you realized that if we were in a bull market we would have broken 9k like nothing?
literally hanging in the 8k range. that is because there are no new investors

I've made my fortune and I'm out , screencap this - 5.8k by tomorrow

>its impossible for BTC to go sideways for a while

Priced in

Hey. Before the last bull run started in November, guess what---we went sideways @ $8.2k for a new days, then out of nowhere the massive bullrun began. This could be the start of another bullrun, if the same ones who bought before want to start again at this same level. They sold at the top and made their profits, so they might buy in at this level and do it all over again.

not priced in, believers like you hold it a bit but it will go down
cya tomorrow to brag about being correct and shorting the market

Market conditions are completely different.

Priced in

another 5.9k panic seller cuck lol

sideways then up would be nice

> If it's not a bearmarket it should turn straight into a bull market

It's not gonna reverse overnight, people here such as yourself are still worried it might crash down to 5k, 1k $20 or whatever your prediction is.

It needs some sideways consolidation to stop you
and every other normie from shitting your pants every time you see a red 5 minute candle before it can start making its way up again.

We're in a bullish bear market

I've screencapped it - I have to say it's odd to see someone who has made their fortune still hoping for the price to go down further. The fact of the matter is there are too many institutional investors at the moment who want exposure to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

say whatever you want 5.9k tomorrow
ss this my friend

Ok, let's bet 1 BTC each.

5.9k by tomorrow.

Is there an escrow platform we can set this up on?

has anyone ever said "screen cap this" and been right?

We'll be going sideway for a while.


yeah just send both your BTC to me ill send it to the winner, promise

While you cant sell anything get free airdrop with my link. thank me later lol.

steward friendz io / go ? r = MTg2MjMz

>technical analysis now involves drawing shapes on a graph hoping the price follows them

holy kek

please tell me you are short

>knows for certain what the market will do
>doesn't use that info to make money by shorting

Im short and im shorting

I'm shorting and I'm right