Not making real money

> Not making real money
> Updated a few days
> Now accepting ETH
> Still losing money on surface


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Not going there fag

post a screenshot fag

post a fagshot screen

google doesnt pull anything up for it, what the fuck is that

>expects me to blindly click an onion link

what is onion

Is it safe to open an onion link anons?

>clicking on a random onion link

you need a TOR browser, I have no idea what that link is, could be nothing and user is just laughing. Someone be a hero and open it

The onion link or the image?

i know but like is it safe to open it up

looks scammy as fuck


TOR and onion sites are legal HOWEVER the stuff that goes on there can be very illegal. I just tried to see if its like secret crypto chat, nothings happening, if its something evil im probably reporting it lol



Oh look it's this scam again
>People will actually fall for this

>We are le ebin haxers
>They deal with fucking ETH instead of XMR

so you send them eth and they hack an account for you and send triple it back? dont people do this on twitter a lot easier, FFS


Seems legit

scam, safe to view on the comp but a scam

you're but a coward.

What makes me a coward? Onion is for fucking faggot pedos and drug buyers. If there was ways to make money, like LOTS of money off crypto there id be on it within a second. but theres not

No it isnt

I had a look on there ages ago and didnt see ANY pedo shit or any other legit looking general shady stuff.

I was looking for just generally interesting stuff and found nothing, its literally just like being on the normal internet just full of god tier faglords acting edgy af.

My guess is if you want the shady shit you have to know where to look or what to search for.

Ditto, people screeching about it being full of pedos and druggies are on the same level as people claiming crypto is only for pedos, druggies and human trafficking.