Lets talk about the Nano SALE

You guys think it is worth to get into Nano now while it is hot and cheap ?
As I understand the price drop had nothing to do with Nano itself.

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yeah it is dirt cheap rn

Are you for real?
Don't ask for investment advice on Veeky Forums.

NANO, the coin previously known as Rajeshblocks, is a scam. Together with BitGrail they scammed thousands of people. Have fun buying your scamcoins.

Nano is shit-tier along with Bitcoin and LINK

>As I understand the price drop had nothing to do with Nano itself
I thought it had to do with the double-spend hack? You know, the one causing all the issues exchanges are having.

i have a couple xrb already and if i had more money i would buy instantly at this price. so an exit scam by a shitty exchange happened... so what? life moves on. lesson learned: only buy on trustworthy exchanges like Binance since this is an unregulated free market. so many buy orders that XRB is #1 in top volume on Binance.

XRP is top volume idiot.

>unironically believing Veeky Forums fud
You’ll never make it, user.

Lost half my stack to shitgrail
FUDing it nonstop since then
Buying it all back

>I thought it had to do with the double-spend hack? You know, the one causing all the issues exchanges are having.

the nano code is perfect. no double spend problems. the exchange exit scammed everyone's xrb cuz he was greedy and saw how xrb mooned, so he stole the xrb and tried to blame it on nano . i have all my XRB in a wallet and its been fine, still have all of it there safe and sound


ur a fucking retard. xrb is also top volume its the top on the list of most in 24h volume. there's 5 coins listed there out of several thousand coins and XRB is one of em so shut the fuck up

Yup. A lot of people lost their NANO on Bitgrail. These people are now salty at their stupidity/unluck and are now FUDding. Either to buy back lower or they just want to see the project burn.

lol pretty sad how people will screw others just because they were stupid enough to leave so much xrb on an exchange. Rule #1: Never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Tip #2: If you don't own the wallet/private key, you don't own the XRB.
XRB will move on and most people are happy about the discount as many are buying cheap XRB.


lol a simple google search will show that the REQ project is backed by Y Combinator.. who funds many multimillion investment start ups... just lol. some of the FUD is so ridiculous these retards must be really delusional

user go cut your dick off so you never reproduce if you are that retarded



Since exchanges are blocking the nano coming from bitgrail, we basically had a coin burn of ~13%

Stay positive user, I like that.

don't buy into this shit

its assumed to be a coinburn which should help in the long run since those coins are blacklisted. also the 'hack/theft' was already priced in since withdrawals were disabled for over a month when bitgrail owner held the xrb hostage to steal them. $200+ EOY or ill bite my dick off


Its a fucking shit coin, what is wrong with you guys.

Most of these coins are gone already. Sold off on other exchanges. Shitgrail has supposedly only about 4 mil left. But yes, somewhat of a "coin burn" nevertheless. The people who lost their coins can't sell them anymore.

who cares, it'll probably go up

>buying redditcoin