fucking TAfags BTFO

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D-d-d-d-dead cat bounce, right guys?

it's a pullback. I'm about to short this bitch. I already increased my stack by buying back in with tether. I'm selling in an hour. Jokes on you fag.

do not talk to me or my ta ever again

>Already back under 8k
kek, get wrecked bulls.

Shorting opportunity, actually

Euros saving your asses once again

8122 and climbing on GDAX
stay poor
if everyone believes this then no one wins

Lol, every fucking time
Me sold - market up
Me buy - market down

cuck holders still waiting to get back over 10k to get rid of their bags while TAfags buy the dips and sell the bounces

If we break back through 8200 there is no bear market.

>short at 5.9k
>hurr 6k broken we'll never recover
> fomo back in at 7k
> short at 7.9
> there's no way its breaking 8. Just a dead cat bounce
> fomo back in at 8.5
> short at 8k
> ha, strong resistance my ass, i told you it was a bull trap
To be continued. Will revisit this thread when i wake up and screen cap it so i can have a good laugh

1 month downtrend after 3 years of bull market is not a bear market

>my intuition is better than trained analysis
see you in a week at 6k

We gonna make it.



>TAfags BTFO
Omeganigger called it.

Says 8300-8600 top

You faggots are always changing the story
so what is it, up or down with you stupid cucks?

but that's what you faggots have literally been saying all week.That BTC was going to $4k, days have passed, nothing. Any day now right?

it's not going to drop overnight my man. these things happen in waves. it'll go up a bit, then down a bit more, repeat. it's not expected to hit 4k for another week or two. that's been the call this entire time.

see you in 3 days

People that say this is going to $4k either have short positions and they are sweating or they sold at $6k and are bitter.

true once it hits zero, before that plenty of gains to be made

i have short positions in btc and xrp but i'm not sweating at all

People that say this is going to $10k either have long positions and they are sweating or they bought at $19k and are bitter.

I'm just waiting for BTC to go down so I can make my first purchase

You are looking so often at the charts that you yourself are becoming a ta fag. This is how they get you user turn back now before you become one of (((them))).


*Noises of cars smashng into eachother

>Back under 8k again
You were saying fagtron?

Wassup y'all they.call me G. hunky or hunky chunky I'm a big plaer up there and I just dopped into say 2 you all that Bitcoin is going to be worth 10k in a couple min lol