Why is dis shitcoin so low right now?

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buy in more bro

so you can accumulate

>assuming I have any money to buy

You don't belong on biz, pajeet

>860MM supply

1$ will be a good price user. It is kept up cos ppl are hodling for the rebrand to try and sell higher.


>no tech
>CEO changes purpose and use on a whim
>real devs unknown
>all hype and marketing
>rebrand shortly but no THOR til end of March, no mainnet til then either
>out of shitty partnership news, literally nothing else on the horizon

I wonder why it’s price collapsed during the dip and didn’t recover


Damn. Time to all in on VEN now and sell when rebranding announcement on Feb 26

Easiest 2x of my life thanks for reminder

Icon and walton have not either. Hell name one of these shit coins that is doing well so i can switch muh bags.

i wonder why you're still poor


>not 10x

Wabbanu welton cone. Shitty Breyer icecrem endorsement

If you bougt at $9 maybe

Eventually 10x sure I do plan on buying back but I don't see VEN going much above $10 if even at all. It's gonna get dumped immediately afterwards because it was fucking nothing.

Pls sirs selling ur VENCHAINS is very bad coin buying WALTONS dear is superb coin

Sunny has AIDS
He's also wanted by Interpol for fraud and embezzlement.
Jesus user watch the news sometime you fag

You should let DNV GL know they bought into a scam

Look at it’s ATH and look at how much BTC was.

Fuck how does anyone make money here. Have patience.

$1000 in 5 years or less you cuck
better stock up on pink wojaks and prepare for years, if not decades, of therapy

why would you invest in this, when you can invest in better chink coins like NEO? I'm serious.


Thanks just bought 100k Waltonchain

>thinking vechain wont have $400-500 billion market cap in an economy worth multi trillions in 5 years time

THE ABSOLUTE STATE of the people who didn't buy btc sub 200 or eth sub 50's mentality

Because VEN is about to grow like NEO already did.

There's more potential in something that hasn't already mooned as hard.

Very simple. Should have gotten in NEO when it was $30, not $100.

different purposes. NEO is more general purpose like ETH and can run smart contracts, VEN has a very specific purpose, so I wouldn't compare them like this.

>NEO 65MM supply
>VEN 860MM supply

j-just like NEO guys

This. This guy is fucking retarded like most venners.
Neo will outperform ven for exactly this reason.

Keep fudding you cucks! All in on ven baby

Stay poor. If you knew anything about this coin and its roadmap you'd know its currently supply means nothing.

>like NEO
>hurr durr VEN is different


Is this why DCN will hit $1 even though it has 325,226,613,094 supply?

i have no idea what that coin is, but in theory it could if the demand was there.

>a very specific purpose
World domination?

New announcement on twitter.

i remember when omg was $4 with fucking and mcdonalds announcements and meme thai companies, ven has partnership coming out their ass every week, this coin is a definitive winner

Really hard for me to take other dev teams/projects seriously after being involved with Vechain.

i bought at 7.50

i bought 230 at $8, not even slightly worried.

I appreciate your mental fortitude, but VEN will not be reaching $8 anytime soon again. If you don't need the money, just hold it and see what happens I guess.

It could, so long as Buttcoin doesn't shit itself. Rebrand event at the end of this month, could be very big news.

yeah its only 10% of my port, so can afford to play the long game

VEN will be one of the few coins that will be taken seriously by institutional money. The Jim Breyer endorsement is enough of a sign to jump in for these people, Vechain will be easily $50+ by the fall.

Made this thread a few days ago. Suck dick, you don't deserve Vechain

Reminder Jim Breyer himself said he only gets involved with medium-long term projects which he said he doesn't cash out until he's 5-10 years in. Are you fuckers ready to hold that long to reap the true rewards?

Hell, true rewards are subjective, some people might be satisfied with $50/coin. But 5 years minimum is nothing, and I'm a tiny tiny Venlet, so it makes it easier to hold.

Thank god... I've been swing trading about 300 ven a day gains trying to get a strength node.. took a bath this morning but still up for the day. No telling how much I'll be able to accumulate if I stare at candles 4 hours a day for the next 5 years.

How do i do this? 1.5k VENlet :/

Do you have any proof that he even holds any VEN? Lmfao.

Sell the news?

god I wish that were possible then I could get a thunder node and retire

don't, most people too dumb for TA and daytrading, just fucking hold.

its so sad that neo has been around forever and still only has pajeet-tier partnerships like mobius and retarded dapps like deepbrain chain. then vechain shows up an immediately gets the nod from jim breyer and some of the biggest companies in the world dying to get on board. top fuckin kek

>what is market cap

>Closed Source
>No Whitepaper

i'm in for 5 years nigga. having a strength node makes it easy to hold since thor will be paying my bills

how much roughly do you need to hold for a thundernode?

open source on a fraud detecting platform is generally not a good idea, i agree they need to sort out a whitepaper asap, theres no reason for not having one.

Holy Cow,
You impatient fucks look at NEO in December during the dip it was laying around 200k sats and now it is x6 that in the space of a couple of months.
Same scenario will happen with VEN since it isn't a shitcoin in addition to the upcoming rebranding.

That ? Why is this shit even listed as a coin?

It's relaunching as a platform with dapps and smart contracts you fucking idiot. If you missed the train on ETH at $10, this is your chance. Why don't you fucking mongoloids get this?