How long until third-world monkeys start accepting crypto for their fruit and vegetables?

How long until third-world monkeys start accepting crypto for their fruit and vegetables?

never, their government would ban it

that's a handsome dog if ever I've seen one

i hope the dog is not for sale. you never know with chinks.

Already happens in Venezuela, since the local currency went to shit due to socialism.
They trade crypto with people from other countries for basic supplies delivered on the border.

When eth can scale to 100M tx daily.
Pow coins fundamentally can't because block times are exponentially distributed.

>have 1BTC
>can't buy bread with it in your shitty country

We're talking about DOGE, right?

Of course we are. It will happen.


yes, having 30 kilos of money in your pockets ain't comfy

Let's ask president Trump

Those African countries that use mPesa or whatever sound like they're just one step away from using crypto. Once smartphones become ubiquitous is my bet.

As for government stepping in, it would be pretty hard for them to stop people from just doing shit on their phones. If they had that kind of power, their country wouldn't be 3rd-world.

>american $ failing
>debt too high
>spend too much
>import everything export nothing
>make new "currency"
>inflate it
>sell it to all the poorest countries for goods and services
>pay with all the magical pixie coins

Soon. BCH already supports this via SMS transactions.

It is already pretty popular in Sweden, OP.

well someone finally developed a BCH wallet to send and receive transactions via old dumbphone sms. So third worlders can now send BCH to each other with dumbphone SMS messages, at barely any fee at all. The technology is already there, it launched just last week, now it just needs to get adopted.

>on a shinto dog grooming board
>cant recognize japanese

Was collecting zero income and sales tax part of your plan?

Someone needs to launch a bch SMS yam selling contest in Zambezi or whatever the fuck. Win a free zebra.

no i'll just pay with taxes and income with more magic pixie coins. because everybody else thinks they're worth gold. all you need to do is just have to sit back and watch and listen to a room full of gpu's fans spinning to make more magic pixie coins....

Can I make money from this shitcoin?

BCH will be used in Africa and SE Asia this year and all over once ball is rolling

How long till blockstream goes bankrupt? What will happen first, we get a betting pool started or the shills show up with "bcash lol"?

Damn I wish I had more money, would buy the shit out of BCH right now.

>"bcash lol"

that has already started

Not in this thread yet. Give it a minute though won't take long there'll be a coretard with a roger flipping the bird picture and bcash lol. He will collect his wage and pajeeta will have supper for the day.

bcash lol faggot

Jolly good show pajeet, right on time. Ask Adam Back for a punctuality bonus.