Daily Reminder Niggers are impossible to have morals

Daily Reminder Niggers are impossible to have morals

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and pajeets are impossible to have good english

Around blacks never relax

Why the fuck does all of Veeky Forums suddenly care and complain about this literally who, were you all watching him and got burned by his predictions and are now throwing a shit fit about it?

>tfw watching this guys video.

Literally fussing at his kid in the middle of it like it even understands what is going on.

Soon this nigger will abandon it before he gets locked up for promoting a shit scam

that was not the case buddy. he KNEW that it was a scam. He didnt predict but he actually planned to be part of that scam project

"that's the way it is"


So you all got burned by his deliberate scam and are throwing a fit about it then... hmmmmmmmmmmm

when you try to be sarcastic, try using your brain. ni**er

also I hate Ian Belina. securing his own pre-sale spots while advertising bunch of semi-scam poo-tier ICOs

I wasn't being sarcastic I was simply mocking you and everyone else complaining about this motherfucker. If anything this is just natural selection at its finest for punishing everyone for putting stake in the recommendations of a fucking Youtuber that uses the "silly face in thumbnail" meme.

>Tfw a nigger stole a debit card I dropped on accident
>Tfw locked it and ordered a new one in 30 seconds with the BofA app
>Laugh as she leaves the place she tried to use it and is loudly complaining on the phone the card was declined



hahaaha, Not writing out nigger Go back to your Nigger shithole ledit piece of Shit.

kys bitchassnigger

In what world is this funny? We're sacrificing Western Civilization on the altar of diversity. This is bad for business.


fucking since when Veeky Forums turned into 11 years old kids playground?

imagine being so stupid you unironically took financial advice from this guy

then instead of taking personal responsibility for your poor actions, you blamed him because you got scammed

you got scammed by trevon james. theres literally 11 year olds with higher iq than you

cant wait for those all white high border partol countries to start enticing those crypto million/billionaires to come over. next 10 years is going to be fucking fantastic for whites

Around /pol/ never relax.

I'm help

I didn't get scammed. Ni**a. did you get offended that I pointed out Trevon James the Scamming motherfucker is a 'Ni**er'?

reeeeee Why are you such alittle bitches censoring yourself

please kys

i hooe you lost Much dollaros