You already bought in, right?

You mindlets keep missing all the fucking moon missions, please make yourself a favor and get at least 10k of these bad bois.

You’ll be set FOR LIFE.

Go on and screencap. ($100 USD by EOY)

Thanks, just screencapped 100k

sir 10000000000x eoy get in unless you hate money

You’re pathetic.

Does anyone know WHEN the announcement with the Sheihk will be? Or is it just "between 10-14th"?

Tomorrow, monday 12th.


Mad leaks bro


>mfw stack only 2.5k
>mfw money wont arrive via sepa in time for bigger stack

That's just a dinner party.

Where they’ll announce the partnership (:


I could stack more now but I'd have to pay 10% of my fiat in fees (10% of 5k is a lot), I don't know if I should FOMO or wait
In the past whenever I FOMO I get fucked but knowing my luck the one time I don't FOMO is when I'll get fucked

says no one

So what's the price of 1 JNT in 2020?


does this token do anything or is it like BNB /KCS

We are not going to spoonfeed you, DYOR.

Prepare for the dump, buy the rumor sell the news

OP is trying to FUD this coin by constantly posting unrealistic claims about returns and telling lies about expected news to cause disappointment. The announcement with the Shekh is not tomorrow and the only reason to claim it is if you want the coin to look bad to keep its price depressed. The FUD campaign on this coin has gone to entirely new levels.

It has been stated explicitly in the Telegram that the dinner on Monday will not involve any announcement.

if you dont like the fud quit shilling it like some retarded moonkid who thinks theyre gonna get rich with 250 tokens

1 jUTB/jEUR for 1.03$/€?
3% fee seems quite high desu

DAmn check what Talal posted in telegram:

You get fucked fomoing 100% time you know it man