Why does this happen ?

while to me xmr seems one of the most solid coins out there i rarely see it be mentioned here, why dont you invest on monero /biz ?

PS am not trying to shill it but have a conversation why /biz thinks that this coin is not worth it

btcp soon

Aside from my free fork coins I'm not touching that shit.

>why Veeky Forums

Because nobody cares about privacy coins.

Too patrician to be shilled on Veeky Forums

Because during bear market it’s all about buttcoin.

Everything follows it.

"why dont you invest on monero /biz ?"

It's simple, biz level of cryptocurrency understanding is at a level of a three-year old, they would fall for monero gold just because it has "gold" in its name, just like they would fall for any fork of btc rather than muster enough willpower to learn about and understand about GOD-KING and the only crypto deserving of a title "crypto-currency", monero.

You truly believe that monery is the only coin with a real world use case. Amazing.

You fuckers are worse than nano and ripple boys

Its price is too high for throwing merely $100 at it and then expecting monster gains.

I think because it's used more as a tool than a investment. Get suspicious money, throw it in monero, do some tx, cashout to BTC or whatever.

Case in point:
Veeky Forums is just too retarded

It's an excellent daytrade. Oscillates steadily between 27000-high 29000 satoshi, hardly goes below 27k and never goes above 30k.

I think its privacy features are working against its price. All the Monero mined by botnets and used on DNM's probably get sold immediately. Except for maybe a couple more price jumps from hardware wallet compatibility and some upcoming software improvements, we'll have to wait for that Cayman Islands money. And yet I smile.

in the long run i really believe that monero will get a place in the top 5, but only history will tell

Reminder: there's not a single nonshit erc20 token out there

Monero has horriblie scaling and transaction fee issues.

what about bulletproofs ?

Don't forget the future "silver" of XMR gold...

more like the quartz to monero's platinum

"An unknown amount of monero"
What is a FBI honeypot?

Lol, this

the unwritten rule of Veeky Forums is to buy high and sell low, that tells a lot. don't even expect these faggots to understand monero

when will this stop?

Except it will eventually reach at least 10% of bitcoins value.

Sleeping giant. It really deserves to be in the top 5 at least.

Ripple and Monero will be the top 2 cryptos. One for the lawful economy, the other for the criminal economy.

governments will never allow mass adoption of a privacy coin

XMR isn't brand new. Coinlets who just got in during the last bullrun are still falling "gen 3" buzzwords. When devs and others take more profits out of these retarded projects they'll flow into BCH and XMR. So just wait until people take profits.

I do think privacy coins will end up badly this year due to regulations. They will not disappear by any means, but reputable exchanges will stop trading them. They will bet marginalized from the "big money", if you know what I mean. Not a good investment unless you plan on use them as currency.


Everything will. But not before I turn my meager 3 digits portfolio into 5 digits.

I'm invested in XMR and I like it a lot, but I think it's not talked about a lot because it doesn't have real moon potential. It's a privacy coin, and that will ALWAYS have value, but as for a mass adoption coin it's kinda shitty. Other coins do things faster and cheaper and most people won't care about the privacy part.

Monero won't be 100x in a year which is what every faggot on this board wants, but it will be a solid performer in the long haul.

ahhh, cheap Russian whores. The best kind.

using any privacy coin that less then 3year old, just buy meme coin if you wanted muh gain

Thats not the Aeon logo

I agree, but the one on my pic is a burger

So let's say regulations will come. Privacy coins will not disappear. They will slowly fade away once the biggest exchanges like binance, bittrex etc.

Once that happens, of course, criminals may still use it. But no way it will get anywhere near the top.

>They will slowly fade away once the biggest exchanges like binance, bittrex etc. stop the trading

do not post about this coin.

As soon as Monero hits tail emission phase, botnet miners won't be able to instadump it for bitcoin anymore. Well, the dropoff will be much more gradual if you've ever checked the block reward graph. I'd give it another year or two and we'll start to really see Monero explode.

Regulations won't have much of an effect on Monero unless all bitcoin/fiat gateways get shut down, which would be a huge setback for crypto in general, not just Monero. As long as Monero can be traded for bitcoin on a decentralized exchange, the price will not be impacted dramatically by regulations.

The cryptosphere is still very young and immature. Is it really that hard to imagine Monero as the #1 coin 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Once people and businesses figure out what's at stake, they're going to want blockchain privacy.

Are you quoting yourself, faggot ?
Go back to 9gag with this shit !


But there are plenty of privacy coins out there. What makes monero special?

Acceptance. It's already used for its stated goals and has no 'fatal' flaws for a competitor to fix. Sure competitors are out there that do some things 'better' but there has to be a compelling case to shift off of adoption and right now there really isn't one.

>why dont you invest on monero
price is not unstable enough


So it's the bitcoin of privacy coins

None of them command the respect that Monero does for its commitment to blockchain anonymity and decentralization. Some of them have some nice features but they're all flawed in one way or another. The only real flaw in Monero, as far as I know, is the potential development of a quantum computer could theoretically be able to crack its encryption algorithm and who knows if that will ever be possible.

gubbamints will ban it

Instant Streisand effect if that happens.

also good.

You don't invest in XMR, you use it.

Kind of. The difference is bitcoin has some major problems that other coins make huge improvements over, especially at scale, so there's more motivation for people to move. I'd say it's more like the litecoin of privacy coins. Does a good enough job and is already accepted.

No one knows how many XMR I have.

Fees. Unfortunately monero has the blockstream poison running in it's veins.

A very true statement, and if XMR becomes too popular may ultimately kill it. But I don't think XMR will become mainstream popular enough to reach the level of scale that BTC ran into as it hit 19.5k.

agreed, but fees are said to be lowered the next hardfork. the devs are working on implementing bulletproofs, which should come in late 2018.
this. monero is being developed continuously, and still has flaws. but the the developers and the community is solid. bitcoin got pumped because the market is manipulated, but the primary reason was that people believed there won't be a correction. they thought the price will just keep getting higher. the most powerful tool in the game right now is the mass belief. monero isn't fueled by ridiculous marketing campaigns we've seen with other coins, but by the mass belief that it is secure, untraceable and fungible. it's pretty fucking cliché, but they say that a good product doesn't need marketing. monero's success will be brought by the mass realization that other cryptocurrencies are unsafe to use. before that, we need the masses to realize the importance of digital privacy.

this. fuck you all. you're doing it wrong.


I’m holding a shitload of Monero. You only need to look at the DNMs and see what they’re using, then the normies will follow. Right now it’s BTC, BCH, and XMR. BTC dying on there too, people are pissed about the tx fees

That is an actual privacy coin

We've had a bunch of bullshit like verge try to say that it was better when even a cursory inspection would show that Monero has them beat in every way.

XMR is committed to this shit, from the get-go. It's not some crap BTC knockoff running through TOR, or something with a previously public blockchain like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Private, or Ethereum slapping on "privacy" after the fact.

Or some NSA-coin shit like Zcash or zcoin or whatever

everyone knows its solid so it moves slowly and no one bothers FUDing or shilling. Good long term but no explosive gains

Everyone knows, Monero is the one and only privacy coin.

Yeah, but its a bytecoin fork tho.

weak bait


It is but they fixed the "features" of bytecoin.

It's a vessel purely for tax evasion and criminality and as such will not ever be adopted into a world that accepts crypto. If you think you can hide from governments with Monero you're retarded.

Yeah privacy is just for criminals.

You stinky pajeet.

What a fag.

Lol. oh dear, This is a prime example why people on Veeky Forums won't do it op. 4
good lord...

>If you think you can hide from governments with Monero you're retarded.
already can

trusted setup, dev tax, awful zcash fork.

You are a simple minded pajeet for sure.

Watch me, bootlicking homo

a little hint is whatever isn't being shilled or talked about here might be a gem.

Once normies realize that anyone you transact with can see your entire bitcoin (or whatever) balance they'll realize how useless it is as a mainstream currency.

im still waiting for ledger support before i start putting money into monero

Yeah, buy it AFTER it moons. kek.

i dont look at monero as an investment, rather something to store wealth in
there are plenty of way more undervalued stuff

Veeky Forums only """invests""" in marketing hype, I can't invest in monero now because I dumped my bag at $0.70 a few years ago.

thus said, XMR won't become "the ultimate" currency. the research lab mentioned a mimblewimble sidechain possibility, but if GRIN succeeds, there'll be no need for that. sharing the same fundamentals, the grin devs said they're open for discussions with the monero devs.

>GRIN could be a true coffee money currency
grin is still under development, right now in testnet. grin-tech.org

sumo > xmr

With what exactly? Every modern computer chip has custom built back doors. If governments want your info they got it. As is every bit and byte you send and recieve is likely already sitting pretty in Utah and other places. They only need a reason.

We'll just have to wait and see.

>Monero devs increase ring size to match SUMO in next hardfork
Then what? lol

it's a boring coin. my boring coin of choice is ETH. rest is for smaller coins. fuck you


>it's a boring coin.
Brainlet tier reason to not hold some.

Another drive-by shitpost from a SUMO pajeet. When will they learn?

calling me a brainlet when you don't even have basic reading comprehension lel. nothing wrong with boring coins hence why I said I'm holding ETH tard

>Because nobody cares about privacy coins.

This. Crypto is already pseudonymous. There is literally no use for this coin outside of CP and blow. People get that. If you're shilling it, chances are you're a head or a pedophile. Its not a good look.

Everyone needs privacy.

kys nigger. I refuse to support a system that floods my borders with rapists pedo subhumans.

Better not point out the obvious user. No online system is private.

Right, just like Tor, BitTorrent, and VPNs have all been regulated out of existence.

Time will tell, but I’m not concerned. Nothing about the Monero software is law-breaking. It will always be simple to convert Bitcoin into Monero and vice-verse.

Pajeets as well as chinks never got the idea of privacy, civil rights, open source, net neutralty ... so Monero doesn't seem to make any sense in their world.

>i can only hold one boring coin

So we just give up and broadcast our wallet balance to the world?

FBI psy-ops.