Why would anyone run XRB nodes if they aren’t getting paid? What a retarded shitcoin

Why would anyone run XRB nodes if they aren’t getting paid? What a retarded shitcoin.

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if I was a merchant accepting nano it would be in my interest to run a node

Why would anyone run a BTC node without getting paid? What a retarded shitcoin.

Real question is: why do you care?

kiss your coins goodbye

OP is right. No one is going to set up a node if there is no incentive to do so. With no nodes, there is no network. Pretty retarded indeed.


They don't, that's why Segwit is retarded.

>get's listed on binance/kucoin
>loses 75% of value
where are the $100 soon guys?

>because we are a great community, so some people will run nodes for free
>nanniepeople made bank on the nano doublespending and fucked the other nannies all over

nice meme.

>this coin is free and instant.

>merchants will want to run nodes because it processes their payments quicker and cheaper

lol all this half arsed fud are you pajeets even trying

why is it in your interest to accept nano as a merchant?

because visa/mastercard charge 3% and nano is free

why would anoy seed torrents? torrents are doomed to fail

Nano doesn't even fucking timestamp transactions. What business do you think will actually use that system? I'll answer for you. None.

This is the same reason why businesses don't accept cash...
I can smell the curry through my monitor you fucking pajeet

answer me one thing pajeets
if nano is so worthless
why do i see 6 gorillion threads all day

it was listed on binance during the bitcoin crash you fucknut, how the hell could it moon?

they want it to go lower so they can accumulate
the pajeet way 101

wait... are you telling me i cant buy this can of crisco and dragon dildo with internet money?
But Merchant, this meme coin i have right here is as real as any "fiat" dollar ive ever encountered
i dont understand, why are you laughing merchant

In our lifetime you'll see that majority of businesses will not accept cash. Hopefully some countries will switch to electronic payments all over like Norway is planning to. And no, I'm not saying crypto will replace it. Just some electronic systems for FIAT currencies, maybe even based on blockchain.

Cash is very inconvenient, old and will decay.

I wouldn't be surprised if Roger Ver hired some pajeets to FUD Nano while shilling bcash at the same time. Nano literally makes bcash fucking pointless and Roger needs the retards from biz and reddit to buy his bags.

god i hate retards like you

I know it sucks to get duped in to buying a shitcoin, but don't take your anger out on me. Let's just continue not being buddies fuckwit.

you're a materialistic cunt with no imagination.

running a node allows you to get fast and reliable tx without paying any network fees.

>running a node allows you to get fast and reliable tx without paying any network fees.
Isn't that Nano's whole purpose even without running a node? What's the incentive for running a node?

Why would anyone run torrent seeds?

....Bcash shilling and Nano fudding have actually increased dramatically recently.

because of the 'superior' tech ofc
now fuck off with your $36->$8 shitcoin

because bcash did well through the crash and nano shit the bed like 5 times in the last month and a half. there is no conspiracy to fuck you over, you bought a shitcoin. get over it.