Where my jiblets at?


>amount you hold
>% of your portfolio
> eoy prediction

$100 usd

>10 dollars. If exchanges adopt this, 20 dollars.

>25 dollars

Got a large SEPA transfer coming in, just hoping I make it before the announcement.

I don't want to get my hopes up

Fucking god tier amount, what you gonna do with all them lambos?


Not buying lambos, don't give a shit about money desu. I just wanna live freely and travel the world without worrying about shit.

Where do you anons see the price longer term?

If they actually succeed in what they aim to achieve and garner more interest from other MESA countries (especially Saudi Arabia) then this isn't even a moon mission it's a fucking trip to andromeda.

>not sure just wanted to take a chance on something that has some major backing

is there supposed to be a new announcement?



Are you fucking deluded? We're in a bear market that might last months to years. You can be glad if this goes up to $5, which would already be HUGE profits in the current market. My prediction is more like $3, and if we enter a bull run then maybe $10. For JNT to reach $100 you're looking at 2-3 years if, and only IF it gets mass adoption.

kys faggot FUDcunt

This question means you have no clue what you are investing in. We cannot speculate on price, because speculation hardly matters. It will simply be a multiplier of their success. If they tokenize 1.5 billion, expect price to be between 20 and 40 dollars, since 10 dollars will be the minimum price for the DAO to cover all the outstanding on-chain liabilities.

Yes in the coming week, they are further detailing their relationship with the SEED group. The Sheihk himself will be apparantely be there, it's a huge deal.

3 dollars


>10-50$ EOY (depending on btc price)


What? I just said that I'm expecting it to do x5 (which is x12 from ICO) with the chance of x40 from ICO. How the fuck is that FUD? $100 is delusion beyond belief.

It's not during the dinner though, Talal said so himself.


Isn't thing just a dinner? I am pretty sure reading that nothing will be announced.

Sorry bruh, didn’t read your post thoroughly.


So the facts are that they are partnered with Seed group, which is using the Sheikhs money. Go look at their website. Seed group has invested in a lot of different things.

This is an interesting partnership but they aren't going to pump $10bn into it ffs.

Guess we'll find out during the week!

i know how the token economics work. Just wondering the quantity of assets you expect them to tokenize. Obviously a trillion dollars worth would be nice but im trying to be ultra conservative.

Do 100-200 mil if you want to be conservative.

does not fucking matter, this is a long term hold. they are working together with banks as well, not only the sheik

>only available on shit pajeet exchanges
>use case is general as fuck
why should I buy this?

Wanna get into this and Revain, is it a good idea?

Korean banks are going to pump 30b usd into jibrel

Announcement next month

Screenshot this

That doesn't sound conservative at all user.

very doubtful, but in 2 years it is possible that 30b of tokenized assets will be reached

Shills are just as bad as FUDfags.

Done! If you lied then I will kill myself. I got your IP logged and will put it in my will

you shouldnt. stay poor


Honestly I have gotten sick of the stress of daytrading/DYOR, also making my tax report fucked up the day I want to cash out so I rather put my money in JNT and wont have to worry. Life is too short and I dont want to waste it no longer.

Ofc they wont but their interest will ignite the flame, this is a long term hold that you will be glad for later on depending on where crypto goes.

By EOY? If they don't get that until then, then goodbye.


90% of BTC

Do I sell WISH and DNT at a 30% loss to get in on this coin?





This coin has alot of potential, but adoption is key here.

You need to make your own call. But this will go up for sure in my opinion. Noone can guarantee anything.

Min. $6 dollars as a Tether replacement plus whatever gets tokenized. No way to the predict the amount of tokenization but I suspect it's going to be somewhere between holy shit and mother of god.

Yeah that's what's killing me man. Gonna keep an eye on this one for sure


EOY 2019 = moon

What are the odds that this goes down tomorrow? I can't imagine that, but I don't want to sell my other alts at -15%

no fucking ideal idk why i got pajeeted into buying this shit

Yeah, sort of how I see this coin playing out. Might not perform insanely well this year, buy next year it's going parabolic


Fuck yeah , if I made it I'd love to travel and try street food from all over the world


Enjoy your global food poisoning.

I expect this to continue its accumulation pattern. A group of friends just accumulated 1 million JNT over the past few days, they are done now.

nice larp

Believe what you will.

>accumulated almost 1% of the total mcap
>did not move the price even one bit

sounds legit

meant to write circulating supply instead of mcap

Took 6 days of constant camping. Check the small candles.

He said group not one person. I personally have 220K so a group of people accumulating 1M is nothing.

Most anons don't know how accumulation works. I guess they think we just click the sell book and buy.

Why does this coin need to be offered to the public?


So how does it work? You buy small orders at a time as to minimize the effect it has on the price?

t. newfag from january

... Is this a serious question? I'll gladly answer legit questions but this one sounds like a terrible troll attempt.

Legit question. As a tether replacement I understand but the rest doesn't seem to be aimed at plebs like me.


Am I missing something?

Exactly. You need to control price and volume, especially since spikes can trigger bots on the pair. Crypto is very illiquid outside of the large coins, even a 10k USD investment often moves the price of a coin. JNT is currently only traded on relatively low volume exchanges.

Eat a big sell wall or spike the price too much and you have no idea what might happen to the price in the very short term. This can mess you up big time. Even if you are accumulating, you sometimes put up big sell walls to keep it in the sideways channel. Pressure some weak hands into your buy orders you set up at the desired price.

For JNT this means we are currently shaking out profit-takers and people who do not udnerstand how this token works while wallets are growing and growing on etherscan. I was top 25 at some point, now barely top 50, and that's adding the JNT I have on bibox to it. A lot of others are trading this channel like me to accumulate more, so in the end I'll be glad about staying in the top 75 or so.

Cool, thanks for explaining.

It totally is though. After the registration with FINMA jCash will be made available to the public. Everyone will be ablet to tokenize their assets at some point. It's far off and I'm not gonna overhype it, but eventually we are looking at publically auditable, 100% backed stable assets on the blockchain. They already said jCash will be sendable via SMS, a clear indicator to make this publically available.

They will go after the exchanges and try to get them to implement it. Innovative e-tailers will have no problem accepting jCash due to its real-time backing by the DAO and guaranteed redeemability. It's not just for banks and institutions, though those will be the heavy hitters.

Okay thank you user. Good info from you in this thread and I'm very interested after doing some research. You mind giving some proof of your stake in this token? If you're not some larp I'll probably buy a few ETHs worth tonight.

Who cares
30 usd, eoy 2019 500 usd

What would you want? I'm not showing you my wallet. I can show you my swing trading stack on bibox. I don't really care if others buy or not.

Just DYOR and make your own calls.

Is it true that Vitalik signed on as an advisor?

What do you believe?

Alright I get you, I'll take whatever you're happy to show. I have done my own research. I watched Tapscotts conference, read the white paper and even trawled through their cancerous telegram. This was one of my last checks to make sure I wasn't being elaborately misled. Tbh I can I believe you hold that much because you at least seem to know what you're talking about. It is extremely hard to tell on Veeky Forums however

You can talk to me on telegram, ask for user there and I'll respond. Gonna go to the gym soon though.

>tfw jibrellet

Reminder that we're sitting on a fucking gem.

The moment the Sheikh himself announces that SEED is invested in Jibrel, the UAE/Saudi money will start pouring in.

I have 3 more JNT than you :-)

Jib let reporting for duity!

>tfw didn't buy into the ICO or bother reading the threads because the name sounded so fucking dumb

Why the fuck did they have to call it Jibrel?

i think we're pretty lucky they named it something shitty. if this was called Gems or some shit it'd have way more buzz

it's not to appeal to burgers and europeans

it's for arabs

when the FUCK is bitcoin going to crash so I can buy JNT cheaper

Tell me bad things about this coin, I don't want to fall for emotionally invested shilling.

>one of the advisers worked for Soros

it depends on business development and shilling IRL. people making sales trips and the team right now is small. if they announce hirings that should be good news.

>Former COO of Soros hedge fund is part of the team

That's about it.

It will take 2+ years to have the entire ecosystem completely functioning... but i guess you can say the same of pretty much every other coin out there

also, on/off-chain arbitrage. even they say it's a buzzword, seems like financial wizardry to me.
they put it as the incentive for institutions to tokenize, but if their project is successful enough that means the market should be more efficient and the arbitrage opportunity should disappear. then what would be the point of tokenizing?