Bullmarket everything green gains for everyone

>bullmarket everything green gains for everyone
>go to bed
>Americans in charge now
>wake up again
>20% down
>bearmarket is back everyone is losing

How in the fuck do these fat Amerimutt fuckers ruin an entire market within 8 hours? Now we Eurobulls have to pull it back up again... every day the same shit

Insomniac american here, you europoors really are pathetic. Your hands are just as pussy as your shit countries, enjoy ahmed's cock up your ass.


I live in NY, my portfolio was steadily increasing until about 8/9pm EST. Conveniently, this is about 10/11am in China. If you think Americans are the once’s selling after OUR CFTC and SEC charimen saved crypto’s fucking ass, you’re more mistaken then your mother deciding against an abortion.

Sorry, we have a lot more paranoid conservatives than you. I'm doing my part.

Sorry guys...me and my african boys did this.

We need to get some new Water

Its always the fucking chinks

T. An ausfag

its always the same shit, one day america pumps and euros dump, the next day america dumps and euro pumps.

the only thing that's certain is that there's a huge amount of fucking dumb money everywhere these days


>Me watching the market today


No u

>Be Amerifag
>Wake up bright and early
>Feeling cozy inside during the dead of winter, better check my portfolio
>Wow, up 20% again! Better take some profits
>Cant wait for tomorrow when my portfolio pumps out free money again!
>Feels good to always be winning!

This is true

8k barrier actually broke when europoors woke up.

Europoors do in fact have the weakest, jellyfish sperm soup liquidhands


>be europoor
>plaster flakes from the ceiling as the bed frame slams against the far wall
>huddle by my laptop as I watch the Amerimutts steal my daily earnings
>thought I'd finally started to rebound after the last month of blood, but the bald spots aren't growing back
>need to go to bed soon so i can be up early to chart meme lines again, but the bed's still occupied
>maybe Marzia will let me clean out Muhammed's spunk before she has to go in to work tonight at the refugee center

Can a civilization possibly be any more cucked?


We are busy paying for fat fucking lazy fucks to destroy where they live.

God damn you europeans are such insufferable retarded faggots. Who do you think is awake from 7PM-5AM EST Americans or hmmm the FUCKING ALL OF ASIA.
Oh but keep posting that Amerimutt meme Im sure it will save you from muhammad raping ur childless wife for you without a condom, you fucking cucked retards.

this. euros are so cucked they mock americans to deflect their own problems. what fucking weak faggots. And they pay for muhammad to breeed without complants.

It's the gooks.

But yeah, the Amerifags are terrible too.

Since I learned this pattern on Veeky Forums I made huge gains.
>always buy after Americans turned the market to shit and went to bed
>sell on the edge just before the first ameriniggers wake up
>maximizes profits

it's all the burger greese causing them to fat finger and market sell all their assets

الله أكبر

!أنت غبي جدا