Investing in anything other than BTC or ETH

>Investing in anything other than BTC or ETH

>Investing in anything other than XMR

i don't think you know what this means

>buying Buttcoin in 2018

Thank you for having faith in bitcoin

>not holding SMELLY


>not holding XLM and REQ in 2018

Unless you mined btc in 2009 or bought the eth ico, your only way to make money is by buying shitcoins or 100x leverage on bitmex

if you don't have any btc, your letting others control the market. btc is the crypto world reserve currency. same as eth but to a lesser degree
the less in the trading supply the more it is worth. & all coins go up in value then.

you are part of the problem if you only hold shitcoin

ETH is relatively cool though. Chill out.

>Buy 1 btc at 6k
>Sell at 9k
>3k profit
And you couldve done this in literally just a past week and there's more dips and pumps to come

what's the deal with REQ?
asking for a fren

>investing in something that 4x per year instead of something that can 50x or 100x


holy shit it's almost as if when you make it with shitcoins you can buy more BTC and ETH because you'll have upped your purchasing power enough at a higher rate than BTC and ETH to care about having something more stable...

I like money. You won't lose money holding BTC or ETH long term but I rather 3-5x with ico's and shitcoins

>investing in BTC in 2018

>Investing in something without the intent of converting it to USD

good idea user, please do this & pay it forward

but we have to organize a dump so John will eat his dick, start accumulating btc

BTC and ETH are both already high value and can't realistically grow as much as the once could.

Lower value crypto currencies can still go x10000
BTC can never even go so much as x100 and neither can ETH.

Investing in low value crypto is exclusively for trying to buy a ticket to the Moon. It's basically high stakes gambling where you spend months waiting to see whether you won or lost.

>he didn't back the universa ICO

>BTC can never even go so much as x100 and neither can ETH.

Completely wrong about ETH. Once full PoS is in sky is the limit.

Feels good

>Not getting a job
>Investing in imaginary monies with no intrinsic value