What did they mean by this?

What did they mean by this?

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Why the fuck is she trying to stop the bull market?

there can't be stock bubbles anymore because women are there now to stop the bull so its safe?

It's right wing street art depicting women standing in the way of progress

the only logical interpretation

She believes we need higher corporate taxes so niggers can have more gibs.

I always think its lewd as fuck.
Why is it a little girl anyway? Theres a difference between woman and a child.
Look like shes proudly about to ride that bullride, if you know what i mean. Showing the power of a true little girl

Women stand in the way of all bull runs OP.

The four-foot “Fearless Girl” statue was installed in front of the bronze “Charging Bull” in time for International Women’s Day earlier this month as a way of calling attention to the gender pay gap and lack of gender diversity on corporate boards in the financial sector, the Wall-Street firm that installed the popular statue has said.

Why doesn't someone destroy it with a car

Why would someone destroy their car

Political statement, duh.

It's surrounded by concrete barriers in an already small street with at least two NYPD cars sitting around

Because women are fucking dumb, they ignored the context, and made a nonsensical arrangement. So in short, women acting high and might but fucking up in the simplest shit, nothing new.

women loves bulls


Who is that child and what idiotic statement did she just come with before the picture was taken?

that pigeon is boss

>that moment when Trump shut her THE FUCK DOWN

what you guys don't see, is that we are literally in for the pigeon market.

Because leftists have left the realm of ideal and have become imagologues. They can only communicate in terms of dramatic imagery and are unable to comprehend arguementation. Thus, a little Hispanic girl standing up to an aggressive bull is POWERFUL to them, while anyone else sees that it is mother more than women standing in the way of progress and prosperity like always.

>the shadman cometh

stupid feminist propaganda.
the little girl would be smashed in piece in a fucking second.

Excuse my phone poster retardism

>Because leftists have left the realm of ideal and have become imagologues. They can only communicate in terms of dramatic imagery and are unable to comprehend argumentation.
new pasta


30 seconds in.

I'm 99% sure its satirical or meant as a slight because
1 its a little girl
2 shes facing a bull (symbol of prosperity) ie. against/opposed
3 her stance is smug as fuck and is completely oblivious to the proportions of scale between her and the bull

"she makes a difference" was obviously sarcastic

And like 1:20

Reminder to young boys reading this thread

It's an unintentional statement about the chasm between women's self perception of their abilities, and their actual abilities.

>Know the power of Women in Leadership
They certainly have the power of running previously efficient, male dominated, companies into the fucking ground.

Fuck your jew narative satan.

Even though its the truth.

>animal cruelty
>putting children in harms way
>women wanting the market to crash
>bull so weak that an animal a fraction of it's size can stop it

Are some of the thoughts that come to mind when trying to interpret that statue.

the pigeon is crypto not giving a single fuck about moloch or thots

Someone made one of a dog pissing on the girl

women getting in the way of progress

Pic related.

>possibly the dumbest animal on earth.
>analogy with crypto fags.
yep, checks out.

Good read user.


pigeon may be dumb, but they sure know how to con normies out of food.

> (((they))) put this statue up


Damn user, I couldn't have said it better.


kek nice user



>women, with their overblown egos due to jewish mind control, will attempt to halt all forward progress for no other reason then to show how Strong Wymyn they are

she fucks niggers, mate

who knows?

>calling attention to the gender pay gap and lack of gender diversity on corporate boards in the financial sector

>half black
You can't be serious

mutt alert

>half black
>whole nigger

>le 56%


la creatura

This is why crypto will overtake Wall Street cucks lmao

I stayed down the street from this statue in December and I can tell you the picture in OP is very misleading; in real life, there is always a litter of mexican pups trying to climb the horns, get their picture taken with the bulls anatomy, etc.
The funniest bit tho is that the queue forms around the Bronze Brat, literally no one wants a pic with her.


It means that women in charge put a stop to bull runs.




Hypersatan speaks truth once again









good read

To be fair she has no lips so it equalized out okay

SHE is the NASDAQ(?) listing for State Street Advisors, it was an advertising stunt that 'went viral' and has been appropriated be lefties. So in a way it's a fitting metaphor for the way that GC and social justice intermingle

his lighter becouse he has no arm. and the robocop leg gives him advantage over the powerful and beautiful complete woman!

yep, she totally is.

>women ruin everything including the markets

dont worry user, when america gets taken over by muslims, they will destroy the statue for not wearing a burka.

>China News Network

Why wasn't she pointing in the direction that the bull is charging. It would have symbolized her commanding the market. Instead, she s trying to block progress. I don't get it.

>missing an arm and leg gives you an advantage in physical competition

>popular statue
Most people don't even remember this

This. That's why it was so successful. Liberals championed it as a feminist message without ever actually looking at what was being shown; falling for the aesthetic of something rather than actually understanding the situation which is something they always do. It's literally a dumb, naive, little girl standing in the way of a bull that's about to maul her; or figuratively: women standing in the way of progress because of naive sense of bravery and social applause.

It was perfect. Wish more people caught onto the true meaning of it.




it was literally an advertisement for a competing firm. it was a stab at merrill-lynch, not the bull market or feminism. the fact the right and left got in a pissing war over it just made it a more successful ad. it had literally nothing to do with politics, they just wanted you talking about it (and it worked)

Since when are there concrete barriers? I was there during the summer and didn't see anything. Just an NYPD Ford explorer patrol car sitting 10 ft from the statue.

The officers laughed when my gf's roastie friends took pictures of themselves upping the bull's monstrous balls.

Women are degenerates if not raised in a nuclear household. I hate almost all of them