Uh lads

Uh lads.
The official xrb explorer got taken down.
They've disabled a way to view the legitamacy of these kucoin double spending rumors.

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you mean this one: nanode.co/

which is in working order? is that the one you are saying is down?

That's a third party and it doesn't work as well as the official one

>it doesn't work as well as the official one
Do you even know what an explorer is? JFC if you're going to fud it at least know what it does lol. nano.org/en/explore/ works fine for me.

then post the fucking link faggot.

Can we talking about this tomorrow ?

Did you guys sell at 6k or something? These are such low effort FUDs.


You are digging one giant hole. That isn't the official explorer...

Ok, this FUD settles it for me. If it goes under $7 I will buy more. Encouraging to see people be scared of this coin.

I'm fucking scared of this because it could ruin crypto for years. Fuck off...

>I'm fucking scared of this because it could ruin crypto for years. Fuck off


Why do you keep saying this?......

Why would xrb ruin crypto?

because you have to be retarded to buy xrb and we need retards to make money

oh oh spagettio
now how is luigi and the crooked dev team at rainanoblox supposed to feast on your rampant greed and stupidity?

Fuck...that shit bothered me so much. Lets just sleep on it wow

> rumors

Uh, it's even confirmed by the dev team.
Around 20 withdrawals of XRB were double credited on Kucoin:

Response that confirms it was even stickied by subreddit mod.

well at least the ceo responded quickly instead of dragging it on for 3 months.

Lol at all you faggots who didn't get out when it was over 10 Enjoy riding that rollercoaster straight to crypto hell faggots

It may be an XRB issue, but Bomber attempting to cover it up, then desperately trying to hang onto the coins by closing withdrawals and requiring KYC, was a VERY BAD way to deal with it.

coin is beyond dead
the only thing that saved iota (also dag based) double spend event was the fact that they're aiming to do a lot more with the project than provide a currency.
What exactly was this supposed to do again?
> Bowie knife of currencies
> randomly dupes

no thanks! just wait until a media outlet runs with this

>double spending is the same as double crediting
Ranjeet, please.

If the bitgrail hack happened in November, how likely is it that a lot of the pump raiblocks had right afterwards was mainly the hacker trading with himself and painting the tape to be able to dump the rest at a higher price?

Pretty funny this FUD today.

many red flags from the start, but greed had no limits

downplay more please

Reread what I quoted though dumbass > kucoin double spending rumors

> kucoin
> double
> rumors

It's not a rumor.
It's OP who was a dumbass putting "kucoin" and "double spending" into one phrase, I didn't even use it that way, learn2read thx



>sir pls fork