We're still laughing at you

We're still laughing at you.


Why, did Blockstream stop hiring?

What a sad life.

can u believe it?
there are people on that sub since 2012 making fun of btc and never bought any
mfw they had the chance to buy btc sub 100$ and laughed at it

Imagine you worked for the government and/or had some heavy stake in the continuation of the state system / central banks, etc.
Imagine on top of that you had the necessary intellect to figure out what the inevitable outcomes of cryptocurrency were?
Of *course* you would do exactly what they are doing, the only reason there are so few of them is "works for the government" and "is intelligent" has an extremely slender venn diagram intersection. In fact Jorge Stolfi himself probably occupies most of it alone.

Or maybe they just aren't a piece of shit that takes advantage of idiots for money.

congrats on this, seriously


> not taking advantage of dumb money that enters the market on its own will.
Okay then

stay poor forever then i guess
the whole world works with taking money from the stupid
look at commercials how much do they lie?
example look at those nice sweeet burgers on the adverts now go to mcdonalds and order one
doesent quite look like it right?

if i bought lets say 10 btc for 100$
and held all the way up to now and i choose to sell them? guess what i dont force anyone to buy them i just put them onto the exchange for sale its everyones own decision to buy or not
now please go back where you came from or (and) kill yourself

>a wild moralfag appears

A piece of shit that takes advantage of idiots for money and "government employee" could basically be interchangeably used most of the time.
That they're not aware that's what they're doing doesn't make them any less culpable

I had 2400 Bitcoins that I mined in 2012. I sold them all at $3 when I realized the only thing holding this ponzi up is the hope that you can sell to a greater fool.

The guy who bought them from you took advantage of an idiot for money.

Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash. Bcash.

You were holding the ponzy retard.

Crypto intrinsic value comes from the hash rate.

bcore lol

stay poor no coiners

Nice just bought 100k

Alot of people on that sub hold/trade cryptos, you can still mock the stupidy of the market

but maybe you are a piece of shit that takes advantage of straw-man morality of convenience for Veeky Forums upboats

Nah. shitcoiners are the literal embodiment of everything that is wrong with the human race. For every one of you faggots that 'buys the wrong dip' and gets burned and kills yourself God adds another twinkling star to the night sky to signal that there is one less kike ruining the world.

a nocoiner and a /pol/tard

the worst of both worlds

i bet you hold silver or something like a retard, don't worry, I'm sure /pol/ told you it will go up eventually