trampled by other old people, they're more likely to fall and get seriously injured, which could mean head injuries, broken bones, and so on. That increases their chances of dying either from infection, or during surgery (high risk at the 80+ range, even for minor surgical operations, again compounded by infection). So if you didn't rack up a full 10, you'll earn the rest in a month or less.

The reason most of those people aren't caught is because they know the people in the neighborhood and are either friends with them or they're fearful of retaliation (either from the criminal themselves or from associates through "no snitching" enforcement.) So that again can take some time. I think you could do it but only if you space it out to different cities and only hit very isolated targets like the homeless.

My idea's to do it all in a cluster with enough deniability to come back with a minimal risk of being investigated for it so you don't have to flee the country until you've made your gains.

Yes, just drive around to isolated houses, and check online as best you can to see if the people in the houses live alone. If you can find ten that do, just go to house, knock knock, bang bang.

Lol @ how this instantly turned into a discussion on how to kill 10 people without getting caught, and no discussion at all really on the moral aspect or w/e of the question.

If I got to choose the 10 people I'd do it for free.

>Veeky Forums likes money

because 90% of the people here hate at least 10 people

if i was guaranteed to never be caught and nobody else find out about it i'd beat them all to death with a hammer if necessary

i dont need the charts, can you just remove africa please?

god damn it


1. Dont trust genies;
2. Too apathetic to kill;
3. How am I even supposed to stay sane and free after 10 murders to use the offer?
4. No amount of money can be enough for me to kill a human

I wonder if the future will change from the one you saw.

Like you'd probably go 100x leverage all-in with your whole account if you 100% knew the future, but then, if the theory that BitMEX supposedly manipulates their market just enough to liquidate huge leverages is true, wouldn't that cause the future chart you saw to change?

This would probably happen if this is one of those malicious genies that twist your wishes to something horrible.

As far as I know, genies outside of Disney cartoons are fucking evil. I won't do shit because that faggot will probably find some way to screw me over

Id do it instantly.
Enemies BTFO eternally.

why not kill 10 people that are confirmed in commas to never wake up again? or 10 people that are satanists/jews that are trying to force God's hand and pave the way for the antichrist? Seems like an easy choice.

Yep. I get to take out the murderous rage that I've been suppressing while also getting rich.

>moral aspect
>talk about money
>on Veeky Forums
I think you're lost, kiddo

What if the button does is to make random people get 1M but you only get 10k and you can only do it once. Can you live with it?

with 10k then i could trace and kill the 10 people for ez 10mil. literally a x1000 leverage

If I am guaranteed to get away with the killings, then absolutely. Wouldn't think twice.