What's his end game?

what's his end game?

What coin.
Why fucking start a thread like this without saying the coin name?
What the fuck man.

Don't ask questions you can't understand the answer to.


Americans dont sleep.

which other coin is 8000 you brainlet

He’s buying a bunch of $8k BTC from panic selling TArds

It’s probably institutional money



What the only coin at 8,000 right now?

I don't fucking know.
What is the coin?

To hold it above 8k obviously. Watch it get eaten though. No buy volume

He has a long at 8k for 10x as much as he just threw down. He is not backing down. Test him. Make him sweat.

BTC. It looks like the GDAX exchange


this has to be the most brainlet post ive ever seem


Some old boomer coin that is irrelevant. What you really want is some bitcoin cash, buddy!

Wow, what a worthless fucking thread
For (you)

ITT: retards getting baited hard

imagine being this retarded
hes probably waiting until more people go long then he'll drop the wall.

This has to be bait. I refuse to believe anyone on this board is THIS retarded.

Polineix hack inc

Sell lol

I can’t understand how autistic Veeky Forums is

It pains me to have to say this: the guy asking what coin it was, was joking.

fedscoin coming

>being this fucking dumb lul

No he's serious, and I'm serious when I say most of the people in this thread need to return to reddit.

all of the big coins aren't going down beyond a certain threshold, what is going on

So is this bearish or bullish?
Till now it was bearish. Will it be bullish if the wall can hold it?

It's all normies and Reddit now

I’ve been on reddit for 10 years and Veeky Forums for 14. There no excuse for being flagrantly retarded.

>one person is responsible for this

Hey quick question: why are memeliners being BTFO atm?


A lot of people here are losers that will look for anything to make them feel a sense of superiority. So it makes sense that they would overlook such an obvious joke.

It's obviously btc newfag