US gov says crypto is the future

>US gov says crypto is the future
>"omegamaker" says crypto is going down
I seriously hope you didn't sell

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Who gives a fuck about tripfags, seriously. Just ignore the attention whores.

Maybe if we stop giving him attention he'll kill himself

I bought several times between $6-$7k on Wednesday.


It's going to 9.2k-9.4k in the next two days unless some terrible news comes out

>every day he says it's going to crash
>weekend dip happens
>people start asking him for advice

>In b4 he starts a paid group

lol I am so happy I buy bitcoin even though I buy at 18 k

lol now bitcoin is 8 k

lol one day bitcoin go to 80 k then I be a rich man

lol dumb people who don't by whole bitcoin

lol at having only a part of bitcoin

lol how do you use a part of a coin

lol coin is one thing


G-guys.. I've lost so much already.. Can't you please let me have this one.... 4k pls..

die brainlet

> crypo is dying guys. Sell now.

ahhhhhhhh MY LINK IS GONE noooooooooooo

omegafaggot hate thread
i fucked this guys mom
he salty because i made her give me his allowance
also we do it on his bed every time bitcoin breaks another 1000


No he just said we're in for one last correction wave after this pullback. Then we're going parabolic. Fucking TA hating goobers. If you guys would get on board, we could short the dips together but you're determined to remain retarded and miss the gains. Cuckbulls.

that OmegaBetaMale dude is legit retarded

everything he says is 100% wrong, and where is he now? nowhere in sight. That's the thing with these retards, they never come out of the closet and admit when they're wrong.

Instead throws out 100 predictions per day for 18 hours straight and misses every single one of them. Guy has zero credibility and never will



Btc is not all the crypto you stupid faggot
Its time is gone
sorry you bought ath

he went to sleep you faggot, he predicted everything with 100% accuracy. But nobody said you shouldnt DYOR