Test net released today

>test net released today
>100m mcap
>literally the chinese IOTA
Why haven't you bought yet?

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If it isn't shilled enough, you never buy.

>If it isn't shilled enough, you never buy.
You will never 100x if you don't buy before people start shilling.

>it's the Chinese x

Go ahead and pick one out of the 1500 coins.

>literally a shitty chinese knockoff of a shitty product that doesnt work
nice just bought 100k

I didn't know they were going to release today or I'd have bought yesterday. Been watching the price for weeks.

If you aren’t in this you’re a fucking retard

Looks desperate as fuck.

Look at the faces of the team. Beaming with confidence.Not at all like they had their children slaughtered right now in their houses while knowing about it.

Incorrect info OP. Yellow Paper just released today. Testnet has been out since Feb 7th. Still an amazing project and have a good portion in ITC.

Why are people using shit-tier fud, fair enough last month when nothing was hapening scam accusations might have had some basis but testnet releases and faggots start fudding. This is ahead of schedule dumbasses

ITC is legit one of the ones you're gonna kick urself over, like XRB.

easy 10x once it's on western exchanges.
easy 100x once it's roadmap is achieved.

miss out or don't.

>yellow paper

Link to yellow paper, wanted to invest earlier but got fudded by the no yellowpaper fud so would like to read pls sirs open yellow paper sirs


Thank you kind sirs very much beautiful yellowpaper bby

we dont buy chinke scammer coins. discord shills at peak to drop their bags.

I believe in ITC because they plan to have real products, and real revenue

Cryptos created by companies with 0 revenue source have hyper-inflated market caps...

ITC will have smart lighting first (team has lighting industry giant) and then years from now industrial IOT for factories. It's very attractive.

Just realised website has been updated too, good work chinks

The marketing team have really upped their game the last few weeks as well. This coin came from humble beginnings but I think it will do well

They said Mainnet release is in Q2 of this year which on their roadmap is set for the end of the year. That is pretty insane how ahead of schedule they are. Once this hits western exchanges this is mooning so hard because 100 Mill right now is so undervalued based on current standings and future standings when mainnet releases.

>IOTA comparison is a selling point


Goddamn you, Veeky Forums is making me straight

oh shit they finally did something maybe now i can stop worrying about being slightly in the red with this shitcoin

Bought this like a month ago, super low. Thank for shilling my bags