Double spending nano

I heard that you can double spend nano, can someone please give me step by step guide how to do it? I really need it, I'm a poorfag third worder that struggles to even get $100, I have 5 nano, how can I duplicate them?

Send to my address pls no charge send back triple amount!

sorry, I only know how to triplespend

>I'm a poorfag third worder
Pajeet confirmed

You can't. You could have exploited Bitgrail's poor code in the past, and it wasn't even restricted to NANO. Worked with BTC and ETH as well. But I don't think that is possible anymore.

really? I only buy nano so I can double them, what a scam




Can someone try this to confirm
holy shit

I tried the 3 letters trick and it does not work

that's fucking illegal, delete that fucking shit NOW

u might have to wait a couple minutes, the one I saw they were 9 min apart
How is it illegal when its the developers fucking up

Delet this

wew whats going on in this thread

Actually works lol

come on tell us

hahaha, wonder how many idiots falling for this rn

(i fell for it xD)

WTF? Everyone, except the OP has single post in thread. It is like someone is brigading it and changing his IP. These NANO shillers/FUDers are getting weird.

Why did it work with kucoin

Can we talking about this tomorrow ?

Wtf did you just say

Binance was also down for more than a day after adding Nano due to "database discrepanices", they had to resync their entire database.

yeah like why do I get the feeling I need to buy nano

nanolets are fucked in the head, there's no saving them

That it is very weird to have a Veeky Forums post with so many anons with single posts. Somehing fishy today with the whole NANO shilling/FUDing is going on.

keep holding that shitcoin and waiting for that big zero

The FUD seems to be evolving.

Step 1) Find yourself an idiot that doesn't know how to code but built himself an exchange
Step 2) Exploit his inability to code by as much as possible messing with his ledger until a mistake becomes visible.
Step 3) Transfer the credit you gained off his shitty system and onto binance and wait until all such operations go out of business, and all the FUD around their existence being somehow the fault of Nano blows over, then sell your XRB for a lot of money
Step 4) buy a sandwich or something.

If you believe it had anything to do with nano itself you're an idiot. Franceso the scummy italian fuck made the exchange to steal everyones XRB. But when binance announced that it would list XRB he got scared because he knew everyone would withdraw. So what he did was make a verification step to withdraw but never actually verified anyone. The fucking prick is such a fuckwit so i hope he gets murdered/raped in jail

there is no exploit you dumb pajeet, if there were the price would already be 0
only idiots sell this low



guys I spent $10 to transfer my bitcoin to binance and to buy 5 nano so I can double spend them, I need my $10 refunded or I'm done

big if true

now that biz knows of that it will be closed so fast, thx.


Are any of you lot going to tell me where this fud is being organised so I can help?

all this does is send your nano to an unknown account, forever losing it.



Thanks just double spent tons of nano, now I'm a billionaire.

Gr8 b8 m8 8/8