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That isn't funny


I don't understand how people find this funny. Not like they fell for a scam or anything. They were fucked

So is this spaghetti the reason I got to buy XRB at 7$?

>normal and pajeet btfo again

sleep tight, John

the only people that think this is funny are underage/neets with zero personal relationships.

Was bitgrail having withdrawal issues in the lead up to the hack? What was the daily withdrawal limit?

I lost 5k and I'm not even mad


>no wife's son


this is why you never all in on a coin when you have large $ at play, even if you're sure it's a sure bet.
Stinky Linkies take note


I don’t feel bad cuz I warned these insufferable twats about this coin and they wouldn’t hear it. Fuck em

“Kek”? Really? You think that’s funny?

I know it’s all fun and games here most of the time but for fuck’s sake show some compassion, are you a monster? This person was fucked over, it’s terrible and tragic. You might think they were foolish to keep it on an exchange but to laugh!? What’s the joke, that someone’s life was destroyed?

shut up, faggot

Fuck off white night FAGGOT go back to your safe space at Red tits fucker!!!!!

It kinda is

this, i told them the developers were retards (i'm a programmer, i would know)


Good reddit teir faggots need to hand themselves from a long rope/

First rule of cryptos and investing in general don't put in money you can't afford to lose. Why the fuck are people so fucking retarded jesus christ all you low IQ traders need to drink bleach.


You’re the kind of CUNT that prob feels bad for bitconnect “investors” too
Muh sides rn kek

This. you're a fucking faggot OP. Can't be older than 16

All of crypto is a scam

Don’t compare this shitcoin to Chainlink which is really useful

Dude fuck people are actually killing themselves. Ya this is not funny at all

I told them too but all my comments were always deleted as “fud” ... so NO I don’t feel bad. The fanboys had blinders on, they were greedy

>not a scam


they bought into a borderline scam shitcoin and left the funds on a noname italian exchange. just as dumb as falling for scams.

you need to go back


Yeah i don't get it either, some people here are really bitter.

lel I've gotten justed just as bad before and kept it just to myself, no reason to go bitch on reddit about it. Plus why isn't it funny, weak ass nigles gonna kill themselves over money

you make your own destiny. even besides the fact that nano is a broken piece of shit shit coin. you dont keep coins on the exchange.

white knighting pajeets

Is it just me but are more and more people getting JUSTED by crypto every week. Aren’t you guys worried this will screw over people for long term adoption?

Are you sure you haven't seen the exact same type of shit as this on Veeky Forums as well? Except when a Veeky Forumstard posts shit like that here most people don't kek.

Except it has nothing to do with the coin and everything to do with Shitgrail. If you have BTC, LTC, etc. on that exchange you're most likely going to get fucked as well. Not much you can do especially when withdrawals are halted without any warning.

How is it useful?! The promises of the "yeah it will be great 2 man team" might be promising, but thats it. Currently Link is a shit vaporware token.

First of fucking crptos don't keep money on exchanges your not willing to lose.

Sexond Rule of cryptos don't fucking go in debt over this shit.

Jesus christ it's like some of you fuckers willingly let the jew fondle your ballsax

I feel ZERO (0) empathy for any stupid faggot that not only KNOWS how risky his investment is, but also doesn't bother to spend a few minutes to send that large amount of coin to a safe wallet. Everyone who's been in crypto for 5 minutes knows that. Chances are he's a LARPing faggot trying to get pitty tokens from other redditors, but if this is legit then I hope he offs himself.

Going all in on a coin is as dumb as keeping all your coins on an exchange is as dumb as using a single exchange.

>investing in unregulated markets/exchanges
>thinking you're an actual "investor"

Show me your Lambo.

>Plus why isn't it funny, weak ass nigles gonna kill themselves over money
You clearly have never been in a position where loss of money will actually ruin your life and cripple you. I'm glad you don't know what that feels like.

Yeah but they’re redditors, pretty terrible people for the most part. A bit sad


I laugh at biz posters as well. Anything more than AAAAH and a pink wojack is either a scam or a mentally weak individual

I agree. I don't know much about Nano since it never got shilled in my line of sight but I don't think this is like Bitconnect. It was a coin people believed in and they got fucked. Crypto is supposed to be how the little guy finally gets his. Not how the crabs in the bucket just try to pull each other down. Really not funny. Unless I'm missing something.

It hasn't even begun. 99% of crypto tokens and projects are scams or cash grabs.

Literally EVERYONE could see that this piece of shit was a scam ytoken. It was on one shadey exchange, it literally did nothing, the ONKY selling point was that it moved around really fast. Lmfao. No smart contracts, nobody even spent it on anything. It just moved really fast from exchange to wallet. That’s it, that’s what its purpose was. Lmfao.

>I really believed in it, I really did!
as if that is an excuse for anything

if there wasn't any crypto these people would kill themselves after getting dumped or having their cat ran over.

Hey guess what faggot I am financial responsible and actually avoid being kiked unless most of you.


Mtgox, Poloniex, People getting blown the fuck out in crypto is nothing new. Fags shouldn't gamble more than they can afford to lose.

>Pushpak wont poo in poopshack

What faggot, I was fucking homeless at 17 and most of my money went to my younger siblings. I didn't fucking kill myself, if you kill yourself over money you deserve it

>Literally EVERYONE could see that Bitcoin was a scam ytoken. It was on one shadey Mt. Gox exchange, it literally did nothing, the ONKY selling point was that it transferred value. Lmfao. No smart contracts, nobody even spent it on anything. It just transferred value from exchange to wallet. That’s it, that’s what its purpose was. Lmfao.

why cant nano fork? is there a technical impossibility?

people that try to compare this to gox are delusional. you're just another shitcoin.

What happened? Bitgrail wouldnt let people withdrawl xrb?

Sounds like you weren't crippled by a lack of money then. Also sounds like you didn't have a family that depended on you. Good job pulling yourself out of homelessness though.

There's a literal sub reddit made a month ago calling out this shit coin and exchange as a scam. This is why dyor is so fucking important.

This right here

It’s sad when people destroy families. It’s sad when people die.

If someone crosses the road without looking and gets hit by a car, it was their fault. They made a mistake. And maybe now they’re leaving behind mourning loved ones.

That’s not funny. It’s sad.

This redditor was a moron and it maybe cost him his life, his family. There’s no humor there.

If you really think it’s funny then there are a couple of possibilities. One is that you’re no better than a baby that giggles at blowing raspberries. You’re mentally and emotionally underdeveloped because you haven’t lived, so you’ve got the reactionary giggles at misfortune.

The other possibility is that you’re so bitter and twisted inside that your humanity’s gone. You’re not better than anyone by laughing. In fact, it probably means that you’ll have no one who’ll cry when you die. I hope you turn your lives around so that isn’t the case.

rai had an absolute shit tier desktop wallet in december and a web wallet which wasn't listed on rai's site at all

using the wallets was risky too.

then things got more clear, improved and got officially listed, but rai skyrocketed to $30. bitgrail had theoretical limit of 0.5BTC equiv every 24 hrs. practically it was lower. it meant a few hundred rais daily. then in january withdrawals wer up maybe 2-3 days overall, with huge breaks. you never knew if you're going to be able to withdraw today because it was completely up to change, so a lot of people stopped signing in and waited till things improved.

bitgrail was THE rai exchange until kucoin listed the coin. the only one that was actually recommended by the devs.

how come nobody can run exchanges properly? if there was unlimited withdraw limit, the hit would have been way less.



i feel bad for them but im totally gonna accumulate the fuk outta sub $5 nano for long term

they are all new fake accounts. just trolling

Wolves and sheep user.


A Norman would never get into a shady exchange
Hell I didn't buy xrb because of that reason
Buying on shitty exchanges is part of the risk

Bro, easy, probably most of these stories are fake

Killing yourself or going into deep depression over money is literally a spoiled person thing. Your so right, I didn't bang a Rostie for children so clothing feeding and housing when I could afford it for my sisters was a completely charitable act, I totally wasn't crippled by lack of money either sometimes I could buy thrift store shoes for myself!

Get off it, your right it's not funny they are killing themselves, but it's not me underreacting to this news it's them overreacting. Fuck off to plebit

"Italian crypto exchange BitGrail has lost $170 million"

AHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking Spaghetti Jews are my favorite type of Jews.

True. Any time there is a big scam I got on Red Cunt and pretend I lost untold thousands. Sometimes idiots even send me BTC donations. Fucking hilarious

the bigger problem is reddit fags trying to impress their wives with gains because they are too cucked to dominate their wives the normal way

dude puts everything + his house on the line? he deserves a divorce

imagine being married to these idiots if you were a woman

I just cashed out after it was obvious that it was going to continue crashing. Managed to cash out at 32$

Yesterday I got a mail from them. Didn't bother reading. Didn't know it was hacked. Didn't know I had an amount there

Veeky Forums edge is a lot more gay these days

>I don't understand how people find this funny.
using money you can't afford loosing
to buy some shitcoin
on some shady shit tier exchange
keep it all on exchange
not sell it after it did 100x
it's sad and funny, classic tragicomedy how man can sabotage himself


why are these SJW reddit fuckers on my Veeky Forums

fyi i lost over 6k on bitgrail, but overall bought over 20k on all 3 shit tier exchanges it was listed on
one was some russian site with like no volume, i still have some fucking rubles there because xrb/rub pair seemed cheaper (plus there wasn't enough volume for any single pairings) in that so i exchanged some of my btc for that, then couldn't find sellers for a lot of it lol

but that incredibly shady feeling site paid back everything the moment i asked (right after rai mooned). no bs withdrawal limits n shit like that

merca had several witdrawla issues, but at least they made me keep enough nano there so i could exchange back for 5 BTC immediately after bitgrail announced its insolvency, which means i'm still far above my initial investment even if nano goes to 0
and still got about 9000 nano off exchanges in case it survies its literal mtgox

You might as well buy some bit connect whilst you're at it

it's okay, theyre redditors, not human beings

My deepest condolence with they guy who lost this much money
Losing even a dollar feels bad and this guy lost so much
I feel really bad , my heart is crying for you

Why are you retards still trying to blame this on the coin? It literally has nothing to do with the nano protocol which is ehy the price only dropped $1 on this news. That's like saying Bitcoin is shit because mtgox. Christ i don't know what the nano devs said to you or if you're just salty that you bought at the ATH and got rekt but seriously consider reevaluating your life of youre spending so much of your time and energy spreading baseless fud over a technology that doesn't affect you in any way.

I'm supposed to feel bad for some stupid faggot who TOOK OUT A LOAN on one of the RISKIEST INVESTMENTS of our time and didn't bother to put any of it in a safe wallet just because you said so? Fuck off retard, I only feel sympathy for people who get affected by things that are out of their control. It was 100% his job to look after his assets and he fucked up.

>That's like saying Bitcoin is shit because mtgox.

dude, the double spending issue WAS bitcoin's fault. that's why segwit got introduced. i mean BCH folks argue it's a "property" of the protocol, not a glitch, but prior to the mt. gox
hack nobody really knew it was an issue.

Put it this way, is it going to bring the nano back if we don't laugh? No, it's not... So fuck up

Although they were retarded with their money, implying that they had control over being fucked by a scam exchange puts you in the double digit iq range. Yeah, they shouldn't have driven their car through a bad neighborhood, but if you feel no sympathy for them after they get mugged and killed then you're just a piece of shit human and you probably suffer from severe depression and self hatred to be so bitter towards compete strangers who hurt no one but themselves. Seek help promptly

Holy shit you're a retard.

hes got a wife, maybe some kids, maybe some parents hes taking care of. you can always spot the underage babbys because they think the world is a zero sum game. goddamn, all these generation z faggots on this board are going to burnt hard after high schools over.

your version os so much better, thanks

the weak should fear the strong

>implying that they had control over being fucked by a scam exchange puts you in the double digit iq range.
nobody forced them to use a scammy italian exchange. They took a risk and paid for it.