3 days.

Last chance.

last chance to get out and never come back to this scam


Hint: Million dollar promo

3 days to what?

since the bitcoin sideways bullshit is boring ill bite. 3 days for fucking what


I bought at $0.55 this week with fresh fiat. Did I do good daddy?

I have insider information that this promo won't be a shitcoin, like most of the others.

Most likely the last time you'll ever see COSS under $1 once they release the name of the promo.

Well i kinda doubt that, since there's no prominent coins on the exchange yet

They claim it can do it all. Can it?

Look at the exchange, see what coins are on it

And then tell me which one of those isn't a shitcoin, and could afford to run a $1 mil promo

Thats the last hint i give, I can't say too much.
Godspeed anons

Fuck it, I'll throw 10k at it

I've narrowed it down to KIN, FDX (shitcoin?), REQ, ZEN, ENJ, ARK, WTC, SUB, STX
But coins like ZEN, REQ, ARK, WTC, probably aren't going to run promos on a monkey exchange

One of those , hopefully not FDX, never heard of it

I think KIN is most likely. It has a decent m cap but could really use the volume

KIN has a huge supply

Honestly any exchange smart enough to list those is probably legit

>I have insider information
Is the COSS getting so bad that you are this desperate?

But really though guys
the exchange is ok, typos here and there, wallet errors, charts not working, responding to tickets with 1 month delay, slow when the volume goes above 1 mil...
But yeah, there is a lot of room for growth.
If you wanna buy, buy after this last dump to 6 though. Now you will just drown in wojacks on wednesday

I got a few hundred of them last night. Not much but I like the project they have going here.

COSS has been pretty steady around 8000 satoshis the past few days, up from ~5500 at the lowest part of the dip.

indeed, and people being afraid of the price falling make threads like this
Good coins dont need shilling
but go ahead, try the exchange yourself.
dont come crying when you lose your money or have them locked in the transaction for a week