Whatsup bizfaggots 2017 was take off phase and we are about the finish the first sell off...

Whatsup bizfaggots 2017 was take off phase and we are about the finish the first sell off. We are about the head for the mania phase. I have been in the game since 2013 ask me anything

If you only had 3K to put in, would you mess with shitcoins?
Holding 1 eth, 1500 link and a smattering of other alts

Apart from Pyramids, are 100x gains still possible in the world of crypto?

correct. bitcoin will peak between 300k-700k

If this guy isn't full of shit, yes.

>ask me anything
Why do you think you're knowledgeable? I have been in the game since 2013 too and the market is too irrational for it to be much use to me these days.

btc safest option. eth second safest but eth has shitty wallet choice

Hmm I wonder what percentage of currrent people on Veeky Forums will be millionaires by next year?

less than half, most will just have lots of money

If you are not familiar with economics and trading divide your funds between 4 blue chips (btc/eth/ xlm/zec/xmr/neo/qash) and 1 crazy alt you like. And only look at your portfolio once every 6 months

100x is still possible

This year we will see 40-60k

God bless you and your trips mate

I have 40k REQ. Hoping to make it.

The irrationality of the market is exactly why there is so much money to be made for rational investors/traders. Once institutions get into the market we will see a huge boom but also the markets becoming less exciting

Even the people on Veeky Forums will become millionaires if they sell high and buy low. Learn MACD and RSI

Sure thing man. Katy Perry was so kind to shill these coins to get 68 millions instagram followers so they can be part of the mania phase and all make huge profits. Am I right?
This makes absolutely sense user, how kind of Katy Perry indeed!
... retarded motherfucker lmao

Jesus fucking Christ some green candles pop and it’s new paradigm season around here.

I’m overall bullish in the long term and I don’t do TA or trade but my god.

Public perception was definitely shaken when bags got dumped on unprecedented amounts of normies.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the next powerful bull market didn’t take place for 2 years.

I have 10,000 EOS and I’m holding. Will I make it? If so, when?

According to this meme chart, how low will BTC go?

Lmao you have to be stupid to not realise how small this market still is and how everything will go atleast 10x from here. Katy Perry followers will probably still make more money than you

I expect next run to be around start of march

Only if you bought early. Platform has not even launched yet and if you bought late you're betting on the dreams of early investors coming through

I bought 10k for about a buck a piece.

It’s worth about $86k right now, at its peak it was $185k or so.

The main net launches in June and I really think because of the billion dollar VC program for EOS projects and the airdrops that it will do well.

What do you think?


this year everyone will be a millionaire! !!!!!!!

Yeah I mean. We definitely got media attention. They were showing Bitcoin prices on every news channel. They probably stopped doing that as frequently now and only do it to make fun of us.


Might go low as 5k, ill be using up all my fiat to buy at those levels

1$ per is a stellar entry

We are about to witness the biggest wealth redistribution in history

I also think so many normies got BTFO that everyone’s too embarrassed to talk about cryptocurrency now. It was definitely discussed over the holidays by everyone. It was trendy. Everyone in America knew about it.

Now it’s not trendy anymore. That’s why a March bull run dwarfing the last one seems so incredibly unrealistic. Coinbase was #1 on the App Store. Everyone who wanted in, got in, then they got burned and got the fuck out.

People seem to be showing interest in cryptocurrency prices but mostly just to laugh at us imo


The next bull run happens between July and December as a testament to the resiliency of Bitcoin.

December will be dwarfed around june

Lmao during the crash suddenly everybody started messaging me

I have 5 LTC that I bought in 2013 and 1k FIAT I can spend. Can OMG, JNT or XLM get me to the next level?

Everyone messaged you during the crash because they wanted to know that you weren’t, in fact, pulling down otherwordly gains. That’s it. They were happy you missed out on millions.

Also I’m worried about the G20 Summit in March or whenever because the EU wants to cuck the world into crazy regulations.

>Markets become less exciting.

The reason why markets are less exciting is because institutional investing has a myriad of regulations and red tape around things, not because of institutions themselves.

Also you should see the information presented to normies by the media and online news. Most of the time it leaves them thinking “Well that’s fucking retarded.”

When the price crashed most normies felt either ripped off for participating, or like geniuses for listening to the news and thinking Bitcoin was gay and overpriced.

Here’s the thing though. Bitcoin IS gay and overpriced. It’s essentially the BitTorrent of read-only databases. It’s also clunky and slow.

Media fud is like 75% accurate. I’m the founder of a big crypto project too btw not LARPing. Even Vitalik thinks this shit is stupidly overpriced.


I'm holding req, icx, and bnb. Planning to sell once I get to about 50k portfolio, then put it all into eth. Is this a good plan? I welcome criticism and praise equally

Lmao I love all these quotes. So many noobs
It all depends on the timing: whether ETH appreciates faster than your 3 alts and whether those alts remain as heavyweights in their market sector.

I actually studied this because the meme chart has been stunningly accurate so far. Taking late may as the take-off, and depending on whether you take the July or September dips as the first sell-off then you get a range of 4.5k to 2.5k to buy the despair dip.

This user is correct. Katy Perry's crypto post was a coordinated campaign by ((them)) so they could create liquidity at the top of the bubble in order to unload their bags.

>Even Vitalik thinks this shit is stupidly overpriced.
That's a stupid assessment, people tend to overvalue the opinions of someone who's an expert in a field, even when he's talking about other stuff.
That's a problem with people with tech backgrounds, they can't gauge perceived value, they are still stuck into a "labour theory of value" mindset of sorts, in which the value of something should be just a bit above what takes to create it.

I had a friend that made an accounting system that was better than the competition that operated on a fraction of the price, and he was selling it at barely above cost because he couldn't fathom people paying "so much" for "just that"
tl:dr don't trust tech people when it comes to money

I dont know about JNT, but OMG and XLM are very strong because they will likely connect fiat to alts

Regulations are a good thing, it will enable institutions and larger size of the public to enter the market because it will seem safer

Bitcoin is relevant because all altcoin exchange rates are linked to bitcoin, once fiat gateways open bitcoin will continue to lose dominance

Don't do everything all at once, sell a bit when prices rise too much and buy a bit when prices drop significantly. Only way you lose in this game is by selling low