98439 posts on Veeky Forums FUDing the shit out of it

>98439 posts on Veeky Forums FUDing the shit out of it
>Barely dumped
>flawless coin, Bitgrail to blame for scam
>top 5 Market Cap 2018 EOY for sure

Stop listening to Veeky Forums and buy the dip retards

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>every exchange had problems with it
>binance went down when it listed it
>OP might be retarded

reserve indonesian translation

I honestly feel sorry for you.

Exchange issues are unrelated to the quality of the coin, fucktard. LMAO at the weak FUD, I'm a whale and my whale group of 20 people are accumulating right now cheap as fuck
Market Cap top 5 EOY 2018, screencap it mongoloids

If you were a whale and accumulating, you probably would be spreading FUD instead.
In reality you're a bag holder from when it was $30 and you'll never regain your loss.

You think I need to FUD your poor asses to buy it cheaper? LOL fuck off plebean


enjoy the pain, what you gonna buy next? Rupplus?

Ripple was one of the biggest gainers in nov-dec

>implying spreading fud on Veeky Forums will amount to anything of significance
>trying to think like a whale when he isn't one

This proves absolutely nothing. Did you even open your own link? It's been known for ages that you can send 0 XRB transactions between accounts.

Bahulajeet and Bimalajeet, there is shit on the street that you need to attend to.

Exchanges actually have to perform PoW for every single deposit, withdrawl or trade. Holy shit this is stupid

Remind that this is THE REDDIT COIN

Fuck this shitcoin. How about you first solve double spending before bragging about 0 fees

ok but only if you pay me in spagetti you fucking scammer

Deluded pajeet OP. Promoting a goddamn scam? Lmao. Gl holding your bags.


I'm holding nano, i was just curious what kind of dip can i expect and when do i need to buy more?
i'm new into crypto so if somebody can give real advice... i will help me a lot

imho buy slowly down to 4 USD, assume the dip will last a month or two max. Target 50 USD to take some profits and reevaluate.

Is it possible to contact you about crypto questions, over the mail, telegram or which platform you prefer?

this. /end thread

this. end thread.

??? can you help me

You have been warned yesterday. The signs slap you in your face right now. If you still didn't sell, you waved goodbye to your money already.

Why are you asking a random Veeky Forums user for ongoing crypto advice? You realise that's probably a terrible idea? The best thing that can happen is he ignores you, the worst is he takes advantage of your demonstrated naivete to scam you.

hmm just new into here... I could use a few tips&experiences...

Never admit you're new. Just lurk and soak up what you can. Use your mind and never give up, we're all gonna make it brah

Thanks men,, which you good luck senpai.

Never trust Veeky Forums for advice. Only use the board to learn about new coins and then DYOR outside of Veeky Forums.

Have seen it too many times already here. If a coin goes down, FUD starts to appear and people are laughing at holders. If it goes up, people say:"You fell for my FUD. HAHA. I bought the coins from you cheap and am now buying a Ferrari"

No actual tech talk in Veeky Forums should tell you immediately to not look for investment advice here.

This, and to tip my hand and play the good guy properly; I hold XRB, I bought in lower than the current point, and I'm going to keep holding it, because I'm a software developer and I understand the architecture and how it differs from traditional blockchains, and if it works and still offers the same kinds of assurances about tamper resistance and protection from double spends whilst also allowing the throughput that comes from their block lattice approach, I can see that long term it will at the very least be extremely valuable, if not potentially amongst the most valuable cryptos.
Really the only remaining questions in my mind are around the proof of stake components of the system, which I still don't really regard as properly validated at this stage given the paucity of their deployment in terms of the protection of large market cap coins. It does look like the core block lattice concept is quite solid and no bug has actually been found with it so far, as long as the representative system holds, it should hold the rest of the system firmly in place.
I am considering making a similar currency swapping out the proof of stake representative system for an accrued proof of work pool system, which I think should address the distribution and double spend protection in a potentially easier and more reliable way than the representatives system here, but the project itself has been enough of an inspiration architecturally for me that even if it goes to zero I will have considered the investment worthwhile.

kek damage control in full force
Every post trying to spin this is so desperate

the fuck is wrong with this board. are you all 12 or something?

This shit has already dipped, the price has recovered already. just wait for the next dip

After looking at this thread for 2 minutes its painfully obvious this is some weird as fucking shill. Every single time some newfag makes his presence known hes BTFO by biz. This is the only time I've ever seen anons attempt to look kind and helpful. Also including tips like "dont trust anyone user" "dont admit youre new user"
10/10 some fags wont see this.

Quick rundown? I don't invest in this coin but I'd like to know what happened? Did they exit scammed?

if you didnt pick up some nano in this dip you actually might be retarded
if bitcoin doesent shit itself again youre looking at 20% guaranteed profit
mfw 80% dont even know the bitgrail exit scam has nothing to do with nano itself
that fucking spaghetti faggot had a shitty exchange code
hell i deposited 2 eth back in november and had 4 ETH on my account
how the fuck did nobody see this coming
he didnt get hacked he just exit scammed his way to lamboland



How have you still not heard what happened?

Bitgrail said that they have been hacked. Almost everyone believes that there was actually no single hacker, but Bitgrails code was buggy which allowed people to double your deposited ETH/BTC and also a bug that allowed to withdraw more than you had money on the exchange.

Now people on Bitgrail doesn't have coins anymore to let people withdraw and is probably going to file for bankruptcy. If you had any coins on Bitgrail, then it is almost certain that you have lost them.

Devs knew early what was happening at Bitgrail but didnt disclose and so helped to cover it up. Proof is all over the interwebs.

Plus it should be clear xrb is in stage where it should run on a testnet rather than doing a field test with real money. It is unfinished, broken and insecure as fuck. It was rushed out because of devs going FOMO.


That's my theory too. They saw IOTA gaining traction and (rightfully so) identified that people will look at shiny wallets and user-friendly things instead of actual tech first. Now the cat is out of the bag though.

nano is foolproof

Why do you confuse XRB tech and exchanges?

Bitgrail was crapily coded, the bug also affected ETH. Now Bomber's throwing XRB under the bus to deflect responsibilty.

The fault is 100 with bitgrail.

>binance went down when it listed it
this is beyond stupid

dude fucking binance listed it and immediately desyncronized and realized they were double-selling XRB which was the same bug everyone else had.



Didnt NANO exist before IOTA?

Literally EVERY single god tier coin has had exchange issues and a hack.

Prove me wrong.

When was BTC hacked? I've never heard of a BTC related double spend ffs.

there were bugs in the early days, some guy exploited a bug and managed to get like 20 billion bitcoins in his wallet or something crazy. there was a hard fork to fix it at the time.

another time, somebody exploited a bug in mtgox code to artificially inflate his bitcoin and fiat balance to millions or something. he market sold causing a flash crash to zero. I think he tried to buy up all the bitcoins at zero and cashout. this was years before the endgame mtgoxening

And you think binance would let that slip and start trading just 2 hours later?
That makes no sense retard

Binance reduced the nano withdrawal fee to just 0.01 nano, i think they love the coin honestly

Double spend means the protocol creates new supply retard. This is just the exchanges sending two blocks of the same amount instead of one. There's loads of reports of Bitgrail doubling or tripling ETH deposits as well, this is not an issue with Nano.

>dagfags still trying this hard.

Even if it's the next works currency, there's no mechanism for being worth any term of hold. It's (somehow) feeless without breaking itself (mfw) and if that works blockchain assets are still better at accounting units than dag anyway

Just learned this coin isn't time immutable and is uses UDP to transmit.

kek. what a fucking disaster of a crypto. This thing is garbage.

Bitcoin had a hard fork to fix a hack?
I've heard countless ETH FUDders that ETH is worse than BTC because Vitalik used a hard fork to cover the DAO hack. That is all moot now.

this would be interesting at 1.50 USD


BTC maximalists are retarded. It's literally becoming a cult. Very few are knowledgable or intelligent.

tldr nice FUD larp fags

All of the FUD was coordinated. Think about what that means. (((They))) are trying to drop the price so they can buy in cheaper. Obviously you should be buying nano and not selling it to (((them)))

I think the recent FUD is just from people who lost coins on Bitgrail and are now salty. They could be either 1) wanting the price lower to buy back in or 2) just angry and wanting the project to burn.

have't you guys realized that this FUD is coordinated ?

I'm honestly thinking about buying this coin now, as it seems cheaper than ever

how many exchange hacks and corresponding coin crashes have to happen before everyone realizes that they don't affect the coin price in the long run

>doesn't even have time immutability
>"flawless coin"

Top kek you fell for this Redditjeet scam. Enjoy holding your bags forever.

so if binance exit scammed tomorrow would every coin on there drop to 0?

why do i even come to biz anymore you cant even find hidden gems anymore its full of mouthbreathers and pajeets

> Possible double spending because the devs thought it is unnecessary to record a transaction’s timestamp
> Flawless coin
Gtfo nigger, I see you’re desperate to drop those bags. Just take the loss and admit you gambled on a shitcoin

Bitgrails lost their XRB then proceeded to watch a hacker talk Veeky Forums into falling in love with the coin they lost. Veeky Forums creamed their jeans and pushed it up 1000s of %. Bitgrails deserved to go insolvent for not mentioning the hack when XRB was pennies.

Binance wouldn't do it, and if a single coin's wallet caused them to lose control like that and end up insolvent, I'd expect that coin to go to 0.

Nano's gonna announce a fork in less than 48 hours, but ya didnt hear it from me

Sell, boys. XRB is toast

>coin can't even timestamp transactions
>expects businesses to adopt it enmass
>regular hacks and losses
>talking FOMO instead of FUD while 'accumulating'
just sell and accept the loss or kys, pajeet

>flawless coin
quality bait lets see how this plays out