Will the superconference bring Link back to a buck?

Will the superconference bring Link back to a buck?

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Link being more than $1 defeats the whole purpose of the coin. Read the whitepaper

No. Sergey isn't announcing partnerships or anything, just like he never has. The conference is already basically a known quantity. He will talk about smart contracts and how ChainLink will allow them to have a much broader range of practical uses. No new buyers will be brought in. Nobody will learn about ChainLink for the first time at the conference and suddenly buy a ton.

Enjoy the conference for what it is. A chance to see Sergey talk about smart contracts and they're progress. Price movement for LINK will happen in the lead up to main net launch. Nothing else will affect it substantially.

When is the superconference? Asking for a friend

All you need to know is that main net launch will be delayed because nothing has been done for months

No it does not, unironically and literally please explain


how long has this site been around?

LINK bagholders are fucking deluded. The price of LINK will never be more than a Big Mac, because that would defeat the purpose of this coin.

You're deluded retards if you think that the value of a ERC20 token that has the use case to connect oracles could be expensive.

If they ever succeed they need something cheap to fit the use case, not something expensive to speculate.

If you thing about it (and forget the hight specialized PhD Pajeets team) Mobius fits better the real use case.

whens Sergey gonna rebrand to BigMacToken so we can just stop all this?



I can't tell if this fud is to keep the price down, or it's honest ignorance.

Saying link is pointless if the price goes over a dollar is like saying Bitcoin is pointless if the price is over 1k.
Cryptocurrency are nearly infintely divisible. If link goes to 100, making a smart contract will only cost .01 link. Problem solved.
Meanwhile, node operators will be buying link by the barrel, to reinforce the credibility of their operation and results, in order to attract more contract brokering.

He's a big guy.


Are you saying it’s

.... priced in??

this is a reference to the original whitepaper "price of the Link token should never exeed the price of a McDonald's burger or it would defeat the purpose"



I'm still waiting on Rory to reply, but here's something for my fellow marines

No. You will aquire $1 debt to Sergey for every token you own

I can't handle these fucking normie retards who want a roadmap every two weeks and a YouTube singalong with Sergey every night.
JESUS FUCK it makes me rage.


The cunt needs to back up his claims if he says something like that. The burden of proof doesn't lie on the person your argue in general with

that's all these slacks/telegrams are, pajeets fill them and ask the dumbest questions all the time and probably hold sub 1000 of whatever token they are in.

it's a meme retard.

>The cunt needs to back up his claims if he says something like that.

>it's a meme retard.