More like I C SHIT!

fucking shit coin, left holding these bags forever.


remember to sell now so you can lock those loses in.

thanks for buying my bags at the top, pajeet


Why would you sell now? This coin is guaranteed $50-100 EOY

>guaranteed $50-100 EOY
please fuck off back to plebbit where you retards belong

That's not an argument my friend.

Why would it go to $50-$100?

>This coin is guaranteed $50-100 EOY
please enlighten us, friendo

should i sell my icx for jnt user?

just sell it and quit crypto. thats all you can do right now

enjoy these bags instead op
alternatively, keep holding, probably has potential

I'm so sick of 17ers making these threads. Hold or GTFO

sell for IOST
will moon when testnet is released in few weeks
literally at bottom, can only go up

how much do you have ?


>TFW bought in at 7.9
Holding some heavy ass bags here

absolutely dump 80% and put it into jNT dump 50% of that after the announcement and buy back into ICX or OMG

reddit is that way you little faggot moonboy --->

>still up 5x

i'm chill

What the fuck does this coin even do? Seems useless

"its the korean ethereum, user"

but seriously, its the korean ethereum. its a blockchain that dapps will run on. like eth or neo

Jesus you brainlets are so impatient. If you don't want this coin then fucking sell--I'll gladly buy bags you bought without doing a shred of research. If you don't see the value of this coin then fucking sell it, and stop bitching about it being down when everything is trying to recover from the worst crash we've seen since lat summer


Just sell the fucking coin. You fags don't deserve the massive gains incoming.


I was ridiculed on here a couple weeks ago telling everyone to stay away from ICX because it's a fucking settlement token for a blockchain network that doesn't even exist yet. Oh well, I tried to help you losers

>settlement token
>blockchain network that doesn't exist yet

Imagine being this much of a brainlet and investing at all in crypto (or just trying to FUD to accumulate)

Main net is live they just haven't made it public yet. I interviewed one of their business heads and if you think this coin is vaporware you're going to be salty as fuck when it starts implementing blockchain solutions for South Korea

Seriously, they're working with blue chip investors in Korea, universities, legacy businesses. Just wait until they start dropping these partnerships. It's gonna be VeChain caliber

this is actually one of the very few coins this isnt a shitcoin. buy now or stay poor

sell u weak cock, u are not worth this epic korean beauti

Their ATH is over $12. It's at $3.74.

Would you just fuck off?

take notes everyone, this is what it looks like when a pajeet bagholder tries to convince you that hospitals and banks will voluntarily transact in volatile cryptocurrencies.

>not buying more before the listing on bithumb and coinone
you guys are fucking ADHD addicts and deserve to stay poor

So basically 1/3.

That seems to be just like about every other crypto from their ATH except for BTC and ETH.

Also ICX is a long term hold. If you want fast gains there is absolutely no reason to buy ICX yet.


Phoenix coin

Lol and BTC's was $20,000 and now it's $8,000--kindly fuck yourself.

You can call me a pajeet bagholder if you like, but this isn't a larp. I've actually had face time with developers and team members in this space, unlike some of you who just sit on Veeky Forums all day, breathe heavy, and chase PnDs

And they won't be using the currencies at the onset, you simpleton, they'll be using blockchain--learn to understand the implications of this

Exactly. Everything is linked to BTC. if BTC drops your niggercoins drop as well. So quit acting like your coin is more special and leads its own path. Clearly not if it dropped to 3 fucking dollars from 12. You are all owned by BTC.

you dumb nigger, I feel bad for anyone who takes your advice. You actually believe a hospital and insurance company would ever complicate their systems so some faggot ass ICX bagholders can make a profit? Dumb as rocks and you will get what you deserve


Do you have a chat you’re apart of? I hold 25k ICX

Big if true

>implying that what happens in the short term effects longterm
>probably would have told me I was better of holding BTC in the bullrun even though I made more in alts
Stay poor corecuck, and enjoy watching your saggy grandad investment sputter out when Ethereum boots it out of the #1 spot
>but muh first mover, muh owned by BTC
Just wait until trading pairs open up for LTC and friends--we could already be making the switch to ETH right now if cucks like you weren't so damn married to a bloat sack of garbage

If you don't see the value in blockchain for streamlining health records, audits, and financial information I legitimately have nothing left to say to you and feel sorry that you're even on this board. I'm not going to respond to a child who uses ad hominem attacks like nigger--seriously fuck out of here and try to have an actually conversation
I don't, but I sat down with the team at Blockchain connect and interview them about ICX's progress and what they've got planned going forward. I had a thread on it earlier and can dig it up if you like

Also, I'm fuckin jelly of that stack. If ICON wiggles it's way into top 5 (hell, even top 10) by eoy dude you're gonna be stacked

No, you're not. You could've sold at x4 the price and you had that opportunity. And it was the value of the asset you had at the time. At least realize that like a man. You should've but you didn't and it's ok. But stop saying you're comfy, faggots.

Sorry but I'm literately never selling and I'm chill.

this, ICON is the only crypto that's actually going to be more useful than ETH and LINK. Top 10 market cap by July if not sooner.

You’ll get there soon my man. Just gotta trade your way up. This next month or two is sadly going to be very slow. But we’ll make it. It’s crazy that there are people with wayyy more who got it for way less. I bought in day 1 listing on Binance. I’m currently balls deep on ICX
Dude that would be dope id like to see that thread.

>implying i will ever sell

>I had a thread on it earlier and can dig it up if you like

yes please

I’d like to see that thread as well, 1.2k ICX here

This shit in gonna to be the fucking bridge between blockchains.
How the fuck can't you be bullish about this shit ?

It will be 100% sure a top 5 coin EOY easy. It's not a prediction, it's a fucking fact. Period

it stings that i could've doubled my stack if i wouldn't have been still learning the market and missed the exit like a retard.
i guess i'll consider that a stupidity/noob fee...
at least somebody more experienced got the money... or a pajeet

still up x5, could've been x10-15, meh

We all feel the sting bro. Trust me.

If you could time the market with that accuracy you’d be a millionaire within a week man

It hurts but we just have to hold on

Try $9 bud

>Backed by Korean government
>Forming the ultimate trio with WAN and AION


stupid nigger, when will you learn that no hospital or bank will ever work with volatile cryptocurrencies? It's hilarious you even believe this

which announcement?

>People still hold ICX
You realize the HODL meme only applies to good coins, right? It may be down 60% from ATH, but that doesn't mean it will get anywhere near there again.

NEO, ZRX and OMG would disagree.

Don't know if you're still reading this, but here's the thread.
Not ICON specific, but there's some stuff on ICON in there

If you want to find the interview, it's pretty easy--just do some digging on Google