Am I the last remaining amBRO? Did I get scammed?

Am I the last remaining amBRO? Did I get scammed?

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strong hands here, will this shit ever moon?

I hope so but I don't think so. We got duped.

Dude, the whole market dropped and so did this. Just wait for a recovery and hope this follows and doesnt get left in the dust

it actually seemed to recover pretty well so far, compared to some coins..


Have you no patience? Fuck how does anyone make money here?

> being this new
Pretty much everything has dropped. Fundamentally speaking, this is the strongest supply chain crypto. The price WILL catch up to where it belongs and do a 10x very quickly. I am not going to miss it. Swissbro has yet to be wrong.

wait when was swissbro right?

Would put it ahead of WTC which is incredibly unlikely

Why not? Ambro's technology is far superior.

He suggested going into PRL about a week before its run. Suggested going "all in". Look how that turned out

Might get back into this once the market stabilizes a bit. Better in bluechips right now

nah do it now fagggotgg

No, this is a solid hold.

CEO posted this on Reddit yesterday:
>It's still a highly unsatisfactory growth to me. Even modum are double our size...
I am getting more community management teams onboard next week to fire it up.

These supply chain coins are where the money at. I got into VEN WTC and MOD early on and this feels the same to me. This is an easy x5 - 10x if you're patient and don't need to allocate funds for day trading and pumps.

PRL is will be going up in price, at least until people get their airdropped SHL. I'll sell a part after the airdrop immediately.

I have no problems holding this coin for the next year without even looking at it. Whether it will moon in the next few months remains to be seen.

It's much more limited in scope (food and pharmaceuticals) and there's still no real token economy or marketing

The FOMO is going to be so glorious. And it is going to come sooner than anyone thinks.

> We have multiple scenarios for our cryptoeconomic model,

> We have no model

You have to be a special kind of brainlet to wait and buy only after they announce their final model.

> We pay a woman with large cleavage to shill our coin.
> It's a very good coin sir, please buy.


did you ever think that maybe the entire rest of the altcoin market might increase in value somewhat during AMB's rise? People always say shit like "if it went 100x it'd be bigger mcap than X coin, that's impossible!" as if X coin couldn't possibly increase a fucking cent between now and then. Remember user, 20T by 2020.

damn this is impressive

Literally Prodeum tier

ohhhh fuck this isn't a good sign...

this isn't
>smart money
this is
>titty money

If your product is aimed at vertically integrated professional market, why exactly do you need to shill this to the public?

hahahahahahah imagine being this delusional


if you apes can figure out how to use etherdelta TRAC is far superior and 50% cheaper than this turd

Ambrosus CEO is a pony tail kid by the way. You can't make this up lol!

what the fuck does trac do?

TRAC has no future you stupid fuck. Its been dumping since ICO

I'm part of a hedge fund too and can confirm nobody has any interest in AMB

My hedge is balls deep

how much AMB to cum on her tits?

I'm fucking buying.

mmm titties

It's a good coin but it is very early in its development. It won't actually be doing business until mid-2020 if it manages to keep to its roadmap so there's no reason to expect a good moon for 18 months at best.

Ambro doesn't have developed technology. At this stage in the roadmap it is still putting together working groups and research teams. Putting them together ... so the actual development program hasn't properly begun yet. Talking about 'superior tech' at this stage is just stupid.

Who bought $ATH?


Im buying in now, sell me your cheap bags

chill out gay boy, price hasn't really changed at all if you're a long term holder. Buy whenever.

google it user I'm not your fucking mommy

i bet you wish you were you faggot.

Lmao this guy bought a Slovenian shitcoin with no immediate future

kek the ico happened at the peak of the bull run literally everything has been dumping since then. but sure. it has no future.

I like how you had to qualify that with "immediate future" because even you know this shit is going to win long term
>working product with customers using it
>in development since 2013
>master nodes being announced in a few weeks
good luck with your shitty modum knockoff tho

knockoff? kek, you wait faggot, Ambrosus is gonna fuck up your whack slovak coin

I'm here - bought at 8400 sats