Why are you not mining akroma yet user?

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shhh.. still need to get 1500 more for a masternode

I don't have much

you will still make it, the hype-potential around this coin is insane

where to trade?

great suggestion op!

Is it really? basically no one is mining this. they just released some initiatives for that

its still not listed on any exchanges, but its being traded p2p in the official discord

thats why im telling you to start mining right now user. minerpool.net/pools/akroma/

can't reach the discord chat, someone pls link me

Been mining on my gayman rig, holding 30 coins so far. Am i gonna make it?

how many coins a day and on what GPU ?

discord dot gg/FE268

im getting around 20coins a day with a 120mh/s rig


yup 6x gtx 1060 3gb

What can i expect with ~800h/s OP? Trtl is pretty stagnant right now, I'll give this a try.

I was on nicehash, I'll probably mine some Akroma, just in case it moons :-)

its ethash and 800mh/s will net you around 140 coins a day

I cant figure out how to mine this I guess I'm going back to nicehash fml

no user, H/s

mining with a laptop cpu?

1050 ti, am new to mining. What should I be getting?

40MH getting 7 per day

that should be 14MH/s for ethash algo. so that would be around 2 AKA / day


Thanks user, my hashrate when mining turtle (Monero) was around 800 H/s. I guess ethash is better?

whats the max supply of this?

I hate the fact that 10% of the mining rewards goes to the developers then when this hits 300,000 block height then another 20% of the mining rewards goes to masternodes.

correct sir
max supply: 100 million
circulating supply: 1,8 million right now

get yourself a masternode before 300,000 and youve made it

Why should I mine this over Ethereum proper?

Because its still very early and relatively low difficulty. And it seems like the devs are doing a very good job, check out their github

Does it just take a shitlong time for the chain to initialize?

Can't I only have an R9 390 GPU to mine with. I'd have to nicehash it

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because you actually want to make money? lmao

how to mine akroma with boobs:


not having sluts eating paper for akroma..

you are a godsend user, don't mind if i do.
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im nicehashing AND mining =-)

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