Does staring count as sexual harassment in the workplace?

I work in finance as a statistician in an open plan office. recently we got a new hire, a girl who sits at a desk directly facing me. and dear god, she is a literal fucking goddess with HUGE boobs and ass. I try my best not to stare but I tend to still unconsciously do it. However recently both our eyes aligned and I quickly looked away. I’m now freaking out whether I could be accused of sexual harassment for staring since I’m a fat balding manlet.

>I’m a fat balding manlet

Now I just feel bad for you. Don't go to jail, OP. I mean, it's not like anyone would rape you, but you'd probably get used as a pillow or something.

I actually got spoken to in the bosses office for this exact scenario many years ago. embarrassing as fuck, I wasnt even that interested she was just the only thing to look at during a boring job sometimes.

You would think she’d have felt retarded asking the boss ‘could you please tell Edward to stop staring at me’. She should have just spoken directly to you.

Legally, it's only harassment if you are asked to stop and you don't stop. I see a few options for you in this situation. 1) erect barriers around your desk so you can look up without staring at someone (and to prevent others from staring at you). 2) ask for your desk to be moved. 3) Claim that she is staring at you, which is technically true since she would not have seen you staring at her if she was not also staring at you.

Post pics, faggot.

Are you sure he is not abducted and forcedly feminised to be an office flower fir the higher ups?

its not harassment holy shit fuck this emasculated cuckold society

if she walks around showing the goods she should expect to be oogled

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Describe her more. What hair color? Age?

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4) Send her e-mail asking for pictures of bobs

you have to quit yor job, burn your IDs and leave town

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this, but use the company email (or instant messenger)

>who sits at a desk directly facing me. and dear god, she is a literal fucking goddess with HUGE boobs and ass
>can see ass
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Probably mid 20s.

Well she has to get up from her seat and walk around sometimes

Wear sunglasses at work. Pretend you got an issue wih daylight or something. So they think you are disabled and cant fire you!

>a literal fucking goddess with HUGE boobs and ass

OP, do you have pics? This chick probably is just some slightly chubby average faced hag.

some guys are cunts or stalkers. and women are weak so they'll usually not directly anything to your face.

OP, photosensitivity is a symptom of autism. It should be relatively easy to fake more symptoms.

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Come on you need to get photos and post em