How you doing HODLers? 3-4k soon

How you doing HODLers? 3-4k soon.

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That's beautiful OP




Honestly? Pretty good.

The unhealthy growth of 2017 needed a correction to shake new money out.

I’m comfy with over 10k EOS long term hoddling

Holders are bolder. TA/trading is lame.

Hodl through crashes. Don’t create taxable events. Be patient. Be humble. Hodl.


>says the HODLer for the nth time

You should be saying 6k faggot who sold at the bottom. That's your only recourse now.

We finished Elliot wave 1and are almost down with wave 2, about a standard 30%ish retracements. Get ready for wave 3 to be about. 1.61 times wave 1.

Here, let me be smug while you faggots were blasting us bears with your stupidity and delusion.

Doing fine. Bought BTC at $4k. Went up to $20k, didn't sell. Went down to $6k, didn't sell.

Nice short OP. Making money even though the market is going down. We learn something every day.

Are you pic related by chance?

>Still holding when he could sell for profit.
Stay poor.

Remember, all those figures are just figures on a screen until you convert them back to money. Have fun HODLin.

Have fun creating taxable events and being stressed out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see BTC hit $3k or lower but I’m prepared to hold until > 2020.

You mad? Lol. Good luck clown you’ll need it long term. You stay poor.

For what it’s worth, most crypto TA traders, especially on Veeky Forums, I assume have probably never had $100k post tax in their banks.

New money memeliners calling oldschool crypto heads dumb for hodling itt

Your primary source of income is probably memelines. Learn how to read whitepapers and get in early.

Good job on your gamble gains tho. SS this post and reference it when your retarded greedy ass gets liquidated in a bad call.

You know you could have transferred to a more stable investment at 20k without having to cash out and therefore without having to pay tax right?

>How you doing HODLers?
Very good

Wait, weren't you supposed to say I was a 6k loser who sold the dip? Now it's taxes (I dont live in the US dipshit). Have fun making excuses loser.

Nah, he's just making excuses and doubling-down on his biases with his piss-poor excuse of emotional investment. You never get through to people like that unless you mock them and constantly remind them of their stupidity.

That's why there's only one thing to say to him: Stay poor and keep deluding yourself.

Retard spotted. Crypto to crypto transfers are realizations of profit or loss. I don’t call tops or catch falling knives. I got into Ethereum in the single digits and dropped thousands of dollars. Then I got into EOS in the single digits and dropped thousands of dollars.

Did you?

Have fun memelining and trading you poor, stressed out, impatient retards.

This is the most volatile and manipulated market on earth. You will get greedy. You will make a bad call, and you will be liquidated.

I’ll be hodling until > 2020 and living off of old money. You’ll probably go broke a few times during this period.

That’s why hodlers with iron hands always win.

>3-4k soon.

>t. salty fag who bought at 9k believing all the hype
Don't kill yourself.

I haven’t bought any crypto in 2018. The only crypto I bought in 2017 was $1 EOS from massive ETH gains.

Stay poor and stressed out memeliners.

Trading crypto is definitely for plebs. No real thought leaders in blockchain do it. You’re peasants with peasant goals.

>Crypto to crypto transfers are realizations of profit or loss
Not where I live they aren't, if you didn't transfer it to actual cash or some other recognized material asset then you don't pay tax here.

>tfw bought at 8.5k
I'm fucked aren't I?

I hope BTC crashes to $1k fwiw. I seriously don’t care. If the markets crash horribly I’ll just buy EOS and ADA for the long hodl while you poor retards live in constant stress.

Pic related

this, just research, buy cheap, ride the wave and sell high

im the big dick swinger that bought raiblocks at $0.10 and sold it for $25, im the donger that bought Ripple at $0.15 and sold it at $3, i mean i can do this shit all day, buy low, sell high, make money

then you got the memeliners talking about their 3-5% swings that they won't hit perfectly anyway while gambling huge chunks of their portfolio on something that isn't even a sure bet.

Hodl until > 2020 like a man and also buy EOS and ADA but specifically EOS.

Video and pic related

10 years straight of virgin shorts getting BTFO'd by hodlers.
You never know, maybe this time its different, but I think the hodlers will win again.

Hey look, someone who isn’t retarded has joined the discussion. Welcome brother

Euros wake up
Dumping too fast
Don't buy the dip
Gonna crash
You should sell
Sell it all now
Don't tie the noose
But break yourself loose

So dump... dump it all now
'Cause you're not going to Lamboland anyhow
You should never... never trust a chink.
Because he'll take it all make you go Pink.

>being this salty he didn't have his gains realized into the real world
>doesn't understanding shorting
>now cites stress when people like me who are comfy with more than 20% and RISING
LMAO. Holy shit what a pathetic whining faggot looking for excuses. First it was 6k sellers, then it was tax returns, now stress. How salty are you that you wasted your gains away? Don't worry, I'm going to let you suck my dick and maybe I might throw some of your precious kekcoins along the way.

>t. loss with 99%

You talking about 20% gains is disgusting pleb talk to me. I probably did like 1500x on Ethereum but who’s counting? You’ll never know what it’s like to literally spend thousands of dollars on rebilling shit you don’t even use because you have more money than care to cancel discarded SaaS, utilities from old houses, etc.

You’re new, cheap, retarded and greedy.

I’m old school, elite and have abundance mentality.

You should learn how to read whitepapers or just buy big positions in drawn out bear markets and wait.

Stop gambling.

>Holders are bolder. TA/trading is lame.

>being up 800k is lame
fucking HODLcucks lol

See you at 10K in a week

what do you think of aion, user?

You’ll lose it all. People who trade instead of buying big in stealth phases of good projects often get blown the fuck out.

This is your final warning. Stop gambling you retarded memeliner.

some guys are really going down all the way with the ship lmao

we were $700 in january 2017, you should be glad if we don't go below 4k

>didn't cash out his gains and translate it into real world performance
>loser telling me how to lose money while I'm comfy with my gains with stop losses in the green
Why would I want to have a loser mentality like yours?

>HODLer bragging about wasting money
seems about right

lol he's making up so many excuses

Do you see anyone asking you for advice itt? I’m pretty sure another richfag just stopped by to clown on you with me as well.

This thread isn’t going the way you predicted. What else won’t?

This. They still can't fathom figures on the screen remain figures until they cash it out in the real world. Then they wonder why they lost money with their angry wife and/or parents and blame all their shortcomings on the Jews. LMAO

>I’m old school, elite and have abundance mentality.
Someone who actually has abundance mentality doesn't brag about having it.

Why do you think those people are the same people? IDs exist for a reason. Maybe it's just you and we like making fun of you because you're delusional as well as stupid. Scary combination.

How many waves are there usually?

Let's face it. He's just insecure with nothing to show for it. Then makes excuses for those who are more successful than him. Loser mentality.


I only hold xx,xxx EOS. I got it for under a dollar. Why would I sell it? I’d just create a taxable event and it could very well be worth > $70 EOY. I don’t catch falling knives or call tops. That’s gambling. I just research and hold. It’s made me pretty rich. I don’t see the problem? I really just want you TA fags to get out while you’re ahead before bad calls get you liquidated.

Come into the light.

why the fuck has it been dropping so much in the past day? there hasnt been any bad news

fwiw I did sell ETH around $240 but I made absurd gains. Now I just hoddle EOS and chill. I’m prepared to comfyhodl for years. I feel like you guys are trying to justify yourselves more than I am.

EU's turn to regulate crypto

Won’t hold 8k? I think it will.

Welcome to the real world. MARKETS ARE IRRATIONAL. Seen this many times in forex. Good/bad fundamental news for a currency's strength and yet price goes the opposite way. And it's not just a one time moment like "Sell the news" meme either, the trend goes on for MONTHS before a change in the price movement. That's why TA exists, it displays price action in real time and make educated guesses where it will trend next.

It's already 7.9k dumbass. Has been for a while now.

What are you talking about? It's already 7.8k.

Are you retarded? Price literally states 7.9k. Are you one of those delusional HODLers?

Have you tethered up user?

unlike real world markets, the only basis for the price of crypto is feels

Doesn't make a difference what it's at, it'll be back up eventually

Yes but I’m saying it’s going to maybe test under 8 a few times then hold it.

We've already gone past that stage. Hourly charts already broke through it. If daily closes even below that then it's bye bye and only downhill from here.

I love it OP
Bitcorn goes up $100
Children on biz start cheering and jumping around

You guys are the biggest faggots i have ever seen, i root for the bears on purpose. To take us down so i can buy your coins cheap
>he thinks it's over






How do you people even time the market. I've been trying this for weeks but can't seem to get it.

Stop spreading fud hodler! I mean hype.

You’re supposed to create AS MANY TAXABLE EVENTS AS POSSIBLE for very small gamble gains!

>still being this salty
You're back with taxes now? Weren't you supposed to tell us how stressed we were?

I hope we'll wait until some time this week to see 3-4k, I can't put money in before.

Same. Unable to access my main exchange and can't trade at all for the next couple of days so I hope that it holds for a bit so I don't miss the chance to buy that dip.

I am doing great, thank you. Just planning when exactly to buy more.

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