Whats the best, but also not as soulless as possible degree I can get at a notorious liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest?

Also just general tips on how to get through college with little money? I'm 27 years old, have a full time job I want to quit desperately, no car, no savings, but less than 5k in debt.

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Best as in making $$$

Call me stupid. Call me desperate. I don't care.

Don’t go to college you fucking idiot. Thank me later.

God Tier: Philosophy
Good Tier: Classics, History
KYS Tier: Everything Else

So I can keep cooking for peanuts?

I'll have a venti cappuccino please

Philosophy degree is the one I'm most interested in, but I feel like that won't make me a lot of money, what kind of jobs would you go into after getting a philosophy degree?

Hustle online. I’m 29 and I do it. I’ve never had a real job and I barely work, it’s pretty much all passive. I got fomod into college though by relatives and now I have a bunch of debt and a worthless degree desu, whole experience/institution is a literal scam. Stay away at all costs.


Statistics/econometrics/data/lite-computer science/logic.

why would you get a degree in something that 'has a soul'? a degree is a financial transaction and basically a professional certificate used for jobs. if you want to learn philosophy, youtube it and read it, don't spend 40k+ on it. if you're going to pay tens of thousands of dollars for something you better get your investment back somehow. going to school for philosophy at age 27 is one of the worst ideas ever

Liberal arts major? So you're going to throw your money, time, AND self-respect away.

just look up highest paying majors and then choose what from those interests you the most

Fuck degrees at marxist brainwashing camp, go be an electrician.

Whatever you want. I majored in philosophy at pic related, one of the top 4 programs in the world. Right now I'm spending some time traveling with my crypto gains but I'm running my own (very small) freelance editing business on the side so that if I decide to get an actual job they don't think I was bumming around. I think I'll go back and get a PhD when I hit my forties because I love it so much. A lot of people I know went to law school since it's impossible to get tenured professorships in philosophy unless you're literally a genius or want to work at a lower-tier school. My honest opinion is that if you go for a philosophy or similar degree you really have to trust yourself to get out there and make rain since you don't have a technical skill.

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IMO, by far and away the best liberal arts college in the PNW is Reed College. A little further east but still the PNW is Whitman.
That being said I would suggest for you to go to UW and get an engineering degree.

yeah idk whats up with that since the school's not known to be the most accepting of diversity and the surrounding area is generally pretty racist

>the surrounding area is generally pretty racist
no wonder Pitt offered me a full ride, I was gonna be on that damn diversity pamphlet

Law is a good degree but it’s not liberal arts and it is pretty souless

The only thing in the humanities that really pays is law, so do that. Or do engineering instead.

Yeah in my experience if you're black and looking at PA schools you're better off at Temple or Drexel or something, avoid Pitt and defintely avoid PSU/Lehigh. If you're Asian you're fine.

OP posted a photo of Evergreen. He won’t be getting into a UW engineering program, or even UW.

>Call me stupid
Don't get a liberal arts education if you are optimizing for money.

You should be there to pursue a passion to learn. If you have more of a passion for money then get a STEM degree or trade school.

Oh god, that's Evergreen? I wouldn't know since I'm not currently sucking off some washed-up, pseudo-intellectual, under-qualified prick of a professor in order to get my diploma.

Can you explain how? I've been looking for a source of income while I'm in college, I have no money at all and lots of $$$ in loans already

There are so few worthwhile schools in the PNW. Reed and UW are decent, but every other school is shit or mediocre.

Fucking Evergreen. To think I almost went to that shit hole. At least back then there were very few niggers going there...after watching that bullshit happen on /pol/ it reminded me how lucky I was to dodge that bullet.

Since you’re a poor fag struggling in Oly,Wa. There’s a place in Tacoma that gives $40 a week if you sell your plasma. I forgot what it’s called but back in the day when I was super fucking dirt poor it saved my ass a few times.

If you continue at Evergreen just design your own course load/projects. Everything else is literally cancer. You really wanna consider going to an actual university because that campus bullshit has put a fairly large stain on an already steaming pile of shit school. This will matter if you try to get any employment that isn’t Target. Also go have some Dirty Dave’s pizza for me, or Old School pizza. It’s pizza day after all.

a friend went to evergreen for 2 quarters before dropping out. The type of students there are the worst echo chamber retards you possibly mock up in your brain

even he didnt believe it could be that bad until he went there and every day got bugged by people talking about what to protest for the day

remember this the campus that wanted white people to leave for a day and when a white professor decided to come to class it resulted in riots and building entrances getting barricaded

Should be defunded. OP wants a philosophy degree so I can only imagine the sheer amount of indoctrinated drivel he’s inhaling.