Swissbro here, I have some extra time today so feel free to ask questions

Swissbro here, I have some extra time today so feel free to ask questions.

Do you guys feel Swiss at all or just from your canton?

Oh and... are Swiss girls good girlfriends?

>Swiss girls good girlfriends
Only the mega rich ones.
Poorfag swiss girls are money hungry asf and the worst.

>French flag


When will ICX start to pick up? Same question for AMB.

Do you think Bitshares is a worth investment this year?

why should anyone give a fuck what you think or who you are, theres a question

How much are we looking at for Swiss nationalization?

And what program should we immigrate under?

Fake, he is not the real one.

its a larper u retarded faggots
swissbro has his own code

how do I 1cc dodonpatchi

ICX has some major partnerships under NDA that will be revealed soon so after that. As for AMB we had to cut our position after we found out about their development issues


I assure you I am the real one, Im just away from home at the moment and dont have access to my tripcode.

Maybe Geneva, who knows

Cut as in leave completely or just reduce your position?

Leave completely

Thoughts on KNC?

What made you come to that conclusion?

cany you post in your telegram that u are doing this to conirm

Do you work for the maffia like most Swiss?

What do you expect LINK to do with the conference coming up?


>mafia in switzerland

Do you mean the jews?
They are by far worse though

Its good but it wont moon anytime soon.

Scroll up

Link is generally over hyped for what it is. Many people here seem to idolize it yet its a two man team with no real track record. Link will probably rise and then crash after the conference as with most coins with no real substance do in those situations.

What about prl my schweizer freund

what are your thoughts on AI tokens like AGI and DBC? my buddies and I think they're too ahead of their time, will have to hold for 3-4 years to make a profit likely

You say Link has no real substance, but they've got a main net coming within a few months. I've talked to ENG team about Sergey and friends and he says that they have one of the most technically sound whitepapers they've ever seen.

Do you really believe that not having a working product yet but having strong code/concept=no substance?

its not him lol his tripcode excuse is lame its like saying you cant log in to your email account because ur not home.

Is PRL worth hodling?

Fake news, this ain't swissbro

What is your telegram name? also thoughts on IOTA, ADA, XLM?

LARP, leave that thread

Matrix AI Network? MAN, any feelings?
Also VEN. If I were going to take courses that relate directly to crypto investing now and all investing in the future, where should I start? Looking at coursera financial catalog

>yet its a two man team with no real track record.

there are real criticisms of chainlink but this is just tired fud that shows he doesn't actually know the product

PRL is good

They have no real use case and are a pipe dream... for now.

MAN seems good if they can pull it off but its not likely to happen. VEN is very good and should see some good price action from the rebranding. Youtube works, check out tastytrade.

The real swissbro would never dump AMB.. Since the fund he works at has the same CEO as AMB.

We don't marry our investments.


no confirmation on telegram

Post your watch else i don't believe it's actually you.

Real swissbro has confirmed fake news

who /zürich/ here?

What are the real criticisms exactly?

proof with pic of pass, holding with pinkie finger and thumb

Why nobody gets their ass over to sensor group at EPFL to verify that what AMB is promising is impossible?

We aren't in AMB anymore.


This sounds wierd... But suppose you are correct. What is the most promiding rfid crypto right now?

WTC followed closely by VEN.

Are you a real Swiss german, or dumb frog?

Two partnerships tba tomorrow etc.

Isn't there some swiss ico that does something along the lines of what man does?

Oh and Universa-is it worth they hype?
Where do you see the market moving in the next couple of months?

Again thanks.


Within the next few months. Its not even remotely close to the hype. We will see a massive bullrun for alts and btc in march.

Nice one.

Last question mate if you would kindly answer: what one or two coins would you accumulate now to make the greatest profits during the bull run?


LARP fyi bois, stop falling for the pajeet tactics.

i knew this was fucking larp, real swiss bro wouldn't dump AMB

So swissbro told us to buy amb then dump it on us.

Do you want a picture of me from my office to prove its me?


Well I'll ask what everybody dies for then... what's this?

why would you dump AMB? what the fuck happened?

Hey Swissbro? What about ETP Metaverse? Will it ever see some real growth? Has been trading sideways for months



> what the fuck happened?
He and his firm somehow got rid of their AMB bags and so they are done with their position.

where is this chat from?

Their development has stalled in all aspects so unfortunately we had to move on.

Once of their partnerships under NDA didn't come to fruition so it wont see much action for some time.

But do you still believe in ETP's potential?

Development hasn’t stalled at all you lying fuckface because their private alpha is happening right now. Glad to know you’re a larping faggot.

is it still worth working in switzerland while living in france? (frog here)


Then by all means go all in on AMB. Im only trying to help people here and when I say AMB has stalled I mean it.

Can you give more information on these ICX partnerships you talk about? How do you know this if they have an NDA? When the fuck is my ICX gonna moon again god damnit

I cant give out anymore information on that topic, sorry.

This guy is larping he knows nothing about link, when any half assed attempt to read some medium articles would show that there are more than 2 people working in it.

abandon thread


How many refugee cocks have you fluffed today?

Ambrosus pump before or after march?

When will swissborg moon?

What about nuls
Did i make myself poor

We got rid of that bag read my previous posts.