Saves crypto

>saves crypto

>saves Vietnam
>saves Iraq
>saves Afghanistan
Anything American can't do?

>while sleeping

>saves world from ww1
>saves world from ww2

win a war

america "loved" by the whole world

>it’s 8am here, anyone that is serious at all about trading and has volume that will have any effect on the market is up

>saves world from ww1
english and french did that
>saves world from ww2
soviets did that


a shekel for the good goy

Have a functional health care system for all its residents

But the Hollywood films say otherwise.

>gets beat up by some farmers with AK-47 and have to use mustard gas and napalm to save face
>literally the most embarrassing government/parliament that the rest of the world laughs at

>>saves Vietnam
>>saves Iraq
>>saves Afghanistan

kek no.


Why can't yuropoors understand that you can't have huge tax benefits like health care for all and the diversity and scale of america? The reason why it works in Europe is because countries are smaller than my dick and (this is changing in some) homogenous.

Brainwashed faggot




oh god


Not an argument

anyone who has volume that can affect the market don't trade themselves

It was a statement and to think otherwise just shows how retarded the Americans are

so the problem are asians

I don't have to be a burger to admit that it was burgers who broke our backs in both wars. There is no denying that. Even Zhukov confirmed that Soviets would lose without Lend & Lease.

>In the end, the United States Government saved crypto
i did not foresee this reality

How do people not recognize obvious sarcasm? Are people really this dumb?

Soviets saved the world using communism? Hmm.
Thank you based Americhads

>buys my bags

>Arizona Senate passed a bill allowing tax payments in crypto by 2020
>Likely to pass lower house

How will nocoiners cope once this catches on?