What's Veeky Forums favorite drink? Mines a mojito. Simple, refreshing and not too sweet

What's Veeky Forums favorite drink? Mines a mojito. Simple, refreshing and not too sweet.

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Iced espresso

soy milk

>femanon here

>drinking alcohol

sorry, you're not going to make it

Usually just beer or scotch but I really love long island iced tea too

Three Floyds Cimmerian Sabertooth Berzerker.

Most unique and excellent beer I have ever tasted.

It's a nice way to end a friday or saturday night. Always remember to treat yourself a bit or you'll slowly lose your sanity.

a glass of sparkling mineral water with 2 inch square ice cube


>pic related

moscow mules are decent, tequila kamikaze, and fuckin margaritas

fuck off morman

coke classic

Lol.... just lol. Once/twice a week is fine. Unless you're a lazy faggot that wastes 50% of his waking day. If you're an efficient person, having fun on the weekends is perfectly fine, and infact healthy.

Whisky and oxy

>implying losing your sanity is a bad thing
never gonna make it

wait do mormons not drink at all?

im not from the states so ive had very little interaction with them

THUMBS UP !! ~ found only in Pajeet land !

>not treating yourself every night

delicious alcohol

i'm on a gin and tonic bender rn

normally beer and whisky

>equating fun with drinking alcohol

definitely not going to make it. degenerates like you will forever be in the gutter

>can't relax without drinking booze

you sure do look tiny down there, from the moon

>projecting childhood insecurities this hard

you'll never make it in Utah

I'm sorry your father was a deadbeat alcoholic, but there's nothing better than the relaxed feel of nursing a few gin and tonics, or glasses of wine through the night while you read / trade.

agreed except trading

don't drink and trade, anons

Are you on a recent self improvement binge, cutting yourself off from all instant gratification? I guarantee I know people who work 200% harder than you and drink/do drugs every weekend. Not larping. Go to the best graduate school in my country and all my friends (myself included) publish multiple papers a year while getting intoxicated every weekend.

They don't drink alcohol, coffee or soda.
Went to mormon school in AZ. Uptight fuckers but hard working.

Coffee of any variety.
Whisky, whisky sour if i'm cocktailing.

Look at this fag. He thinks he knows things.

Water. Sometimes with ice, sometimes with a slice of lemon and/or lime. Some mornings I'll drink a tall cold glass of whole milk. And on cold days I'll drink a few mugs of homemade broth/stock, but I don't know if that classifies as a beverage.

>Drinking anything other than water or whole milk
>Drinking sugar, or worse - HFCS
>Drinking alcohol
>Drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks
Not gonna make it, brahs. Give up the toxins. Stop poisoning your body.

If you can't have a social drink without thinking it's degenerate you might want to return to your containment board with the other underageb&

get out

Laphroaig 10, neat

>have no friends
you'll never know happiness

>whole milk
>HFCS is worse than sugar meme
>coffee is bad for you
Found the brainlet who thinks he knows anything about nutrition lmao

I don't drink but when I do its always simple G&T

7546749 a brand thats just obscure enough to be interesting

Wait are there faggots here who think rich and smart people dont enjoy getting obliterated also?

Found the manlet who drinks soymilk and diet coke because he thinks they're healthy alternatives.

Found the retard.

my motherfucking man

you have to be 18+ to post here

i don't drink sugar but

>at least 4 cups of coffee a day
>at least 2 beers/gin and tonics per day
>already made it

feels good man


>Ironically drinking a woman's drink

Honestly more soiboi than the soy milk.


19 y/o neets don't tend to understand the importance of socialising, and consequently the importance of alcohol to socialising


Moroms claim they don't drink and in private often drink like fish.

Hope you're enjoying poisoning your body. We only get one.
I'm 26 and have had alcohol/coffee/soda in the past.
You won't be taking your gains to Hell, user.

kek of course you bring up soymilk but you drink the hormonal subsidized garbage called whole milk

Fuckin mojitos hahaaaaaaaa

What the fucks wrong with faggots like you? You realize most highly productive people either consume >200mg caffeine per day or dextroamphetamine/methylphenidates/modafinil? Fuck your vanilla lazy lifestyle. Some people are doing whatever it takes to reach the upper stratums. Rich Piana style.

Religious zealots are the biggest hypocrites. Honestly mormons have more conviction than so called "Christians" in America.

I live down the road from a family dairy farm. I know the name of the cow that the milk came from.
>Some productive people do drugs, so drugs are good!
Keep poisoning your brain, nervous system, heart, and kidneys!

Let him live his worthless prude lifestyle in peace. When he dies and nobody gives a shit he'll have a small moment beforehand where he realizes he lives his life like a fucking loser and didn't enjoy all of the treats this world has to offer us.

>Muh water
>Muh no sex
>Muh h8 cake

I'd actually kill myself if I lived like this dude.

>not drinking hendricks with cucumber

lmfao, you buy your milk straight from that farm? because if youre buying milk at the grocery store it came from china.

If I'm drinking cocktails, dark and stormy or just a regular old G&T. But normally I just stick to drinking a few IPAs.

seriously this.

you don't realise how hard you can work until you start abusing stimulants.

Ok, meanwhile I'm working >90hrs/week on my PhD and my trading bots that are already returning insane profits. Thanks bro, will do.

OR a Tuesday or begin a Monday

Stay poor

Nothing funnier than a brainlet that knows nothing about the big bad scary drugs.

Yes, I am on a first name basis with the dairy farmer. It's only marginally more expensive than even Walmart milk. ($5/3gal)
>>Muh water
>Muh single molecule that all life is dependent on to exist
>>Muh no sex
Bro, I'm married with kids.
>Muh h8 cake
I don't even know what that means.
>He fell for the go to college meme
>We even got him to fall for the grad school meme

this. people think your weird if you don't drink at social/work events

pretty chad to me

>Doing things so people won't think you're weird
>Caring about what people think about you over the age of 16
They still think you're weird, user.

>Married with kids
>Even higher likelihood you're not getting laid

You live like a fucking loser. Seriously, I'd kill myself if I had your life. Holy shit, to be so blind to the fruits of the planet... why even leave your house?

>apologist for degeneracy
>dick-in-butt retarded like the most of the people "investing" in cryptos

Yes, I do know things: you're never going to make it.

>Not getting laid
Cute Mormon waifu, user. Cooks, cleans, and puts out whenever I want.
>Blind to the fruits of the planet
I have passed on my genes multiple times and have quite literally created human lives.
>I'd kill myself if
You should.



>Thinks kids are all life has to offer
>Choosing religion
>Choosing the religion that makes the least amount of sense other than MAYBE scientology

You guys are such a fucking joke, stay inside your box please. What an awful way to live, honestly.

>literally persueing education/research for sake of the future knowledge of humankind (if you're interested, quantum computation)
>multiple papers with multiple citations
>completely financially secured from trading bots, independently programmed

Sorry, what meme did I fall for? I was at a net plus from my stipends/bursaries/scholarships during my graduate studies. Not to mention my manual trades, and let alone not to mention the gains made from my trading bots I made in my spare time. Top fuckin kek

awfully testy about your degenerate lifestyle. you know you'll never make it, and you can't accept this reality.

while you're having your "social drink" I'll be busy blasting off.

>thinks you need to drink to have friends

you are making up for your lack of personality and character with alcohol. if you think the only thing that allows for friendship is the consumption of alcohol... well, you probably already know this, but you will never make it (anywhere). Have fun with your alcoholic friends. sounds like a money pit.

>PhD in quantum computing
>Trading bots
Reddit-tier LARP


0/10 larp you retarded dicklet faggot

fuck yeah

but as mentioned, i hope thats just a stock image and you are drinking it with cucumber

Rofl I had 3 published papers in my undergrad but nevertheless you'll be convinced its larp.

*pursuing. Kinda drunk.

Straight scotch, sometimes a bourbon. Beer is always good too.

>Denies Evolution as a coping mechanism for only being able to spread his seed in a paper towel.

Yeah? well they probably don't work as hard as you think, because you have a distorted perception of reality and a false sense of self-worth, perpetuated by the intentional, unnecessary consumption of toxins.

Their work is shit. Your papers are shit. Academia is not "work" and nobody cares about what you publish. If they did, you wouldn't be here. You think you're all awesome, but that's the toxins seeping into your brain. There are many idiots who think they are hot shit. Oh, they work so hard, or at least they think they do (work always seems more intense when you are working through a hangover, but its not).

Drink away faggot. Less people like you in the world would be wonderful. It's not like you'll ever make it anyway.

You're literally just scum on Earth, wasting precious oxygen and resources of those who actually want to explore the world and universe around them.

By the way, I also have kids. I'm glad they'll grow up knowing Mormons are degenerate psychopathic low IQ know-it-all egotistical fuckups who seclude themselves from reality.

do you work? professional work requires socialising to be successful.

prob doesn't matter if you're some nobody from a hodunk tho

What do you do to contribute to society? Just curious.

Muh alcohol is for degenerates

You realize you come off sounding like a fucking lunatic, right? You're literally judging the majority of the world around you to be less than you, yet here you are posting your judgements on an Internet message board that legitimately shits all over people like you all day without pity. This is where you choose to spend your time even though you're not wanted here. That speaks miles about your real life and what a fucking loser you must actually be.

Stop judging those around you when you are clearly worse off than everyone else here. Look in the mirror and correct yourself.

Bourbon and Coke. Was my dads drink and it grew on me

gin tonic or a good long island

>not being a baby
>drinking any kind of milk

This isn’t rocket science guys

>needs to drink in order to socialize
>beta-cuck that cares if alcoholics think they're "weird"

you actually think like this? MORON.

If you can't socialize without alcohol, you'll never make it.

the people that think you are weird for not drinking? Are subhuman filth. You want to appease these types? By all means go ahead, but birds of a feather don't make it together.

Vodka neat

This is a top tier post. It has the power and virility of a man who does not destroy his body with garbage like alcohol and drugs. You can compare it with the cuck soyboy posters he's arguing with and the difference is obvious. Bless you.

I'd buy this man a water.

if you actually think gin and tonics are a womans drink you are a turbo virgin that has never gone out and drank with your friends/peers

Yes, I actually work in sales. Socializing is 90% of the job. I am also a top 5 sales agent in the company.

>being this much of an apologist for degenerate losers

you're one of them. the majority of people on this planet are losers. why do you think so many retards flock to cryptos to get rich? Because they are otherwise losers in life. So continue to degenerate yourselves into lesser beings. Please. It makes things easier for me. Please, get drunk. Trade cryptos. What could go wrong?You think sober minded people will have an edge?

that is one of the most highly autistic posts ive ever seen on Veeky Forums

Honestly I just love drinking sparkling water, could drink that shit 24/7


>substance that literally degenerates your brain

keep meme'ing faggot. also, drink more. for me, get drunk. right now.

-honey syrup

I research and publish papers on quantum dumbfuckery and prance around on the internet propping myself up with this lie. I feel good about myself.

I think you're making the assumption that everyone who drinks is drunk all the time. I am sober when I need to be, I'm drunk when I want to be. When I'm sober, I'm much sharper than you are. I can tell this simply from the way you type, and the fact that you're actually spending your time on an Internet board where you have nothing in common with most people & are getting some kind of sick satisfaction out of arguing. That's actually how you CHOOSE to spend your time.

"Lesser beings". Put yourself on a pedestal more. You are a sick person, honestly. You should seek professional help.